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  1. He got Ozzy Ozbourn in 22 guesses. Took him 56 to get Bruce Lee.
  2. Yep ! I cannot read half the thread title's because their's an ad super-imposed over them.
  3. Queen 1975 or 1976 It was the Sheer Heart Attack tour.
  4. So my wife was doing some gardening..... I thought "yep, ... she's gone off the deep end " ! But, then I noticed that something HAD sprouted... WE"RE GONNA BE R I C H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sorry to be so late getting back to you. ( The "packrat's" were armed and I had to distract them ...) Is THIS what you'r looking for ? I found it in a bin of bumper's and grill's If this is it, please PM me your address, and I will mail it out to you.
  6. Let me look. I think I have one. I will get back to you tomorrow..... (My shop isn't easy to search ..... unless your a "packrat".... they know where all my parts are..... but their not telling.)
  7. Had a great trade with Sam I Am. Would definitely trade with him any time.
  8. I can't even see the thread list on the left side of the screen !!! The ad's are covering them up ( it took some effort to see this one !) I have an ad blocker, and it work's on most of the site's I visit....... but not this one. What's a good Fee to get to use this site AD FREE ? $25 a year ? HAPPILY PAY IT !!!!!!
  9. I seem to recall that the 1975 Jo-Han Cadillac had one.
  10. As a kid growing up in the 60's, I liked Quisp cereal. ( it was a mostly Blue box with a goofy looking Martian on the front.) Then, around 1971 they took it off the market. ( something about the Yellow 40 lake food dye in it causing Cancer or something ...) So, I switched to Cap-N-Crunch. ( it tasted almost exactly like Quisp, so no real loss.) Then, in 1998, they brought back several of the "discontinued" cereal's.... INCLUDING QUISP !!! I bought a box, and hurried home so I could "re-live" my childhood breakfast memories ....... they tasted like something a cow would leave behind in the field !!! So these day's , I stick with what I know tastes good Cap-N-Crunch, with crunchberrie's! I also like Fruity pebbles,. Post Rasin bran. Post Grape-nut's with lot's of brown sugar on them, and, I let them "soak" in the milk for about 5 minutes before eating them. Wheat checks Rice checks. Froot loop's. And Frosted flake's. EDIT: O M G I just found this... Just the box, is selling for $ 249.00 ?!?!?!?! HOLY COW BATMAN !!!!
  11. Anything is better than ,"Tastycake" !!! They taste like chemicals..... not associated with cake @ I use to go bonkers for the Dolly Madisen "Razpberry Zinggers" now made by Hostess. But since the " re-organization " their just not the same. Little Debbie does make some good stuff. Their Zebra cakes are my favorite.
  12. If we are all on the same page ( it has gotten a bit confusing here ) I will take the 57 Ford.
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