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  1. Scarab GP? Did someone say Scarab GP?
  2. Here is something a little different for you dirt track flathead powered guys - a Smith Jiggler overhead conversion for the flathead. Check out my ebay listing.
  3. How many of you builders would be interested in a 1/25th 1960 Plymouth XNR? ACME (Atlanta Model Car Enthusiasts) is considering producing it as a cast resin/ 3d printer kit, or a completely 3d printed kit.
  4. Oh, come on, Andy - why use 3 parts when you can use 35??
  5. I experimented with the engine turning quite a lot and settled on a small maple dowel in the dremel and an auto polishing paste. Still wasn't satisfied but that always happens. You're doing very well.
  6. They did it to drive future model builders stark raving mad.
  7. Images from this site show mostly black tires, although Torchy in #13 and other cars in that photo seems to indicate a lighter color tire. Photo Gallery - andre morel Race race car delage - Schram www.lezebre.eu
  8. Tires white in 1925? I don't think so. My general impression is that all manufacturers past the mid teens made black, or dark tires. Here is a 1925 Michelin ad of that tire.
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