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  1. I'll take the 69 unless your still willing to offer both and my ooffer
  2. Title says it all. Pm me if your willing to trade
  3. if the 69 is available I would like to claim it. Let me know and ill add mine
  4. Have you checked your refrigerator? Not too many know this but theirs a spot directly connecting most areas of your floor to the wnd shelf of your refrigerator. Most household electronic remotes are reserved for the 1st shelf, and the 3rd is reserved for socks. Don't even get me started on the link between the crack in your car where the seat meets the center console and the silverware tub in your dishwasher
  5. the white version of this kit had a go kart instead if the atc
  6. Ideally the whole kit would be amazing. But for now lets see if anyone has the bike that came with it!
  7. All this from a local I found on the facebook marketplace for 10 bucks. The 442 is only missing decals. Its started but wont take much at all to strip down to bare plastic. The cobra "was" sealed with a price tag from riders which was a treat in itself. To my knowledge all the riders in michigan are r.i.p.
  8. Is hitchhiking allowed? I'll help pay for gas.....
  9. StockBoresMe

    Uncertain T

    This car is so cool. But the only thing I can think when I see it is that poor drivers neck
  10. Thank you for the support guys! I really didn't see it coming but this truck hit me in the feels more than I expected and now I want another one... Or 2.....or 16. I don't recall ever having this much fun with a build. Maybe its the sentimental meaning. But something inside me fell in love with this kit and there will be more of them built in the future
  11. in my opinion you should be allowed to post up whatever you want. Realistically this thread was sort of aimed at the receiver right? So if someone sees a set of amt parts pack drag slicks and is willing to add 3 or 4 kits to pay it forward then wheres the harm?
  12. Its not that no one wants them. I'm sure plenty of people like what you've offered. I see 3 I would love to build. My issue is I'm just restarting a collection after losing 2 other collections throughout my life time and at the moment I'm in possession of just under 25 kits. The only 2 kits I have to offer woyld most likely stall this thread and I don't want to be the one to do that
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