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  1. It's a lot of design work. Here's an image from mid February. The body, chassis, dashboard-firewall, and body are more or less finished and I am working on the details as the grille and headlights with the lenses.
  2. The real thing at the start of the race.
  3. Recently completed and glad of it. 1951 Ferrari 340 America chassis 0082a, the 1951 Mille Miglia winner. I started with a video game spyder, added the roof to it using Sketchup, as well as designing the grille, chassis and interior. The body was too large to be printed in my Anycubic Photon, so it was divided into two parts and printed separately. Lots of body work involved. I designed Pirelli Stelvio tires for this model. White decals were made using the Decalpro system.
  4. Thanks very much! I'd like to visit again, we had an excellent time.
  5. Pico

    It's a Thrill!

    The T50 is more my idea what a modern supercar should be.
  6. Pico

    It's a Thrill!

    Thanks to everyone for the compliments. This has been a challenging, but fulfilling project, that I learned a lot on. I hope some of that learning has been picked up by many of you guys. Andy: just looked up the new Delage, didn't know anything about it. All of those hypercars are trying to out scoop, swoop and crease all the others. Maybe not a good idea. I would like to see a return to the aesthetics of the 50's.
  7. Pico

    It's a Thrill!

    Rear window was vacformed, others are sheet. Pleats run across the seat in the car today, uncertain about 1953. Exhaust pipe install.
  8. Pico

    It's a Thrill!

    It's time to slap this job together.
  9. Pico

    It's a Thrill!

    Molotow on the wire wheels. The monster knock off has the black Pegaso decal.
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