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  1. Maybe the prices are in "Yen" ? .... "Pesos" ? Are there really that many " stupid" people out there ???
  2. What kits are you looking for?
  3. Can you post a picture . And, are you looking to trade kit for kit, or, your truck for multiple kits ?
  4. Just completed a trade with JunkyardJeff Would trade again with him anytime!
  5. Thanks for posting these. Its amazing what you can build with a little imagination ...... and spare pipe..... and a few bicycle parts ...
  6. I also received my parts from Thatz4u Always a pleasure to do business with him !
  7. Ha ! Got my stuff from Modlbldr today too. You sir, ROCK !!!
  8. Let me know when your ready to get rid of the van. I will trade you something for it.
  9. I have one. Its partially started, sorta painted, handrails "hacked off" ( I have pe handrails I was going to put on) and the decal sheet is there, but not usable( there way to old to use). It's also missing the airplane. If interested pm me, and I will dig it out and send you pictures of it. It will probably require a modeler with some skills to bring it back from the mess I made of it.
  10. It's my understanding, that the entire car was stolen.( it was being transported on a truck from point A , to point B . The truck arrived at point B , but the car was gone.) If the transaxle is for sale, I believe its stolen, and the seller probably has the rest of the car.
  11. I find this behavior a bit " shady" . He did this the last time he offered kits for trade. Posted them, and then ignored all the PM's. Ya know, had you even bothered responding to me, or anybody else, you might have gotten what you were looking for. Be it an actual trade( that we now know you had no interest in doing ) or cash which I actually WOULD have offered you.... Too bad you weren't listening...
  12. If this is anything like his last trade posted, nobody will get a response.
  13. In my Grandpas 1970 Diamond Reo dumptruck. It had 2 gearshift levers and you needed 4 hands, and a trained monkey to shift the darned thing.
  14. I have always enjoyed the decaling portion of a build .... I kinda find it " soothing" It's also the most frustrating part of the build. Yea, I know , I'm contradicting myself.
  15. That Javalin add gets "First Prize" !!!!!!!!!!!! Now I want one ....
  16. I have been building models since I was 5 years old. (1971) My first 30, or 40 kits were not good, to say the least. By the time I was 10 I had figured it out and had around 150 sitting on my shelves. By the time I was in high school, I figure I had built around 500. But then I discovered something. People would actually PAY me to build stuff. From 1985 to 2010 I had built around 2000. These were the high detail kits you speak of. I now only build for myself ( customers suck.) And only truly detail about half the kits that now cross my bench. I have slowed down a bit and in the last 20 years have maybe completed 150 ??? So, overall, I have built approximately 2550 models.
  17. I kinda like it. Maybe if you "squared" off the rear fenders a bit ,to better mach the front, it would be good? Gotta lose the spoiler tho ...
  18. Been trading up a storm with Sam I am. Never a bad moment when trading with him ! ... Now ,... if only he would stop coming up with stuff I CANNOT live without ...
  19. Pretty sure the Tom Daniel's "Rattler" had a slant 6 in it . And, its previous incarnation the "Horn Toad".
  20. Found it ... however you should see your PMs. You might get the whole kit.
  21. I might have one. Give me a day or so to do some digging , and I will get back to you.
  22. I dont think he's getting PM's I have heard nothing from him
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