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  1. Love the color and you've done a very clean build of a basic kit. Thanks for the pic of the three Vettes together its a well built package.
  2. Mine too, although you had to knock on the window and get the owners attention first. Sort of reminded me of that Last Man Standing episode when Mike is trying to buy incandescent light bulbs.
  3. An interesting transformation. In the real world they would have removed the light covers replacing them with clear ones or or raised the fixed and fixed the lens to improve the speedster look. This is going to be an interesting build to follow. Good luck with it.
  4. Nice work. That Monogram kit is so good that it almost builds itself but when it comes to fitting the chassis/interior/body together you cross your fingers and say a little prayer because those elements fit together so tightly that the smallest mistake previously made can now pop up and bite you......... Good luck on the coupe, its an equally nice kit.
  5. Very nice. I really like what you did with the side vents, you created a very sharp GS look. On looking at it a second time I like the see through grills on the hood...in fact I don't think there is anything about this build that I don't like. A FAB build.
  6. Glad yours worked out. I agree the chassis can be a nightmare. Even though I thought I was being so careful I messed mine up and created a three wheels touching. Never able to correct the problem so back in the box it all went. I hate to be bested by a model so may have to get another kit and try again.
  7. A nice job on a kit that most modelers, whether car or military would ignore. It is good to see someone build every model ever issued no matter how old the kit.
  8. Nice job. It`s obvious that a lot of creative thought and a lot of work went into this build. Also a very interesting way of displaying your work.
  9. Very nice build. I like your use of non chrome on parts that would have been chrome from the kit and your use of p.e. parts and scripts. A model to be proud of and it looks like you have a nice selection of Vettes still to build.
  10. robertw

    Ferrari 612

    I think it turned out very nice. I've also talked to several builders who ran into problems with this kit, which probably explains why mine is still sitting in the stash. Well Done !
  11. robertw

    Ferrari SA Aperta

    Also picked up that kit to be put in my build soon pile. For some reason that car rally looks nice in the pale or pastel colours. I really like how it came out for you.
  12. I like what you've done so far. How did you create your canvas fender look. Did you ever read the story about how the original leather fenders were stolen by crew aboard the ship that took them to Asia., the crew using the material to make shoe soles.
  13. Hope you'll post pics as you rebuild the Thomas. Years ago I found a book on that race and became fascinated with it which led to hunting down more books. Got hold of one of the Flyer kits but have yet to build it. Reading about what the Great Race drivers went through and how we live today brought forth a new respect for our ancestors. This was an event that deserves a truthful movie and not the silly comedy with Tony Curtiss. There have been several excellent books published on the 1908 race although most are now out of print.
  14. My list could be very long if I really thought about it but I don't want to be greedy so : -the Aurora Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car -the Italerie Ferrari 250 SWB, 275 NART or a BMW 507 -any of the AMT/MPC C2 Corvettes that I don't have
  15. Like the colour, what paint did you use. Like your use of aluminum tube exhaust tips. I always think they look so much better then just trying to paint or hollow out plastic ones. Good job over all.
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