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  1. Blue Max Mustang

    I have a soft spot for the '71 bodystyle Blue Max.
  2. Lost in Space Robot

    A bit off topic, but speaking of robots....I saw a TV special years ago that focused on people's hobbies, and there was a guy who collected nothing but robots for years. This guy had everything you've ever seen, from lifesize replicas of movie robots to keychain sized robots. His entire house was full of stuff. Everyone collects something right? Love your "Lost In Space" robot. Now you need "Robby"!
  3. Revell Hemi - Hydro

    Yes, that is Jairus' signature. It is probably a concept rendering, and not a finished deal, but I like where he took it. Jairus posted this concept on a boating website where we were talking about scale boat kits, and he posted that Revell was considering new box art....this being something he was working on. Still, to my tastes, I think the "Varooom" and "Miss Behavin" box art hits home better than the "Hemi Hydro" illustration.
  4. Revell Hemi - Hydro

    Although...…...Revell was considering new box art before the last re-issue,...then they decided not to go ahead with it. New decals were also part of the proposal. Here is what was proposed. Nice.
  5. Surfin' Stroker

    This kit is pretty cool and a lot of fun for as basic as it is. I built mine, and used the modified ends of plastic coathangers for the upswept exhaust pipes, reshaped the air scoop a bit, and eventually wired the engine as well, although the wires aren't in place in this photo. Perfect surfboard white color is spraycan "Wimbledon White" as used on Shelbys . I used a piece of twine to replicate the Rope that Stroker holds on to.
  6. Revell Hemi - Hydro

    Absolutely one of the best jobs I've seen on this kit. To answer the OP's question, yes, the steering wheel IS on the correct side for a traditional inboard flatbottom ( although some owners have put the wheel on the right....why. I don't know ). The kit is called "Hemi Hydro" in reference to a Hemi in water,....not that the hull is a Hydro ( hydroplane ). The kit's name has always struck me as wrong. It is a re-boxing of an earlier offering which, I think anyway, they should have left the box art as-is.
  7. '32 Ford 5-Window Coupe Is Done

    Something to ponder...……….In real life, back in the 50's and 60's when Hotrodders were swapping in Firepowers to early Fords, many builders used a trans adapter that not only mated the Hemi to an early Ford trans, but also moved the starter from it's stock location on the driver's side, ( where it interfered with the Ford steering box ), to the passenger side of the block, upside-down. Cragar and Offenhauser for sure made these bellhousings I know. Anyway, an interesting detail to emulate when building a "period" style model, for those into it.
  8. Parts box special

    Did the souped up flathead come with one of the kits? I need a hot flathead ( center water outlets ) for a deuce highboy I'm wanting to build.
  9. The Little Rod - A Monogram "Never Was"

    Right on the money! Sure would love to own a "T" hot rod for real just like that!
  10. Halibrand Quick Change

    Thanks all of you who responded. It would appear that most of the suggestions are of older kits. Hopefully, I'll rustle up a few. My project just won't allow anything other than a quick change. Looking forward to finally starting it and posting my progress.
  11. 55 Chevy Drag Car

    Great looking "55. The "55 has always been my personal favorite of the tri-five Chevys.
  12. TROG true Gentleman's car

    An interesting color choice that may work for you, is Wimbledon White, as used on Mustang GT-350s. It's offered in an aerosol by Testor's, or Model Masters, if I remember correctly.It's not an icebox white, but more of a creamy white, not unlike the creamy colors used on classic bodystyles. Anyway, I'm enjoying your projects and thought perhaps you'd like to give the Wimbledon White a test shot.
  13. Monograms 29 Ford P/U Rat Rod Done

    As I'm collecting Ford roadsters and early suspension parts, I have purchased this Pick-Up kit, should be fun.
  14. Monograms 29 Ford P/U Rat Rod Done

    Oh yeah.....Earl Scheib, good ole' Uncle Earl. I would guess quite a few young car owners got their first paint jobs from that chain. I see you're located in Pennsylvania. You may not be aware of this, but my reference to TJ, was short for Tijuana, Mexico....where lots of southern California hot rodders could go, across the border, to get upholstery work done very inexpensively. Another forgotten fact, is that Western Auto, Pep Boys, Eastern Auto, etc, sold slip covers for most sizes of car seats back then, and guys would go that route for a while until they saved up for new upholstery. We also tend to forget that, in the fifties, 60, almost 70 years ago, hot rods started out in better shape. These thirties cars might have old paint on them, but otherwise would be in generally fair shape, all things considered, when bought by a hot rodder, spare original parts and sheet metal was everywhere, and fairly cheap. Your model reminds me of a Model A pick-up a good friend had when I was in High School. Kip was his name, and Kip had it painted bright yellow a year later after graduating. he added hydraulic ( 40 Ford ) brakes, a "B" engine, and of course, a then-new 8-track tape stereo system. It was cool.
  15. Monograms 29 Ford P/U Rat Rod Done

    Johnt671, enjoying your build here. I thought I'd just comment on various terminologies used about car styles. Someone posted that there were "rat rods" back in the fifties. No. Emphatically, No. I've been into cars and hot rodding, and racing since I was a wee kid. There are always "unfinished" or, "works in progress" cars from any era, but even the Rattiest build from the good old days was only because of lack of enough money to finish the job. Bad welds come from bad welders, and aren't done intentionally. Nobody who had a primered car really considered it finished. The owner dreamed of the day he could get that bitchin' paint job done. Odd wheels or blankets over shot upholstery, or lack of paint, were only interim until resources allowed stepping up to get it finished. Hot rodders from the past never intended to leave things in hack shape. Today, cars of the "rat rod" movement are purpose built, and owners who were never there will tell you that they are emulating what was, when it wasn't. Rat rod builders consider their cars a finished statement, but it is, in fact, a semi-current trend, not a historically accurate re-creation, rather one's prerogative. If you follow the history of any old rod lucky enough to get some ink from magazines back when, you'll find most all started out from humble beginnings, and constantly evolved until FINISHED. Maybe the owner was not flush with cash, but so many went to TJ for inexpensive tuck n roll, or to places like Earl Scheib for a low buck paint job, but got completed. Many owners were going to school or work and used their "shorts" for daily transportation, so they weren't full race, or show cars per se, and certainly weren't the abstract, pan-dragging , interior-less, open headered, cut up cars so lauded by today's "rat" culture. Obviously, by my description of "ratters" you can tell it's not my style. I see a car's finished potential. But, what a person does with his own time and money remains his own business, and if it makes them happy....OK.