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  1. A nice job on a kit that most modelers, whether car or military would ignore. It is good to see someone build every model ever issued no matter how old the kit.
  2. Nice job. It`s obvious that a lot of creative thought and a lot of work went into this build. Also a very interesting way of displaying your work.
  3. Very nice build. I like your use of non chrome on parts that would have been chrome from the kit and your use of p.e. parts and scripts. A model to be proud of and it looks like you have a nice selection of Vettes still to build.
  4. robertw

    Ferrari 612

    I think it turned out very nice. I've also talked to several builders who ran into problems with this kit, which probably explains why mine is still sitting in the stash. Well Done !
  5. robertw

    Ferrari SA Aperta

    Also picked up that kit to be put in my build soon pile. For some reason that car rally looks nice in the pale or pastel colours. I really like how it came out for you.
  6. I like what you've done so far. How did you create your canvas fender look. Did you ever read the story about how the original leather fenders were stolen by crew aboard the ship that took them to Asia., the crew using the material to make shoe soles.
  7. Hope you'll post pics as you rebuild the Thomas. Years ago I found a book on that race and became fascinated with it which led to hunting down more books. Got hold of one of the Flyer kits but have yet to build it. Reading about what the Great Race drivers went through and how we live today brought forth a new respect for our ancestors. This was an event that deserves a truthful movie and not the silly comedy with Tony Curtiss. There have been several excellent books published on the 1908 race although most are now out of print.
  8. My list could be very long if I really thought about it but I don't want to be greedy so : -the Aurora Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car -the Italerie Ferrari 250 SWB, 275 NART or a BMW 507 -any of the AMT/MPC C2 Corvettes that I don't have
  9. Like the colour, what paint did you use. Like your use of aluminum tube exhaust tips. I always think they look so much better then just trying to paint or hollow out plastic ones. Good job over all.
  10. Here are a few in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan Express Hobbies 411 34 St. SE. Saskatoon, Sask. J&P Hobby Supplies 300 13th St. W. Prince Albert, Sask. Redline Hobby 3831 Albert St. Regina, Sask.
  11. The stock number of T310 would indicate that it was AMT's first release of a glue kit of the '53. The date I have for that kit is 1976. It has of course been reissued several times since the last being in 2015 when it was numbered as AMT910. The most recent release is significant because they tried to recreate the original artwork although the background blue is a little darker. It might have some value to a collector but the contents are basically similar to the other AMT releases of the '53. Your box is in beautiful shape.
  12. I remember seeing a short TV segment on this car and I liked its look immediatly. I hope it finds a good home.
  13. That is a beautiful set of shelves , it's a good thing you built the Saturn. As for the weight of tempered glass, I've been there and done that, my display contains 48- 6mm tempered glass shelves each 3 ft long with four sliding doors each 7x3 ft. Thank goodness I had help hauling all that glass in when I build my dream of a life time cabinet a few years back. If you ever fill your up, and you probably will, you can always add an addition underneath. That display case is something that you can be as proud of as the models inside.
  14. Beautiful save Randy. There is always, at least for me, a real sense of accomplishment when you take a previously so-so build and restore it to this level of finish.
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