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  1. Shucks, I vote for Walter White's Pontiac Aztek or any other Heisenberg driven auto. The Blues Bros. car is ok but it should come with a half a pack of Lucky's.
  2. I have some duplicate kits in my stash I need to trade away. It is obvious to me I am never going to get around to these and there is no sense in them just sitting on a shelf for the next million years. If these are interesting to you and you have an interesting trade of some sort let me know. These kits are complete, no paint or assembly. They are not minty perfect but are very nice. The Good Guys box is a little rough and the decals didn't age well at all but the kit is fine. PM me with some trade ideas if you have em.
  3. I missed this one until now. Well shucks, now I guess I gotta spend some $$$ cause now I want one too! You keep this up and you gonna need a display case the size of a Fruehauf trailer. You are doing some clean work so keep it up and I will keep lookin' at em--------and wanting the ones I don't have when you build em! Keep on Glooin'.
  4. Michelle, forget the V6, it wasn't offered in a 76 Caprice. The only engines I ever saw in that year Caprice was the 350, 400 and 454. Mom bought a brand new, 1976 Caprice 2dr. coupe with a 454. It handled like a river barge and got about 12MPG---8 with the air con on. However, it rode smooth as glass and at 4300 pounds would have been a real Toyota killer at an intersection. Nice job on the Land Yacht and the color is spot on. Gee, have I seen that kit before?
  5. Forget about the swamp cooler, tell me more about the Kaiser.
  6. I agree with Rex, you crank out the kits pretty quick, it takes me longer than that to get em out of the box!!! Nice clean build, good work----and glad you enjoyed the kit!
  7. All kits are traded but the Landy 68 Charger. Thanks to all you great traders!!
  8. Looks like the custom wheels from the AMT Chevy Van.
  9. Landy Charger is pending....69 GTX440, Mr. Norm Dart, 69 Charger Traded. Everything else still available.
  10. Dug up a few more to add. Speed City Resin AWB 1965 Coronet. I have the Landy decals to go with it. The AMT GTX and Roadrunner kits are sealed in factory bags and one is factory sealed.
  11. Here are a few kits I will never build since I am not a MOPAR fan. Kits are complete and sealed or sealed in factory bags. PM me and I can give you any details or send you photos. I am not looking for anything specific but I could use an AMT Chevy van and a Opel GT. If you have a trade pile let me know, maybe we can work out a deal, I am open to ideas.
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