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  1. 1934 Duesenburg SJ - Monogram

    I like it. You've done a very nice job. This line of '30s Monogram classics is some of the best work they ever did. I doubt we'll see the Germans reissue this series of kits. Have a couple of these in the stash but won't get to one for at least a year. This winter I'll be doing the Monogram Cord.
  2. The Missing Corvette

    There already is an '83 Corvette, its in the museum. At one point he showed some of Palmers early sketches for the proposed C-4 why didn't he build this and why didn't he interview Palmer. In my opiniom he just wanted to do a car makeover show so slapped a split window cap on the hatchback, changed the fender gill, put on a set of aftermarket wheels, mildly modified the fender lines. He even went retro with the instrument panel when one of the key features of the new C4 was to be the digital one. Like a moth to a flame I was drawn to the show but was very disappointed.
  3. Citroen

    Very nice to see one of these things built and your choice of a two tone colour scheme makes the truck look a little nicer, if that's possible! Had my LHS bring one of these things in for me when they were first released but haven't done anything with it. Maybe if I look long enough at your excellent build I'll be inspired.
  4. Chinese tariff war and models

    I'm concerned for the small hobby shops. The costs from tariffs will of course be passed on to the consumer and the higher the prices the more reluctant many will be to buy. Almost everyday we hear about another hobby shop going down will they be able to handle a prolonged period of hyper high prices. Here in Canada Revell/Round2 kits are already in the $40 range with Tamiya kits in the $60+ range. Already I don't buy as many kits as I once did so adding 25-30% on these prices night become the breaking point. Because of shipping regulations most of us here rely on the hobby shop for paint and other chemical supplies and I am aware of a couple of shops that I deal with now that are having a tough go of it. I hope this proves to be unnecessary speculation.
  5. VW Bug 1303S and the Gooseneck trailer

    You've done well creating your trailer with its very complex shape. A very unique and interesting project.
  6. Last Gen (2013-2017) Viper

    Should have known my friend, that you couldn't leave this alone and once you had the idea of a trio in mind it would have to occur....somehow. Good luck and I will look forward to seeing the final result.
  7. Aston Martin DB4

    I'll be following your build with interest. Many decades ago I wrecked the Aurora release by trying to do a custom (those were back in the days when we tried to customize all our models). I now have the same release as you have and brought it out of the stash a few months back with the intention of building it but haven't gotten any further then thinking about building it so I'll be interested in what problems you encounter. I built the Maserati 3500 from that same Aurora series and found few problems so I think that you'll enjoy your build of the DB4.
  8. That looks nice. It makes me want to dig mine out of the stash and start it right now rather then later.
  9. The end is near

    Since I can't afford the real thing it won't matter if I like it or not. Let's just hope that we get some better C8 models then the C7 ones so that we can at least take pride in showing off our miniature Vettes.
  10. Mercedes 540K

    Few people build these 1930's classics by Mononogram so I look forward to following your build. I have this kit in my stash so your build just might encourage me to bring it to my workbench.
  11. Revell 1962 Corvette Roadster.

    That's going to be a colour selection to burn your eyeballs out. I look forward to seeing it done.
  12. Karmann Ghia build.....

    That appears to be the Gunze kit. I buit one several years ago and recall that the vinyl inner door sides had some fit issues near the front but they could be easily fixed. A nice kit for a curbside and buildable both as a hardtop and as a conv. Gunze had a nice range of small sportscars and if the molds still exist I wish they'd be reissued. I look forward to seeing your built.
  13. Another test paint job that turned out well!

    An unusual colour but one that looks good on this Lambo.
  14. I recall a respected friend recently telling me that they were just going to build a couple of these Ford GT cars as basic as possible. I guess that must not have been you my friend. For a basic build it's looking mighty fine.
  15. Testors Spray Can seeping, anyone else have this happen?

    Yes have had it happen several times and always with Testors cans. It has happened with cans laying on their sides and with some standing up, I've also had a couple of duplicolor cans do the same think but the Testors cans appear to fail had a higher rate. I've never had it happen with a Tamiya can. All cans are kept indoors in my model room at normal room temps.