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  1. robertw added a post in a topic Revell's 2017 Ford GT   

    Looks good in red and even better with the gold stripes. I've been thinking of cutting out the screen portions and replacing them with metal mesh, but it will mean a lot more work and I don't think the results will look any better then what you've achieved.
  2. robertw added a post in a topic 1963 Custom Corvette Stingray   

    An impressive design and certainly some time consuming work went into this creation. Well done.
  3. robertw added a post in a topic Lincoln Futura   

    Built the Revell kit a couple of years ago as the red one from the movie It Started With a Kiss, Isn't an easy kit to build but with patience you'll be pleased with the result. The difference in scale from what we usually build is the biggest pain. Here are a few of the problems I encountered :
    -the interior and especially the inner door sidewalls, I cut out the recesses then tried to create a smooth transition between the edges of the cove and the piece of plastic I glued to the outside of the inner door. In the end wasn't really satisfied and for a future build I think I'd totally cut out the inner door panels scratch build them and repair the sides of the seats.
    -to fit the interior in I completely finished it glued iit in place within the upper body then taped it over until I'd finished my exterior paint. I like the idea of cutting out the center of the chassis as suggested here. I remember thinking about doing it that way but for some reason I didn't.
    -I built the top and bottom of the body separately so that I could ensure that they would sit flat before glueing them together. There was also a lot of putty and sanding to get the multiple body pieces to fit together well.
    -fitting the two bumpers without gaps between them and the body required extra work. The side body moldings were slightly warped and had difficult sprue gates to clean up. I finally filled sanded and did them in Alclad.
    -the canopy does not fit well on the top of the body leaving several thin cracks. For several days I applied thin layers of putty set the windshield on top then sanded and finally got a very tight fit. I also used a heavier foil (a cheap Chinese made chrome duct tape). Normal bmf just proved to thin to lay down and stay down.
    Sorry don't have a photo host so can't show pics of the final result but I look forward to seeing how your build goes..
    rob w
  4. robertw added a post in a topic Lincoln Futura   

    Scales are different the old Revell kit is about 1/27 and the Polar Lights is 1/25. Sit them side by side and the difference is obvious.
  5. robertw added a post in a topic Non-California Lacquer Thinner   

    I've always assumed that some day the greenie crowd will get lacquer thinner banned so always keep several years worth of the stuff stored in an outside shed. As modellers we don't use a lot of the stuff in a year so I figure I've got enough to last me the rest of my modelling life.
  6. robertw added a post in a topic Local Hobby Shp vs. Mega-Store   

    My LHS or any hobby shop for that matter every time for the following reasons:
    -- By the time I`m finished paying shipping  the difference between ebay or mail order and my hobby shop is minor.
    -- If we don`t support our hobby shops they won`t be there when we suddenly need that bottle of paint or putty or whatever we run out of in the middle of a build.
    -- I`ve yet to grow out of that thrill I felt in my youth when I would go into my LHS and see the new kit or something unexpected sitting on the shelf and I hope I never do.
    -- Going into the hobby shop is often a social occasion where you end up talking models with people you meet there.
    -- I`m sure there are other reasons but all I know is that I`ve never gone into a hobby shop anywhere without coming out with some purchase and usually it`s something in a box.
  7. robertw added a post in a topic Finally finished my new work space.   

    That workbench looks way to nice to mess up with modelling stuff but in the end your space is going to look like a showroom model space.
  8. robertw added a post in a topic Got my first real model dedicated bench!   

    Looks like a great desk for modelling and like the old saying of work expanding ........I guarantee that it will not be long before you are wishing that the big desk was even bigger. Get some bracket shelves up on the wall in front of you for more storage, get a piece of glass or something else on the top of the desk to provide a non wood work surface (I use heavy glass which is so easy to clean up),  and a goose neck lamp to provide more direct light and your own little modelling world will be complete.
  9. robertw added a post in a topic Delage D8 SS   

    I love the old brass era cars and yours is a nice build of a car from that period. Heller kits have a worse reputation then they deserve but here in Canada there appears to be no one importing them so they're very hard to get. I've had my local hobby shop trying to get a couple of recent Heller releases with no sucess.
  10. robertw added a post in a topic Revell Honda/Acura   

    While not a big Tuner fan I can certainly recognize good work and this collection demonstrates some very nice work. Well done. A fellow modeler and myself are currently building a pair of the reissued Tamiya Honda 600 kits. It was a pricy kit but is an almost fall together model as are most Tamiya kits. I'll add mine to a tiny Honda collection consisting of a Honda 800 & Honda 2000 and also have an NSX to build in the future.
  11. robertw added a post in a topic Another old hobby shop photo(s)   

    Thanks for a little trip down memory lane. When we were growing up who would have thought that all those great shops that we spent time in would be gone and not replaced by new ones. Sadly,the enjoyment in visiting a good hobby shop  has gotten to be a rare experience today.
  12. robertw added a post in a topic Calendar Cars   

    Building a model of a car as it appears in a calendar, that's a very interesting idea, thanks. I'm going to suggest it as a theme night to my own model club. The choices of what to build will be almost endless.
  13. robertw added a post in a topic If you could afford to have a kit designed   

    I'll go with one that will never be done by the American model companies.
    In the early '90's Larry Shinoda did a redesign of the C4 Corvette. A limited number of body kits were produced to convert your 1 to1 Vette into this car. I photographed one of these cars and briefly met Larry at a South Dakota Corvette show in 1991 and have a large autographed poster of one of these cars on my home office wall so my choice would be a new full detail Revell  kit of the Shinoda-Williams Corvette.
  14. robertw added a post in a topic How do you pick which model you will work on next   

    That sounds better then the reason I usually give which is that the unbuilt model talks to me and tells me that it wants to be built now.
  15. robertw added a post in a topic Build journal anyone?   

    It's called my Built Notes Binder and includes much the same types of info that others have listed. Having always had an interest in history I also include a history section which might include a history of the kit, history of the unit or the real a/c/car/etc that I've built.   If I've done a "what if, diorama or fantasy" model I might also write and include a back story.
    At the same time as I'm doing my build notes I've created a couple of photo albums using pages designed for 4x6 inch photos. Each page has one 4x6 slot for a brief history and notes and three slots for photos of the finished kit. Over the years I've given away models, had some damaged or put in storage so these photo albums are a convienent way for me to look at the models I've built over the years even if I no longer have them.