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  1. 1969 Superbee

    Yep, refurbing and dedusting... ...and mounting big wheels at B-bodies.
  2. 1969 Superbee

    A bit belated but Happy 2018 to everybody. Here just some pictures from the Revell Superbee kit which I build more than ten years ago. I think it was the first time I was using airbrush to color the body. It was a progress, not perfection. Last months I just re-freshed it, changed the wheels incl. the Race Masters and that's it. Not much extra details anyway.
  3. 1969 Plymouth Satellite

    Hello Michael, great build and pictures. What material you use for the ignition cables? Grüße aus Berlin....
  4. 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 426 HEMI

    Looks cool. Recently I just finished and uploaded a '70 Charger, too, but it's the resin from Missing Link. Anyway already looking forward to get the new Revell kit. Can't get enough from the b-bodies.
  5. 1971 Pink Plymouth Duster

    Hi everybody. It is great to have so much positive feedback including the private stories (I wish my father would have bought me a 440 mopar, too. ) and I am glad that pink duster is making you want to built that kit, too. Greetings...
  6. 1969 Crazy Red Larry Charger

    Yep, that's the one from the Dirty Mary Crazy Larry movie. I just couldn't get the color for the build and that's one reason I went with the bright red.
  7. 1971 Pink Plymouth Duster

    I am not sure but will crosscheck. I think the mirrors are OK, maybe just not exactly at their correct position. Further to that just recognized that I forgot to do the turning signals. Will catch up with it.
  8. 1971 Pink Plymouth Duster

    Here some pictures of a recently finished build. The small brother of the big Mopars, 71 Plymouth Duster. Not really my favorites but anyway these cars are interesting and always wanted one in my shelves. Should not be missed in a Mopar collection. That one is an out of the box build; just I made the rear a bit higher and changed the wiper motor with one of the Chargers I built. Wheels came from Scenes Unlimited, tires from the parts box. I didn’t use the rear spoiler and therefor closed the holes. Obviously I could have done that better. But let’s just imagine somebody pushed his elbows onto the trunk lid. The Modelmaster Panther Pink is a very cool color and so different with changing light conditions. Thanks to a good friend who travelled to the U.S. I was able to get the spray can. Unfortunately the color was showing some reaction with the clear coat I used and it somehow became flaky under the clear coat. But with polishing the whole thing it went more or less OK. In total it’s a great kit, very detailed, very easy to build. Due to my skills and a little impatience the build is having surely some lacks, anyway I like the result. Hope you, too.
  9. 1969 Crazy Red Larry Charger

    Always like to build the Revell Charger kits and finally finished another one. Mixing the 68 and the 69 as I wanted to have a 69 Charger without the vinyl top. Therefor I had to add the square side turning signals. Wheels and valve covers are from Scenes Unlimited, Marry/Larry side decals from Keith Marks. The 440 dual quad intake and air cleaner came from the parts box. I made the front a little lower and the rear a little higher, also moved the rear axle a bit frontwards. Frankly, these kits seem to request that, otherwise it looks a bit strange to me. As far as I remember the color is Tamiya Mica Red from the spray can. Actually I was thinking about the Modelmaster Citrus Yellow (Citron Yella?) but these colors are hard to get here in Germany. Especially the spray cans are almost impossible to get without connections. But I think a bright red always suites a Charger, too (any color which doesn’t?). The build is having surely some lacks, anyway I like the result. Hope you, too.
  10. 1970 Dodge Charger

    Thanks a lot for the very positive feedback. Maybe I will make one picture of the interior and will add it later on. Let's see if I will find a time and sun. The Color was I believe light grey AS16 from the Tamiya spray can. And I am also waiting for the new Revell kit. Just some days ago I got to know about it, too. It's funny, arranging a resin kit and once you finished you will find a ready made one on the market. Currently I do have some SMH Mopar resin kits in my shelves. Let's see if the same will happy once I finshed them.
  11. 1970 Dodge Charger

    Hello everybody. Since some years I am following the posts and I am amazed about the quality of builds as well as of the photos. Now decided to post some of my builds, too. Here is my first one. Hope it turns up well. 1970 Charger 440 six pack, using the Missing Link resin kit and based on the 68 Revell kit. The hub caps are from Missing Link, too. The Mopar deep dish wheels came from Scenes Unlimited. The build is having surely some lacks, anyway I like the result. Hope you, too.