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  1. AMT Coke Trailer

    Thank you, Force. That makes total sense. BP Don
  2. AMT Coke Trailer

    I just spotted the AMT Coca Cola trailer was just released. Does anyone know if this is a 40 or a 53 footer? I can't find that anywhere! Thanks! BP
  3. Positives to come from the Revell Deal?

    The 2018 Revell catalog says it all - re-intro, re-intro, re-intro, cooperation, cooperation, cooperation. The line is tired. Look at the gaps from when model production ceased on some items: Look at dragsters! Nothing new in almost 20 years. Funny cars, pro-stockers, haven't been made in YEARS! New products are needed. Not new tooling, NEW products. The German business model is usually pretty good. I do not see them destroying molds and all these other knee-jerk reactions I am reading in forums. I don't see them making more Ferraris for the American markets. I see them embracing this new market (to them) and if they listen to the market, start new releases. Will they cost more? Probably, but maybe they need to, to advance the line. One reason - licensing issues. If they want to release a new Funny Car in John Force colors for example, they need to get his blessings, his sponsor's blessings, and on and on. That will cost Revell, so that will pass to the buyer. I'm ok with that. Lots of moving parts to moving forward. Being they seem to have been in trouble and for sale for a while, not much effort was put into them in the past few years. Let's see where it goes from here Looking at the 2018 catalog again, they were gone already to me. Don
  4. Peterbilt 359 Revell AG

    Nice job, Michael! Don
  5. Snowman's Truck

    Thanks, Ben. I think your model is the one to use as a measuring stick. VERY well done!!
  6. Snowman's Truck

    Hey, Ben - The battery boxes you made look great also!! What type of diamond plate is that, and what type of grating material did you use for the step? They both look great. I found some plastic diamond plate, but always in the wrong scale! Don
  7. Snowman's Truck

    That's why they caught my eye! They do look GREAT! Don
  8. Snowman's Truck

    Nice job, Ben!! That truck is beautiful! What kit did the fuel tanks come out of, or are they aftermarket? Don
  9. Snowman's Truck

    Thanks, all, for the great info! I appreciate the help!! Don
  10. Snowman's Truck

    Thanks, Jim! Yes, I see I made a typo. I'll change that. I'll start putting the pieces together. Sounds like a fairly painless build. I appreciate the help. Don
  11. Snowman's Truck

    Hi, all. I want to build the Snowman's truck from Bandit 1. I know it's a W-900. The one available has the larger sleeper with it, while the one I need is the smaller, older sleeper. My question is - what kit can I get the smaller sleeper out of, OR is the smaller sleeper available in the aftermarket? I usually build planes and race cars, so trucks are a new experience. A point to a good or a few good truck sites would be appreciated if you can. I won't tell my wife who pointed me to them! Thanks!! Don
  12. Dow7 coating

    Which flat green do you use? That looks very nice - close to real, for sure!! BP;)
  13. 55 Chevy Pro Sportsman

    Quick question, Dave. Did you paint, gloss, apply decals, and then re-gloss again? I keep looking at the finish, and I am guessing that is what you did. Again as I said before, beautiful model. BP;)
  14. Revell VW Rabbit

    Good looking little model. Nice job. BP;)
  15. Dyno Don 65 Comet Cyclone

    NICE job! Good looking car!! BP;)