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  1. Very nicely done ! Have this same kit on my display shelves but would be ashamed to set mine beside the superior job you've done on yours. Gunze did a number of cool little curbsides besides this one and I wish they would get reissued.
  2. Picked up one of those when they did the brief all in plastic version. Your excellent work is telling me that I need to dig it out and build it. Your build is fabulous!
  3. Ohhhh. Just when I began to wonder how you were going to incorporate the connie kit into the idea of a boat you removed it....probably just as well. I've often wondered how I could give a boat some automotive design features but never thought of adding a car body to the top of the hull. That's a great idea and it looks like a number of others have had the same idea. If your idea works and it looks like it will I bet we'll see some of the others back on the bench. I'm going to enjoy seeing this model finished. Good luck.
  4. The famed stealth car!! I'd heard rumours that it had been built but had yet to see one on the roads. Congrats you've caught the looks of that mysterious vehicle perfectly.
  5. I've been a fan of Tamiya spray paint since they became available but I now decant the paint and put it through my airbrush. It reduces the risks of getting paint where you don't want it, as you described, and increases the variety of colours available by mixing. I've had that kit in my stash for several years and considering how well yours turned out I just might be inspired to dig mine out and tackle it. Well done.
  6. Heller kits can at times be difficult to build but you've done a great job on both these.
  7. Someone else that keeps a record of when they started and finished the build, I thought I was probably the only one who did that. What inspired you to do all your models in matte black, for many of these builds it is clearly the right colour choice but others might be open to other colour choices. Well done and some very interesting modifications to some of these kits.
  8. Built this one a couple of years back also in Tamiya Orange but also did some interior accents in orange to escape the black hole look of a dark interior. You'll enjoy the build, it's so nice when a kit doesn't fight you and most of the Fujimi kits are that way. I look forward to seeing it finished.
  9. Gunze had a very nice selection of small sports cars which with a little extra work, as you've done, turned a basic kit into a eye turner so well done. I wonder where these molds are today and I wish they would be reissued.
  10. So many others have praised how beautiful the build is, so I'll just say how good the photography is.
  11. This Aurora kit along with the Maserati and at least two others, all in 1/25 scale were some of the best and most accurate kits Aurora ever did. They were considered good enough to be saved when Monogram bought the Aurora molds in '78 and were reissued a couple of times. Lets hope they still exist either with Atlantis or the German Revell. If they do still exist I'm sure we will see them again but they are worth hunting for. I built the Maserati in the late '60s and other then being repainted 30 years ago it still sits proudly in my display case and I'm hoping to build the Aston Martin in the next year or two.
  12. Nicely done. If you want to build another there was also a non running silver Indy built. The only photos I've seen of it also had the center roof panels removed. I wish we could have more kits of Corvette concepts to build, but then being a long time Vette fan I'm a little prejudiced. I saw the car sometime back and it is a beautiful car, just not that practical but then who says concepts should be practical. Revell also brought out a kit of the Pontiac Banshee around the same time which would make a great companion model to yours.
  13. A variety of builds and all well done. It's nice to see that you don't restrict yourself to just one topic of modelling.
  14. Not a fan of green cars but this one looks very nice in this shade of green. Condolences on your loss. My father passed away several decades ago but I lost my brother and mother a couple of years ago and I know it takes a lot to get over it.
  15. That engine looks like it could have just come out of my '88 which is taking its winter nap in the garage waiting for summer to come. (They don't drive well in the snow and ice of western Canada). You've done well and I look forward to following the rest of your build.
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