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  1. MAN , that is pretty !!! I went with the factory two tone paint and messed it up at the tailgate. So mine is back in the box untill I feel it's ready to try it again. Your's is just " To Cool For Word's " !
  2. I would love to see some kit's of the "brass era" truck's. Mack's Packard's Diamond T There are quite a few obscure maker's that I can't remember now, but they would all make nice addition's to the list.
  3. I have a J0-Han "Heavenly Hearse" that came with stock wheel cover's ( hubcap's" . But, I think it's a 67. Not a 66. : Edit. I just looked it up, it is a 66... If these will work, let me know and I will do some digging in the stash pile for you.
  4. Reading all that "Scientific" stuff gave me a headache
  5. Anybody got one ? I would like to get an un-started kit, but will settle for a "Glue-Bomb" if it's complete ... ( or mostly complete.) I have lot's to trade.
  6. I dont have a picture of it, but I swear Monogram's VW van "Firebomb" was molded in red..... as was the "Cherry bomb. And I know this one was molded in red ...
  7. But, you still need a pilot to "virtually" fly it..........and their apperently on strike. What if I just send in these guy's to Destroy the electronics ...
  8. Just finished a trade with LDO ( Lee ) All went well, would trade with him anytime !
  9. The shed where I do my modeling is called..... Little Timmy's House Of Miniature's.
  10. WOW !!! That last post "apperently" brought the whole game to a screeching halt. Hmmmmm..... What would counter-act an old lady......... I KNOW !!! A hat sale would distract her....
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