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  1. 2011 ended with great success!! Wishing 2012 is even better... For you ,me and the rest of the world!!! See ya around

  2. Hey boss!! Hope you were able to clear that up in Cortland NY. If time permits I'm returning back to Rochester New York to finish up the move to VA so if ya still need the helping hands ya got me!! Also your forum rocks the house!! Just wanted to give you big up's for this site!!

  3. You got some far out build-ups my friend!! Im sure youll fit in just fine!! Youre in good company here amigo even with goof-balls like me lol stay cool and cya round the playground!!

  4. Hey bro!! You know u aint right!!m

    lmbo!! Whats even more funny bro I jus was arguing with my older bro about the shows we use to watch and he said the same thing!! About me thinkin his name was Carter!! Too funny bro!! Gonna have to blow the dust off the vhs tapes and throw it back a bit!! stay cool bro!! nice call man!lol

  5. Hello there friend! Great to have ya here with the rest of us plastiholics lol! This is the best playground and is filled with great guys and gals! So sit back and enjoy the rides! C ya round the sandbox!!! Hope to see ya post up too!!

  6. whatz up again jus wanted to show support and to tell youve got impressive head-bangers and your dio is the jump off. wanted to know if a craft store can help me out like your dio. ive always wanted a garage setting for the backgrounds of my classic hot rods and a casino for the exotics and antiques well peace for now

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