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  1. A beautiful job and a worthy tribute to your friend. I'm sure that this model will sit on your display shelves for many years and remind, you every time you look at it of your modelling buddy.
  2. Nice job. It's to bad that more of that periods AMT Birds haven't survived. This 66 one has been reissued to death but despite it being from the axle through the oil pan generation of kits it still makes up into a decent kit so I also have a couple on my shelves, one in just about the same colour as yours. Their '62, although a much newer kit is also a very nice model.
  3. My first 1 to1 car was a handed down 1954 Stude in the mid 1960s. Drove it for a few years then got a newer car, sure wish I'd kept it but then I'm sure we all have cars that we wished we had kept.
  4. Built the little pick-up version of this thing a few years back as part of an ongoing group of models called, vehicles only an owner could love. It was a fun build but I didn't know that it was also available as a little cargo van. I'll have to look for it and btw I like yours, the bright stand out colour goes well on it.
  5. Well you've gone and done it. I was so taken with your build that the next time I went out to the garage I dug through a few boxes and found the kit. Didn't start work on it yet but it's on the pile for some time during the long and cold coming winter on the prairies. {global warming hasn't found us yet}.
  6. Have long had this one in the stash just never think of building it. I'm glad to see that someone has, maybe you have provided the incentive I need to pull it out. It would be a nice diversion from more complicated projects in the long winter ahead. Yours turned out very nice.
  7. Is this the model that started as a diecast kit then was released by Revell as a plastic kit? I picked up the plastic version when it came out over fear that I'd never see it again, which I didn't. Glad I picked one up, seeing your well done model makes me want to dig mine out of the stash.
  8. From past experience I have found that fluorescent and day-glo colours work best over white primers. You are right that the colour you ended up with is too nice to disturb.
  9. Glad to see you're tackling this kit that originally came out of the George Barris stable of strange customs. While not always an easy kit to build it is a fun one, that with a little creativity offers a lot of possible schemes. I will look forward to seeing where you take your build.
  10. A well done custom. This would even look right at home as a 1 to 1 show car.
  11. Still looks good. Old builds, if treated well can still look good years and even decades later, until we compare them to our more recent builds then we realize how much we have learned about building models in the intervening time.
  12. I will be following your build. Picked up the 1958 Edsel recently because my sister-in-law mentioned that she had owned one and it had been her favorite car. It seems like an ideal Xmas gift. Having never been a builder of standard N.American passenger cars or Fords Ièll be interested in reading about any problems you have with your build.
  13. Zora would be pleased. He might wish it were a mid engine but at heart he was a racer .
  14. That's the original Barris Moonscope kit from 1970 later modified to the Space 1999 model. That appears to be a fairly rare kit and I've never seen another built beside my own survivor, painted AMT Candy Blue (that explains how old it is) but what I can't explain is the four 1999 variants sitting beside it. modelling can become obsessive. I have at least one of the 1999 unbuilt if you need spare parts.
  15. The Ghia was a beautiful car. If they only had a bigger engine they could still be selling them today. Did you use the Gunze kit or the Tamiya one for this build. I'm guessing Tamiya.
  16. Well done. I also enjoy building these classic era autos. They are big enough for fat fingers to work on and detailed enough to leave you very satisfied when you're finally done.
  17. I agree with you ACE. Tamiya Grey or Fine White (I prefer the latter) is what I use exclusively now and I've never had a problem. Yes a little more expensive but knowing that I'll have no problems is worth it.
  18. Love those classic era cars and for someone just trying to get back into the hobby you've done a very praise worthy job.
  19. Very nice looking especially the paint job. You are duplicating in scale what a lot have done in 1to1 scale. Good idea.
  20. Love the color and you've done a very clean build of a basic kit. Thanks for the pic of the three Vettes together its a well built package.
  21. Mine too, although you had to knock on the window and get the owners attention first. Sort of reminded me of that Last Man Standing episode when Mike is trying to buy incandescent light bulbs.
  22. An interesting transformation. In the real world they would have removed the light covers replacing them with clear ones or or raised the fixed and fixed the lens to improve the speedster look. This is going to be an interesting build to follow. Good luck with it.
  23. Nice work. That Monogram kit is so good that it almost builds itself but when it comes to fitting the chassis/interior/body together you cross your fingers and say a little prayer because those elements fit together so tightly that the smallest mistake previously made can now pop up and bite you......... Good luck on the coupe, its an equally nice kit.
  24. Very nice. I really like what you did with the side vents, you created a very sharp GS look. On looking at it a second time I like the see through grills on the hood...in fact I don't think there is anything about this build that I don't like. A FAB build.
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