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  1. robertw added a post in a topic Tamiya Announcement - 2016 Mazda Roadster (MX-5)   

    Glad to hear that. It will certainly be going on my buy list.
  2. robertw added a post in a topic Corvette Callaway Speedster   

    Haven't seen this kit built many times which is too bad since it is a very nice looking car. I started this kit a few years back but wrecked the paint job so after stripping it went back in the box and has stayed there. Seeing how nicely yours turned out might inspire me to take another look in the box.
  3. robertw added a post in a topic Monogram Lincoln Futura   

    You finished it in 5-6 hours !!! I knew I worked slow but I'm clearly slower then the tortise in this campaign.  It took me nearly a month to finish mine which I did in the same scheme. While the movie is the typical boy gets girl, loses girl and gets girl back romantic comedy  it is very cool to see the car cruising around Spain in the movie. One reference said it gathered huge attention every where it showed up. I thinks it looks better in Red then it does in the original Frost Blue but then I've always had a thing for red cars.  Well done.
  4. robertw added a post in a topic Ferrari 348TS and F355   

    Well done. The 355 is my favorite Ferrari and I've done both the spyder and the berlinetta. My ambition is to build as many of the modern Ferari V-8 street cars as I can.
  5. robertw added a post in a topic NEW Revell C7 Corvette rear re-style...   

    Interesting! Like you I'm not drawn to the new C7 rear end. I'll be watching with interest how this comes out.
  6. robertw added a post in a topic 2014 CORVETTE   

    At least this kit is better then the promo of the same car. I wish they would supply water slide decals as well as the stick on vinyl that comes in the kit. I hope Revell does the conv as a full detail glue kit so that we can mix and match parts.
    BTW, strange little box but if you take the parts out you'll have to build it as I had a dickens of a time getting the parts back in the box !!
  7. robertw added a post in a topic modelhaus order   

    Ordered a full kit plus a half dozen assorted parts at the end of May and just got email notice at the end of last week that my order was in the mail. My original email said the order could take up to three months so I'm happy considering the quality of their products.
  8. robertw added a post in a topic Another local shop closes it's doors   

    I'll always buy at my LHS (s) before looking to the net even if it costs me more. What I might save by buying on a cheaper online source is often negated by the additional cost of shipping. I've already developed a good relationship with the new owner of my closest hobby shop (140 miles from me) and he's willing to do everything he can to get what I want no matter how unusual it is.
  9. robertw added a post in a topic Fiat Abarth   

    Nice build and a very sharp look for this, somewhat ugly, little car.
  10. robertw added a post in a topic Custom Vette   

    Looking good. Good idea to redo the suspension as built out of the box it sits way to high especially on the front end.
  11. robertw added a post in a topic 1937 Rolls Royce "shooting brake"   

    A Rolls Woodie now that is cleaver and coming from the land where they even made chassis out of wood it just seems so right.. Well done. old chap!
  12. robertw added a post in a topic Gimme 5 automotive subjects you'd like to see reissued by Round-2?   

    Yes Snake I know that the mpc & AMT molds have been modified but as I said I'll pretend to be living in a fantasy world where they could be restored to original release condition with correct seats, vents and hoods and extras.. I suspect that someday we will see the Sunbeam kit back since it was last released in the Blueprinter series (I believe in the early '90's). If that were to happen I'd like to see it come with the 4 cylinder that was in the Get Smart kit.
  13. robertw added a post in a topic Gimme 5 automotive subjects you'd like to see reissued by Round-2?   

    I'll play realizing full well that we're living in a fantasy world.

    1. mpc 1964 Corvette coupe (mpc's first corvette kit)
    2. AMT 1965 Corvette convertible
    3. Either the mpc or AMT 1966 corvette coupe
    4. Either the mpc or AMT 1973 Corvette convertible
    5. Either the AMT Sunbeam Alpine or Sunbeam Tiger (had to throw this is just in case you thought there was a trend developing here)
  14. robertw added a post in a topic Hobbytown USA in Pineville NC   

    I'm sorry for those communities of modellers who see to be more steadily losing their LHS and I cross my fingers that the trend doesn't come to my part of western Canada. For a million people we have two full service hobby shops both of which have recently changed hands but are clearly in the hands of owners who care for the hobby. We also have three other part time hobby shops that carry fairly good stock or are willing to order whatever we want. We have to pay more then what shops in the US charge but I'll just buy a little less for the sake of helping to support a shop that wants to provide athis service. Paint is also difficult to obtain my mail here so having a couple of shops who between them carry at least a half dozen brands of paint is another reason I'm more then willing to pay a little more for the kits. Besides when on a good year I only build a half dozen models spending a little extra is not going to break the bank.
  15. robertw added a post in a topic "Our ride starts when yours ends"   

    One very special model. Your attention to detail is most impressive. Thanks for sharing the step by step of this unique build. It should be an inspiration to all of us who visit this forum.