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  1. robertw added a post in a topic NART Corvette 17 years in the making!   

    Quality takes time so I would say that your 17 years was very well spent.
  2. robertw added a post in a topic Seat belts in model kits   

    I agree with your concerns. Beat belts & shoulder harness are something I look for in every finished model car and since they must be scratch built I take their presence as a sign of how much extra effort the builder was prepared to go. The crossed plastic ones from the AMT/MPC era were terrible,although I used them back then, and some models today have them engraved into the seats, but they really don't look right. I think the reason that they are not part of current kits is that for belts to look right they must be in scale and made of appropriate material and that makes them easier to scratchbuild then to manufacture in the kit factory.
    The last time I was in Hobby Lobby I picked up a couple of rolls of black crepe tape (they had three widths). In the past I've always just cut strips of tamiya tape and painted them but since most belts are black or dark grey I figured this crepe tape might is usefull. P.E. provides hardware and since I build a lot of sports cars, ie bucket seats, I'll make the receivers out of small blocks of plastic with the end painted red for the release button with another piece of plastic or stiff braided wire for the attachment piece to the floor. I do agree that the toughest part is doing the shoulder harness in a hardtop and getting it to attach to the B pillar or roof. Every model seems to present its own problems and solution for this task and it usually involves me having to get stubby fingers, tweezer or tiny stick through the side window and behind a seat to glue something in place. Since most modern shoulder/seat belts hang down to the floor between seat and inner door when not in use I'll often omit the P.E. where it can't be seen. Slightly off topic but I'll often add partially rolled down windows in my models. In the end these little extra things add to the final appearance of the model.
  3. robertw added a post in a topic Lincoln Futura, another Revell multipiece   

    That kit is a challenge to build but with time and patience a very nice result can be achieved as you have clearly done. I did one a few years ago but did it up as the red car in the movie, It Started With a Kiss and I still have one more of these kits stashed away which I'll use to build the show car Futura in its Blue Frost colour scheme. My only complaint is that I wish they'd have done it in 1/25 scale but I realize the kit came from the era of the box scale kits. It would be nice to wish for one in standard scale but that is not likely to happen but at least we can build this show car which is more that we can say for most of the concept cars. Whether its the original colour or not I like how it looks in this light metallic blue. Well done.
  4. robertw added a post in a topic Ferrari 348TS and F355   

    Ahhh.......a 355 my favorite Ferrari, the other one is nice too but a 355 and in my favorite colour. All kidding aside these are both very nice looking models that any modeller should be proud to display on their sports car shelf.
  5. robertw added a post in a topic Revell's 2014 Snap Tite Vette   

    In discussion with several people about the new C7 I've argued that it looks best in dark colours and here is proof, in miniature. You've done a good job building this one and in this colour it looks good enough to be on any modellers shelf. I saw my first dark green one earlier this summer and thought that it looked sharp compared to the lighter colors. All the black air scoops and exhausts, Which I'm not a big fan of, just seem to disappear. Unfortunately most must disagree with us since the dark green that came out in 2014 has already been dropped as a color choice for 2015.
    Again well done on your build and R2, please include water slide decals in your snap kits
  6. robertw added a post in a topic Lookin for chassis tips..   

    I always paint then do a little weathering on my chassis, weathering chalks or paint, fluid drips exhaust staining etc. While we might keep the top surfaces of our 1 to 1 cars clean only a show car will be spotless on the bottom so why shouldn't our models look the same way whether we hold them up for others to see the bottoms or not.
  7. robertw added a post in a topic What to do with instructions?   

    Have several file folders full of them in one of my file cabinets, instructions often going back to the mid '60's. I find it quite interesting from time to time to look through them they will remind me of models built back when...., models that I built that are now gone or as an interesting glimpse into the history of our hobby. I wouldn't think of throwing them out.
  8. robertw added a post in a topic Custom Vette   

    That build makes an outrageous statement. Well done!
  9. robertw added a post in a topic Maserati 3500 GT (an old Aurora kit)   

    This old line of Aurora/Monogram kits were very nice and you've taken this build way past nice. I have the Monogram reissue in my stash I think you're inspiring me to dig it out and take a look at it. Revell should think of reissuing this one, the Astin Martin and the Bugatti.
  10. robertw added a post in a topic Seeing Yellow - 4 Generations of Corvettes, C3, C4, C5 and C6   

    Another grouping of Vettes, it just gets better. Time to get one of the new Revell C7 curbside kits for this gouping. I'd be proud to have any of these Corvette builds on my display shelf. Well done!
  11. robertw added a post in a topic C1 Corvettes - 1953, 1957, 1960 and 1962   

    What a nice collection to show the changes during the first generation but you need to add one more for the middle of the collection, a '58. I think in Panama Yellow.
  12. robertw added a post in a topic 1965 Jaguar E-Type S1 4.2 OTS   

    Beautiful build !
    I built the curbside version a few years ago and like you was impressed by the kit and since then I've been able to obtain a number of the other Gunze sports cars and have enjoyed each build. I wish this line of car kits would come out again either in the high-tech or curbside version.
  13. robertw added a post in a topic Revell 2014 Snap-tite Corvette C7   

    Like the colour.
    I've also started on this one and the first thing I did was to cut apart the clear parts so that they would all fit better and that included the clear headlight covers. Everything fits a lot better this way. I also drilled out the plastic tail pipes and replaced them with aluminum tubing (the thought of trying to paint the kit pipes silver gave me a headache even before I tried to do it). I had joped to have it done for a local model meeting in early Oct. but a paint problem of my own causing has set me back.
    My only complaint about this kit is why wouldn't Revell put out water slide markings as well as the vinyl ones in a snap kit, especially when it is a first model of a new car. Other then this the model goes together very nicely.
  14. robertw added a post in a topic This ever happen to anyone else?   

    Have had that happen with a few cans, Testors and dupl-color as I recall. Leaks have always occured around the seam at the base of the can or the top. I always store my paint indoors. but I've always assumed that to expect all cans will meet some strength specification  is not going to happen. My favorite rattle can paint is Tamiya and I've never had it happen to one of these.
  15. robertw added a post in a topic rubicon jeep, i built it, wife picked colors   

    Looks nice and an interesting combination of colours. Considering that this is a curbside kit based on a diecast it builds nicely, looks good when finished and was a fun build which we all appreciate from time to time.