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  1. Life with cats. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

    O.K. heres the thing....... I started out with 2 cat's ....... but then this happened. It's the Bishop He's not too playful anymore so he's allowed in the shop. NEXT Mily, she tends to ignore my stuff so she is allowed. This is Edgar Allen Housecat. He just wants to sit in my lap.... ALL THE TIME ! He is allowed. This is Victor..... He will tear up stuff you would think a cat wouldnt touch ! He's NOT ALLOWED ! This is Aunty Isabel. She sleeps... A LOT ! She is allowed. Next up is Possum. She gives "Flying Hug's " when your not looking soooooo..... NOT ALLOWED ! This is MeMe...... because it's all about her ! She play's with anything ( INCLUDING BABY RATTLE SNAKE"S ! ) Dont know how she survived that ! This is Gabby.... she talks a lot ! But usually leaves my stuff alone. Gabby has a curiosity about what happen's on the workbench sometime's tho...... This is Gordon..... if it ain't food, he dont care ! This is Sid Vicious..... so named because he is !!! NOT ALLOWED ! AND HERE'S WHY !!!!! HE EAT'S AIRPLANE'S !!!! This is Petal..... she is kinda "anti- human so she want's nothing to do with my stuff. Then there are the Triplet's...... I believe this is Hunter. And I believe this is Poindexter. He cant sit still for ANYTHING !!! Including this picture ! NOT ALLOWED ! And I believe this is Brutis. He doesn't want anything to do with my stuff. We also have 2 dogs but they are "easily " distracted by tennis ball's so they dont bother with my stuff...... as long as I dont throw like a girl !
  2. The Forgotten Prisoner

    I built as many of the old Arora monster kits I could get my hand's on as a kid. When Mobeus re-poped them I grabbed a few of the same ones .... like this... I wanted the "Slab" to look like Marble.... so I painted it with a feather, alternating between Black, Green and gold. I also did the "Hanging Cage" And "The victim " but I don't currently have any pict. of them. Love your take on "The Forgotten Prisoner" , It's one I couldn't find.
  3. Know a good doctor ??

    Just cook up a huge batch of Chili for dinner..... you will get the house to yourself for at least 8 hour's.
  4. How to Crash-Land an Airplane

    I will fly with that guy anytime !
  5. How many scales?

  6. How many scales?

    Over the course of my "modeling" ( the past 47 years) I have dabbled with the following scales Starting with the smallest: ships 1/1200 1/700, The Revell "box " scales 1/536 a few ships at 1/400 A few ships at 1/350 A few ships at 1/300 the odd Lindberg scale 1/260 Glenco USS Oregon 1/232 Some subs at 1/144 and 1/125 Revell USS Constitution 1/96 AMT ski boat 1/25 Model train stuff from: 1/160 1/87 1/64 1/48 1/29 Cars/trucks :1/160 1/87 1/64 1/76 1/43 1/32 1/24 1/25 1/20 1/12 1/10 1/4 ( that last one was a visable V-8 Planes: 1 /144 1/100 1/72 1/48 1/32 Figures I have done many scales of figures but I only remember the Aroura monsters at 1/13 Rockets : I dont remember all the scales in rockets either.... I do remember a few in 1/100 And an ESTEES actual flying rocket 1/ 18 ( that last one flew only once..... and still resides in a tree in Auburn WA.... since 1977!
  7. Whats the deal with this kit

    I think I just "wet" myself a little....... Nice score!
  8. What's your holy grail kit?

    Hand's down my all time holy grail would be Jo-Han Haulin Hearse. I built one back in the day and traded it for something...... cant remember what. I see them on e-bay occasionally. Cant justify the price. I do have The Heavenly Hearse...not quite the same thing but also one of my holy grail's.
  9. Degluing question

    I usually just drop it.......... that dis-assemble's it pretty quick.
  10. Unusual Different Build

    With some fender's and a different color ( A deep pearl Blue? ) it could look better.
  11. Re-releases

    PLEASE !!!!! OH PLEASE !!!!!! OH PLEASE !!!!!! I would GLADLY give every kit in my stash just to see..... JUST TO SEE !!!!!! Any of Jo-Han's kits Re-Released !!!!!!
  12. "Too Many '69 Camaros and '32 Fords!"

    I read somewhere..... that there are more 57 Chevy's registered in California now, than were ever built in 1957 ! I too am tired of the same old Camero's and 32's. I use to have an old Cadillac hearse that I took to car shows all the time. ( 2002 - to - 2010 ) And I got "SICK AND TIRED" of the winning car's ALWAY'S being Camero's and Nova's ( out of 100 or so car's at any given event 75 would be Camero's and Nova's!) I never cared if I won or lost...... I just cant stand losing to "The lowest common denominator! I will NEVER build a Camero.......unless it's a rust bucket!
  13. Grim Reaper motorcycle

    Nice job !!!! I foggily remember building this kit wwwaaayyy back in the day. I had a terrible time getting the vinyl lines to curve around to where they were supposed to go. The whole thing turned out like BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH...... so I shot it with an entire brick (144) bottle rocket's. Fast forward to now and I want to slap myself silly for destroying something worth way more than I paid for it. I like you're version a lot better !!!!!
  14. Howdy from too far south Arizona.

    Thank to all for the warm welcome ! ( Speaking of warm.... I'm still working on my Arizona tan / burn.)
  15. A Modeler does a TED Talk on making miniatures

    Finally ! A History class I did'nt fall asleep in. Thank you for sharing this. I get it.