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  1. Hello there friend! I was going to post up that I use a roll of Uhaul cardboard tape to replicate leather; vinyl etc' however I noticed the scale size! I recently applied some to the revell 1/12 choppers seat and they look pretty good! Jus not to sure about 1/8.. but whats the worse that could happen tho' Im sure someone will be able to comment on some of their experiences tho! Good luck on yer searches fella!!

    O' by the way your avatar is really cool!! Love that movie!!!

  2. Hello there friend! You certainly pullout some really nice build ups Tone! Really digging the two tone and the layed flat look of her!! The small details really pop out like the signal markers!! Authentic lookin to say the least!!

    Keep on wit the keepin on!!

  3. Hello there friend! Youve brought great memories with this super clean GTX! I say this because it was my very first scale car that I built back when I first began! The color looks really nice and the engine bay looks top notch! I dont think my GTX came out this cool tho' LOL

    Keep on wit the keepin on!!

  4. Yosers!! Really poppin kinda color Mike! Excellent color choice! I have a few of those door speakers If your still in need for them jus lemme know! Cant wait to see this one finally done! Good luck on the finishing touches on the "Momad" fella!!! B)

  5. Hello there friend! Excellent build-up fella' this and the 63' impala are my favorite years!!

    Build-ups like this makes me wish I can sprinkle some magic dust and poooof! Im able to roll down the strip in!! I love the beauty rings on the wheels!! Clean fella all the way around!! :lol:

  6. Hello there Mr. G' looks like you got yourself quite the looker and I bet now the whole BMF thing isnt as bad as you thought! If it at all helps I order different size rolls of tape from jammydawg.com based out of the U.K. I'm sure there are many suppliers that have it but they have been jus awesome to deal with. Anyway this tape is really good its doesnt have to much tact to it and I usually apply to the sides of the bmf to help keep the lines straight and true!!! with everything in life constantly doing things over and over will help get the experience thing down pact! They call it insanity but I call it practice!! lol! Jus remember have fun and 'keep on wit the keepin on!! :lol: Now lets see yer two tone coupe come to life!! :lol:

  7. Hello there friend! A really cool pair of Impalas ya got here fella! Cant wait to see them face to face!!! Will you be modifying the suspension on the candy red one? Maybe one up and one down!!!

  8. Hello there friend! Ireally like the ghost flames but the body mods are crazy cool! Are there any tech's on how you made the rear so dynamic!! Really cool lookin Merc fella!! Keep on wit the keepin on!!! This is going to be cool! :lol:

    Love the diorama as well!!!

  9. Hello there friend!! Gotta agree man it looks very real as far as how the light shows thru!!! Really cool way to cover your display area! It looks like yer buddy been sipping to much of grandpa's basement juice tho' Fell right over on his tusshhh!! lol If its cool I would like to implement this into the office area of the shop here!!!( back of my mind Im saying PLEASE B) LOL!!) Cant wait to see more!!

    Keep on wit the keepin on bro!!!! really good stuff happening here man!! B)



  10. Hola hermano!!Wow!! This is something! A real nice and clean build-up so far!!! Cant wait for this one to hit the case!!! Keep on wit the keepin on! I sent a pm to ya! That mill looks very very good bro!! B) By the way had I known that was yer mustang rippin and runnin thru Roch!! I wouldve shouted at ya!! B) Talk to ya soon!!!

  11. Guys JUST got off the phone with Ed. He's on a nurseing home right now, because he needs to be on IV antibiotics for the next 6/7 weeks, and mecicaid won't pay for him to have HOME CARE, BUT they WILL pay if he enters a nurseing home. So, That's what he did. Since being in a nurseing home DOES have it's limitations, No internet access an so forth, he has asked me to explain his situation to you all. He is feeling VERY depressed as to not being able to comply with variuos trades or deals that he made before he took ill. If Ian Ashton is reading this, Ed appologizes to you because he hasn't been able to return you your resin masters. I TOLD him we aren't ogre's and that we would all understand how being "Laid Up" in a nurseing home CAN put a REAL cramp in your style, but I didn't believe we would hold it against him. So, gus, just to keep ya updated on Brother Ed's condition, if ANYONE wants the inside skinny on wats happnin with Ed, just drop me a PM. Suffice to say he IS getting better, he DOES miss us(LOL) and hopefully he'll be back among us soon!:DB):lol:

    PM sent hermano!

  12. I got the revelle 49 merc for $8.99, several 94 impalas for $5.00, a SR-71 for $10.00 and alot of testors paints for like $3 a can and 1.50 a bottle. not to mentoio the carpet material and threat for cutting and pipping for like $4 bucks for a large package

    Sounds like a really good score Kevin! Considering the prices lised between that and some LHS! I did find an awesome Hobby Town here in Va Beach!! My lil heaven on earth sorta speak!

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