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  1. 1/16th t dragster

    Is that a 426 Chrysler engine with 392 valve covers?
  2. I have a cherry built-up kit in my collection, I enjoy a fair amount of the Tom Daniels designed kits. Even though you can't see much of the engine, I decided the valve covers needed to be replaced with some more realistic pieces, and added a bit more of detailing/ wiring, to the engine ( I had to enlarge the side openings in the hood just a bit for the new valve covers ) , and used thin strips of chrome tape to detail the beer barrel straps. This is one of those cars that, even amongst a handful of other cars in a display, people always stop to look at.
  3. De-Rail'd -AA/Fuel Coupe

    Overall bitchin' . ( Mag goes up front , though , on 426), but I like it.
  4. Favorite street rod of all time

    I think I'd go with the Tom McMullen roadster, that was a for real car, that not only showed well, but was raced at the dry lakes, on the drag strip, and, on the street if you were ballsy enough to chose him off. A blown engine, quick change out back, five spokes and flames, tuck 'n roll, just flat bitchin'! The Graffitti coupe that John Milner drove, was in real life, only a movie car, not that cherry up close, and in real life didn't have enough power to spin the tires. A low to the ground shot was used in the drag racing scene when the tires spun, so that you wouldn't realize the production crew had mounted small rear tires on the coupe to get them to break loose. Some hot rodder should actually build "the fastest car in the valley" Milner coupe with serious race car parts, just stay true to the look. In real life, McMullen could have smoked John Milner.
  5. vintage Hemi tunnel ram

    I used to have an old flatbottom boat, that had a Keith Black 392 in it when I bought it, and it had a kinda homebrew tunnel-ram which was made from using a rather high Roto-Faze blower manifold base and a cast top for a tunnel ram bolted onto it of unknown original application. I don't think any company ever made a dedicated tunnel ram for that early hemi, but guys have made 'em. That's hot rodding!
  6. Nancy's diggers

    Great job on Tony's diggers! Those are certainly iconic players in the history of the sport! I talked to Mr.Nancy a couple of times, and met him once, when I bought a fiberglass air scoop from him...I assume it's made from the same mold as used for the blue Plymouth Wedge engine dragster. For the life of me, I can't understand why Revell couldn't get the shape correct when they made the kit. here are some photos of a Tony Nancy air scoop as used on a drag boat...the shape and mouth opening are a bit different in real life!
  7. Little Red Wagon

    Very nice work! I have a "Little Red Wagon" kit, maybe I should get into it. Weren't there two different makers of the kit, something like Lindberg and MPC?
  8. Gas Ronda Passes away ..... RIP

    Gas was indeed a legend. I am saddened to hear of his passing. Like most cars of the era, Ronda's were pretty cool. I feel a small connection to him, as the Mach 1 I drive today was originally purchased from Russ Davis Ford in Covina.
  9. The "Hippie Hemi"

    Thanks for the info R3....I gotta get me one or two of those "Hemisphere" kits!
  10. Nancy's rides

    Tony Nancy was an all- around talented guy, whose race cars were not only competitive, but beautiful as well. I got to meet him years back, he offered, amongst other things, fiberglass air scoops, one of which I bought for a drag boat.....still have the scoop ( and the boat). It is the style as Tony used on his Plymouth Wedge dragster.
  11. The "Hippie Hemi"

    I believe that kit is the old Don Garlits' Wynn's Jammer, re-boxed and with a different body and decal set. I bought the kit too. I don't think the old Don Garlits kit is still being made, although I'd buy it if it is. I remember the original kit having a display base and data plate proclaiming it the first dragster to achieve 200mph. The rubber band blower belt, separate blower pulleys, and see-through oil pan are cool details as well.
  12. 57 ford galpin gasser

    Great model! Excellent work! I live close to Galpin Ford, here in the San Fernando Valley. They have been doing custom and restorative work for years at their GAS, ( Galpin Auto Sports ) business across the street from the dealership proper. As an engine builder, personally, were I them, and had access to what they have, I'd have built a 427 wedge or SOHC for that showcar, just for the extra pizazz and "oh-wow" factor!
  13. Early funnycars..magneto or distributor?

    ...Just for additional reference, and, to throw a slightly different slant into the conversation, I currently own two legitimate sixties drag boats....both originally built in '65...magnetos were standard faire by then on modified and racing engines. The double inline Chevy powered boat uses Joe Hunt converted Scintilla-Vertex mags, while the blown Hemi uses a Scheifer/Cirello style magneto. The Vertex mag caps were kind of a Rustoleum brown color back in the sixties, today, most Vertex caps are black, some are blue, but the brown caps are treasured by restorers for correctness of era on a sixties engine. The Scheifer/Cirello caps are black. My Chevy Vertex mags pictured have black vinyl waterproof covers over the caps in this instance.
  14. Hey John671, I'm diggin' the "Hemi Honker". Not only am I a fan of building models, but I make my living building engines, and I can tell you the Chrysler Hemi, ( both early and late ) are engines that impress me. Here at work, we received a greasy old 426 Hemi pulled out of a running Challenger a customer had. The customer sold the car, and the new owner wanted to know what kind of power it had. We put the engine on our dyno, and it put out more than the factory rated it at , the factory rating was 425 hp, unmolested it bested that figure. Of course, the looks of the thing doesn't hurt either. Your build so far looks great. Looking forward to seeing the complete car.
  15. Starsky and hutch Torino

    ...WHAT????? .....A dual-quad 429/460 ? Starsky and Hutch should be so lucky....