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  1. Have used MM Turn Signal a couple of times but I always start from a White Primer base so didn't have a big problem but yes it is semi-transparent and it needed multiple coats.
  2. My favorite is Tamiya TS-13. I know it's in a rattle can but I just decant it let it sit for a few hours for the propellent to gas off then put it through the airbrush , thinned or as is what ever works best. I always decant more then I need so seal up the bottle until I need it again. A few years back I bought a few dozen Badger bottles to store extra paint in. I decant by having a number of Tamiya spray nozzles with a short piece of flexi straw glued to them so the paint dribbles out rather then spraying out in a blast. I clean the new nozzle out by forcing a little lacquer thinner down the straw till it comes out clean from the base of the can nozzle. For clears I keep a few of my created nozzles for only clear paint to ensure no colour gets mixed in.
  3. Well done but this must be of the car before it had done any time on the track....much too clean. Have a couple of those kits but yet to build one, too many models and too little time so I am envious of the great job that you've done.
  4. Been using Badger for more then half a century (yes I'm an old modeller) and have never regretted it. I have a 200 model for general work and a 105 for more detailed work. I find that n particular the 200 is easy to disassemble and clean.
  5. That looks very nice especially in the light blue. Thanks for your tip on doing piping. I have the Aoshima kit that I', hoping to do sometime this year, I'm certainly going to try your piping idea and may also steel your choice of color. What paint did you use or did you mix your own?
  6. I probably will build it one day but the Jetson was built in '21 and I try to build a variety of modelling themes each year so it will probably be a few years before I get around to the Homer-mobile. I also have the Snoopy and His Sopwith Camel built up for my Odd Ball collection but the a/c is painted in the markings of Canada's Aerobatic Team the Snow Birds. I'm a Canadian and their home base is only about a hundred miles from where I live.
  7. Well done. Love to get out of the box sometimes and do something nutty. Have both the Flintstone car and the Jetson vehicle in my display case but have never thought of doing up a car. I do have the Homer car that Polar Lights did some years back but haven't decided to whether to build or save it as a collectors item. Again well done.
  8. Brings back memories. The second car I ever owned and the first car that I paid for myself (yes I'm an old geezer). Mine was white with, as I recall a blue interior. Gave me few problems so I don't remember why I got rid of it. Been looking for the model of one for years since it is one of the few cars that I owned that was done in model form but haven't found one yet. Seeing your build brought back some good memories.
  9. How about a store that sell house paint as its main stock and trade. Haven't been back there for a few years but the last time it had a nice selection of kits, model paint and train stuff. Don't remember the name of the store but it was in the Canadian province of Manitoba.
  10. No photos but I have used the Tamiya Pearl over several colours, white yellow and orange come immediately to mind. I was very satisfied with the results. Over light colours the effect is subtle. I would say that the effect is not unlike metallics but softer and if you want a colour that does not have a metallic equalent then TS-65 is the way to go. I've never used TS-3 but isn't that a matte colour? If it is you may end up using TS-13 Clear as well.
  11. Very nice! It's a model that I'd certainly be willing to park in my model cabinet. As for the incorrect colour...just don't tell anyone! I love those Fujimi kits, while most have no or minimal engine detail they fit together well and the body-chassis joint is simple and accurate, They are fairly expensive kits and not easily found in most hobby shops but since I've never had serious problems building one I'm always willing to pay the price for one when I see one.
  12. Looks very nice. You did very well with all the decals.
  13. Heven't been in Winnipeg in years. Redline has become iffy. The original owner sold it a couple of years back and it has slipped quite badly since then although the last couple of times I've been in he had a nice selection of preowned kits at decent prices and of course no tax. Express Hobbies in Saskatoon is excellent with the best selection of paints I've ever seen. They carry the complete Tamiya line, spray & bottle laquers, enamels & acrylics, Alclad, Mission Models Gunze, Valejao and several other lines. Also of course an excellent selection of kits. I did the long trip up there last week to stock up on paints for the winter modelling season. As I often tell others, "if you're a modeller in a small out of the way community then you have to be your own hobby shop." Have you ever checked out the hobby shop in PA. I haven't visited it in a few years but it did have a good reputation. Did a trip to Calgary and Edmonton about three years ago and while the number of shops has decreased the quality of the remaining ones is still good. If I can I prefer to shop in he brick & mortar stores rather then online for the simple reason of helping them stay in business after all there are not that many of us who still play with plastic. Enjoying the chance to chat, although there are model clubs in both Regina and Saskatoon both had to shut down their monthly meetings because of COVID. Keep on building,
  14. We're a fair distance apart. I live about a hundred miles south of MJ near the Montana border although I have relatives living in Esterhazy which as I recall is not that far from your location. Are you able to get kits and supplies in your area or are you like others, myself included, having to drive into Regina or Saskatoon to get what you need ? As I recall I've only been in Yorkton a couple times in my life and both were brief stops.
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