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  1. MPC Tom McEwen FED

    I bought this kit recently. I must say, the box art, ( a photo of the real car blazing the hides ), is sure a selling point. Any front engine dragster from the 50s-60s gets my attention anyway,......but really Amigos, the era was dominated with the early 354/392 engine, as was McEwen's powered by. I'm not sure which former release this new kit was based on, ( I suspect the Ramchargers kit ), and just added the front airfoil, decal set, and Hilborn upright injector set-up to bring it closer to looking like Tom's rail. The engine included, a 426 Chrysler, is TOTALLY wrong though, regardless. Still.....I wanted to do this up, so I bought a 3-D printed Hilborn injected 392 engine from Shapeways to rectify the sitch. This little printed engine is cool. I may have to aquire some MH Racemasters to replace the Goodyear slicks supplied as well, and there are a few various other details , but they're small, and changeable. It should be nice when I'm done. Here's the replacement engine from Shapeways….
  2. My '70 Olds 442 W-30, which is a 455, was the light metallic blue. There was also a high performance 350 cubed car which was called the W-31, and that engine was gold. .
  3. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    Cool....Kinda reminiscent of the Christman sedan from the good old days.
  4. 1955 Chevrolet Belair convertible

    Superb. A job worth looking at twice. Those tri-five Chevys are ageless aren't they?
  5. I know a guy, who was the Blown Gas Hydro record holder back in the sixties, with his Hallett hydro "Golden Komotion". Someone made a resin kit 1/25 scale of the boat, I want to say "Mad Dog Resin Kits" is the name who made it. I have one of those resin kits, and I got it from Don Edwards, who owned and drove the real one. I haven't built the kit yet, although I did start on scratchbuilding the trailer. My photographic skills are limited, the last models I tried to post ended up kinda blurry, but I'll dig out the kit and show you all here. It's the only scale model drag hydro I've ever seen . Hold on
  6. Tim, you have sharp eyes! Yes, the Mortician was in that book. It has a lot of history.....the model will be done up exactly as raced, along with a Hearse tow vehicle, which the real boat had. Your twin engine hydro is just spectacular! I think you had posted that on another site, because I have the image saved to my computer, and I was so impressed with your work. In reality, there were a small handful of people who tried the mating of two engines but most never really performed as well as expected. Of note, two boats made waves ( no pun intended), and held records. The Mortician was one of those, along with a hydro named "Adios Two", which your model reminds me of very strongly. Attached are photos of the Mortician being towed by the hearse, as well as photos of the twin engine "Adios Two" hydro.
  7. Yeah, in that particular photo I was in the process of building the engines, so empty "mock-up" engines were dressed up and installed just for show. Those engines lacked all internals, but had most of the outer accessories bolted up.
  8. I think the above kits do all have the same boat. I have the last one pictured, with the Pontiac Bonneville to tow it ( which I wont use ). The 427 Ford "Cammer" is a fairly rare engine in the real world, and I'd substitute a different engine to represent the heyday of hot ski-boating, were I to build this kit as a ski-boat. My family had hot flatbottoms in the sixties, and most people towed with something more like a half ton pick-up, El Camino, Ranchero, or station wagon, although there were those few who used their everyday passenger cars to tow with. The kit's centerdeck is a bit wide, for the scale, and I'll narrow that, or remove it altogether. Centerdecks were found most often on wood decked hulls ( yes, a few manufacturers made 'glass decked hulls with a centerdeck, but most were not ). Today, I still own a few boats, one of which is a 5-time World record holder for Unblown Gas Flatbottom, and I want to use this model's hull to base my model kit vershion of the "Mortician" ( sitting in my garage as we speak), complete with two injected 327 Chevys, inline, on Nitro! See photos....
  9. Our newest builder....

    Good job son! Kudos for Dad having time for Father-and-Son time too. When I was a very young kid, I used to scavenge any soda bottles I could find and turn them in to the market for the refund money. My allowance was 25 cents a week. Within two weeks I had the coinage to trot down to the nearby "five and dime" to by a 50 cent ( plus tax) bagged little model kit. I did this a lot. My skills were less than savvy, but I loved building things. This love of building things still resides within me, as, today, at 63 years old, I'm still building model kits, as well as being an engine builder at a performance engine shop for a living. Kids, keep it up....modeling can help with skills when you grow up......or should I say get older ( some of us don't exactly grow up per se ).
  10. Years ago...………..must have been in the late 80s,.....I was working in San Diego, and , in some off time, decided to catch the drags at Carlsbad. I'll never forget some guy rolls up to do his burnout and he's got a Pinto coupe with a 429, slicks, tubbed, he holds short to vent his Nitrous...….ON NITROUS!!!!!! The damned thing must have handled like a Fuel Altered! I just pondered what I was looking at for a moment, and decided this guy was the king of " small lightweight car with biggest engine "syndrome, and geeez did that car git...….
  11. Pure Hell

    Pure Hell....the funny car!
  12. I've just got to get one for my collection. Looking at the box art, I think I'll model the Boss 302 with the front wheels turned as is pictured. The real car was built to boogie around corners , so the turned wheels add to it's credentials.
  13. Boat Engines for AFX's inquiry

    Thanks vamach1, Cool! Your car is like mine! My Mach has indeed remained darned original throughout my ownership. I have , however, added a trans cooler, shift kit, electric trailer brakes control, and changed the rear end from a 3.00 to 1 open nine inch, to a 3.50 to 1 traction-loc.....all in the interest of better towing and launch ramp traction. My Mach was built sans side stripes, wing, and chin spoiler, but some years ago was used in a movie, and they asked me to add the options as it gave the car more screen presence, and I've just left it all on. I mentioned that I used to tow with a '70 Olds 442 W-30 Ram-Air...….here's that car towing the same hydro. The 455 in that car pulled like nobody's business. Great car.
  14. Boat Engines for AFX's inquiry

    You know, I've ben towing with that '71 Mach 1 for 29 years.....prior to that car I was using a '70 Olds 442 W-30. People get a kick out of seeing a muscle car tow. They have enough power, and all the trailers have brakes, so everything stops as well.
  15. AMT '70-1/2 Camaro

    Well, I'll tell ya, I think your project is very cool and well done. I'm for the most part alone here, but, to my tastes, the 70 to 73(?) Camaro body style looks racier than the 1969 , which everyone seems to feel is the eptome. My wife has always told me that SHE wants a '69 Camaro, and I found a super clean '70-'71 Z-28 in a used car lot, but she didn't want it. So I told her "good luck with that", being as how expensive finding a good '69 can be. I like this next-gen style....next time I see one, I think I'll buy it for ME! I have this exact kit ( in orange )in my wall of unbuilt car kits....seeing this post has renewed my interest in building it.