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  1. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    with training wheel's
  2. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    won't help aerodynamic's
  3. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    smothered in Tabasco
  4. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    Ketchup not included
  5. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    boldly going somewhere
  6. Favorite Car

    My favorite car was a 1975 Cadillac custom Victoria Hearse. This was the last picture I took of her. Had to scrap / part her out. The dirt road's in Nevada are sprayed with Mag Cloride and after a year or two of that she turned to swiss cheese. The roof is covered with "Snow Roof". I pulled the Black Vinyl roof off after The rust ate through the steel, and I welded in some Band-Aid's ( steel patch's ) to stop the rain from flowing in. The final straw was one day on my way home from work, the ENTIRE rear of the car started to drag the ground ! The rear bumper came off and was only hanging on by the brake light wires ! The frame had turned to "Brillo pad" . I had a lot of fun with her , for the 12 years I had her. B.T.W.: Who say's "You can't take it with you ? ?
  7. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    turned into Burrito's
  8. Its "subliminal". He's hoping you will click on the link in his profile .
  9. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    Not garbage , "Vintage"
  10. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    three topping's only
  11. He is NOT a modeler. He is a sales man for the manufacturer of these "Fully assembled" cars. This thread is SPAM.
  12. He shoulda learned to drive stick

    L O L ! I'v driven a few Tanker's. I "Quickly" learned to up-shift with the flow.