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  1. Nice almost scratch build. I got around to building the Jetson kit a couple of months ago but was lucky enough to have had one of the Polar Lights kits in my stash. It is always nice to have some of these kinds of kits around when you get bogged down on more complex projects or just need a break. A couple of companies make kits of the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci and I use them as slump busters as well. A little clean up, a bit of improvement and a lick of paint and you've finished a project that was satisfying, looks not bad and took less then a week of work.
  2. I'm glad to see the return of Revell's 67 Corvette coupe. It's an excellent kit and has always been the hardest of the '67 Vette pair to find but I'm disappointed to see no reference to whether anyone is going to do the new C8 Vette.........PLEASE !!!
  3. I have the Homer car kit in my stash for a future build but I didn't realize that kits of Homer and Bart existed. I'd be interested in seeing what they are like.
  4. I picked up this kit a year or so ago, figuring it's strange and different but I'll think of something neat to do with it, it's still sitting untouched. I would never have thought to turn it into some kind of low rider/show truck delivery van, well done.
  5. Clever ! I would never have thought of doing a behind the scenes look of the show being shot.
  6. I would not recommend the Revell Porsche 914. Built one a few years ago and it is the closest I ever came to throwing a half finished model against the wall ! Can't remember particular problems perhaps because one tends to put bad memories out of ones mind. I do remember it had numerous fit problems. In the end it did get finished but to this day it sits near the back of my display cabinet.
  7. Your colour choice is the kind of colour that Reeves Callaway put on his Speedsters in the 90's, out of the ordinary and very cool. Well done, I like it.
  8. I look forward to following your build.Built this one a few years back in the Star of India colour scheme. That car still exists so you should have no problem finding photos on the net. I used Alclad Polished aluminum for those body parts and mixed up a Tamiya lacquer Orange/Clear Orange for the body. The toughest part was masking and painting the wheels in metal with trim rings in orange. Finding good wire wheels might be a very good alternative. Work slowly and test fit everything, Italeri car kits can trip you up and while the old Monogram classics are easier to build these Italeri classics are more satisfying in the end.
  9. Not quite but close, live in a small town so have neighbours but must admit that when I look out the front window to a vacant lot and beyond that a field with cows and no I don't consider them neighbours. 😏
  10. You are closer to your nearest LHS then I am, 2hrs to the nearest and close to 3 hrs to the best one so as a result I tell others that, " I'm my own hobby shop" and I keep multiples of everything I might need, especially in paints. It's worked out too during our year long covid thing my local closest LHS claims to not being able to get paints. That's ok I haven't needed any paints in over a year and I've been building steady. Not all Japanese kits are engineless but many are but despite that body and interior detail are as good as any kit. Some refuse to build a kit without an engine I don't have that problem but I'm also not into competitive building. I just build for the fun of it. I primarily use the Tamiya TS (usually decanted) or the LP series when I'm doing cars then clear with TS-13 Clear before colour sanding and polishing the body. Interior and other details will then be done with acrylics or enamels. I was told recently that Tamiya are wanting to bring out a line of enamels which would be great news considering the demise of Model Master and Testors and the problem that Humbrol is currently having with their lack of French labels. Good luck on your build.
  11. The junk yard never looked so good1 Well done.
  12. You've gotten some excellent advice so far but the one thing not mentioned that I almost always do is to deepen door, hood etc lines. I usually use a # 11 blade backward. That way if you get too many coats of primer, color and clear you won' lose the depth of these lines. I usually use Tamiya Fine White Primer (lacquer based) decanted and applied through my airbrush and I've also used silver as a primer. As for interior, chassis and engine. I'll spend as much time painting the interior (usually with acrylics) as I do the body and on a nice kit like this it deserves your best efforts. I build a lot of Japanese kits so that I can escape from having to do engines. For me that is the most disagreeable part of building a model, but that's just me. Chassis are usually done in semi or matte black. After you've had a little more practice you might try using the Tamiya synthetic lacquers in their rattle can line. They spray on very smoothly and dry almost instantly. I'll decant, then spray them through the airbrush although Tamiya are bringing out most of the same colours in bottles, calling them the LP line. Good luck with this build. I'll look forward to seeing it finished.
  13. WOW ! Big and beautiful. I never think of a pink car as one I want to look at twice but somehow pink looks very good on these giant land yachts of the past whether in 1 to 1 scale or in miniature and your effort deserves multiple looks.
  14. This is a model that Airfix should redo or at least modify. The most popular Harvard was the Mk IV and I could see that one selling well in any and all standard scales.
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