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  1. Bushpounder added a post in a topic Dow7 coating   

    Which flat green do you use? That looks very nice - close to real, for sure!!
  2. Bushpounder added a post in a topic 55 Chevy Pro Sportsman   

    Quick question, Dave. Did you paint, gloss, apply decals, and then re-gloss again? I keep looking at the finish, and I am guessing that is what you did. Again as I said before, beautiful model.
  3. Bushpounder added a post in a topic Revell VW Rabbit   

    Good looking little model. Nice job.
  4. Bushpounder added a post in a topic Dyno Don 65 Comet Cyclone   

    NICE job! Good looking car!!
  5. Bushpounder added a post in a topic Ross Gibson Engines   

    That is really a shame. The man was an artist and from what I see, produced a quality product. Two losses for the modeling community. Thanks for the reply, Howard!
  6. Bushpounder added a post in a topic MPC 69 Bacaruda   

  7. Bushpounder added a post in a topic MPC 69 Bacaruda   

    Nice job, Keith! I have to go check out a silver Sharpie. Good idea!!
  8. Bushpounder added a post in a topic 55 Chevy Pro Sportsman   

    Beautiful model, Dave. Nice paint scheme. Perfect.
  9. Bushpounder added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Ross Gibson Engines
    Hi, all. From what I read in the forum, Ross died a couple of years ago. Does anyone know if there are plans for the engine molds, etc. to be sold and then be manufactured again? They were beautiful from the pictures I have seen. It would be a shame to let those sit and rot somewhere.
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  10. Bushpounder added a post in a topic Christine trashed , FINISHED ! !   

    You should have a button and a chip that plays, "Keep A-Knockin" by Little Richard!!! That looks GREAT!!!!
  11. Bushpounder added a post in a topic 1969 Dart Mod Top   

    I had a '69. Wish I still did! Mine did not have the designer roof, but I do remember seeing a few different styles back then. VERY nice job on yours!!
  12. Bushpounder added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Drag Racing Decals
    Hi, all. Are there any other decal companies beside SLIXX that makes decals for Top Fuel and Funny Cars? I have hunted and haven't found much. Am I missing it? Thanks for any help!!
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  13. Bushpounder added a post in a topic How to be competitive at contests.   

    Point system would be good, too. It would cover the basics, just like the 1:1.
  14. Bushpounder added a post in a topic How to be competitive at contests.   

    Lunajammer nailed it. Support your club! Outcome is great if you win, but you show team spirit that way. It's all about the fun, the road trips as we called them! The "no battery" thing shouldn't even be a judged item. That, IMHO, is piss-poor judging. The QUALITY of the build is supposed to be judged, not the accuracy of the parts, the part shape, the parts count, or the accuracy of the mould. Many aircraft kits are in some way or another, NOT accurate out of the box. Who is going to ding points for that? That would be a poor judge. I have judged many a contest. It was always the quality, much as Sake45 and Steve Guthmiller have listed. THAT is the important stuff. I'm glad I blew air into this topic. This is something that newbees need to see and to encourage them to NOT give up. One may lose for YEARS, but one day, they will carry that little gold man or plaque home because they learned and didn't give up.
  15. Bushpounder added a post in a topic How to be competitive at contests.   

    To revive an old thread - My primary building is 1/48 scale aircraft. I have been building that scale for 25+ years. As a 1:1 car guy, I started to get interested in building car models a couple of years ago. I will say this, and it is not a blanket statement, but one thing I notice with car building in contest pictures, is that some of the basics in modeling are not used consistently, even with winners. Again, this is NOT a blanket statement. Some car models are perfect, perfect, perfect. Basics are alignment, moulding lines, orange peel finishes, silvering decals. These are basics in ALL modeling, as far as I am concerned.  The best way to learn how to model and how to win is two fold. First, look at your basic modeling how-to books. The rules apply to cars, planes, dragons, figures, etc. Practice, practice, practice. Grab some junk kits, snap kits, whatever, and experiment on them, rather than a $20-30 dollar kit. Painting plastic spoons will help you there. Secondly, volunteer to judge with experienced older hobbyists. That time of picking apart models is valuable, probably more so than anything. Remember what won and what lost and WHY! Don't be afraid to experiment either!! Lastly, don't be afraid to lose, and lose and lose, and, oopps ..... a third place, or maybe a second place all of a sudden. It will come. You must have patience. One last thing - there are two ways to build - for contest and for yourself. Sometimes the two are the same. I quit competing 16 years ago. I have boxes of trophies, plaques, etc., but found out all I was doing was building for contests and not enjoying the builds. It was like a second job. Sucked all the fun out of it for me. I still go to contests to look, learn, grab ideas, and spend cash. ALWAYS do that!!! Off the soapbox. I hope some of this may be helpful to the original poster, or others. Enjoy the hobby! Fun is the key!!