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  1. Hola Mr. C' thanks for stoppin by bro and the kind words I wanna pick up another one to make a drop top but the thought of a nightmare-ish build ups slowly deminishes any thought about doing so!



  2. Hello all! Back at it again!! When i first registered here to this way cool site filled with way cool people my first project was a 41'plymouth coupe! its gone through numerous ideas and styling cues but nothing stood out like the idea im trying implement here!

    Using the pro-mod kits for the chassis and powerline this is where she sits as of today and porobably for snother year or two lol! Well not really i got the jones for this one and will get the body in paint once the belly and interior are complete! heres the pics and you guys are awesome thanks for stoppin!

    This was the first go around in 08'


    Here she is after this weekend





  3. Hola its me again! lol Jus wanted to show you all the brute that was finished up the same time I put the finishing touches on Friday Nite Lites! The kit im sure as everyone knows is a stickler but I guess with determination and time it could build up pretty cool lookin! The roof once i got the kit was a bit harsh so replicating an aluminum top was so out the question! Well folks heres the pics I also have two more build ups to go in the under glass thread put will have to wait for pictures to be taken! As always my friends thanks for stoppin!





  4. Hello all! Hope everyones new years comes with promise and prosperity! As for the homestead getting ready for the big move south! Here I have a 49 merc in tribute to my father who passed in april of 08'.. It started life in 09' but was put away till las month jus because i fly through ideas like crazy and didnt want to stray from the original concept. Pops loved to race whether on the track or rippin down Kelly St here in good ole Roc city. However! what he really enjoyed was takin us out on friday nites to watch his favorite H.S. football team kick it on the field! Being that he was born in 49' i thought this was most fitting! For the most part it is OOB for the exception of the tires and the scratchbuilt sunvisor.

    Alot of time was spent trying to implement a rag top and it hit me to try the Uhaul rolls of cardboard tape. I cut the spindles off the arms and dropped it as much as possible and a sorta pancake job to the hood! I enjoyed the build up and I hope you all will as well. As always my friends thank you for stoppin by Hott Bloxx!





  5. Hello there Mr. L' this is sure to turn heads lol! I started a project sometime ago that included parts from the prowler and the 41 plymouth! The tires supplied in the prowler kit are awesome! Keep on wit the keepin on! Will enjoy this so called less stress build up of yours!



  6. thanks bud. if its a 82 corolla your looking for, there is a kit out there already made. you have a TE72 right? a sedan?

    Hello there friend! Thanks for the reply! I thought about kitbashing the 510 to replicate my 1.8 2dr ht but youve giving me hope on finding a corolla kit! Where or which company offers this subject! Again thanks for the heads up on the info!!

  7. Tito, family is doing awesome!, How is yours? Did you have a little bundle of joy not too long ago?

    Hey C' Well the pic is a few yrs old! Ive tried uploading newer pics but the format says the pic is to large to use as a avatar or main picture! i tried lowering the size pics thru the camera and it still says the same! Any help would be great! As for the homestead were blessed here in cold upstate ny! The pic was taken when my youngest daughter was born that was when she was innocent now shes 3 and a complete level 10 hurricane lol! All in all fella were good. Were currently waiting to hear the status of my transfer at work to Va. Beach Va. God wills it Ill be there by the first of Feb!

  8. Yikes! Thats so unfortunate! Really awesome guy and the bench was always full of good'ole eye candy! Hey Dave' home is home bra! Clay thanks for the heads up! Hows the family doin fella? Hope all is well and stay cool Clay!



  9. Hello there friend! Gotta love ole'scoo yotas! cant really say much for the new models but...... back to topic at hand! Ive tried all kinds of glues and nothing comes close to epoxy! really good stuff not much clean up after wards as well! If the problem comes up where it lands somewhere ya dont want it to its pretty easy to get off as long as you remove it before actually curing without ill effect to the surface youre removing it from! All in all fella I look forward to more progress on this!



  10. Hello all!

    Ive been gone for a bit and i notiice my cool buddy isnt here anymore I pulled up treehugger but nothing! Has anyone heard from him! Hope all is well and I'd love to see what on the bench D'! Stay cool and safe wherever you are bud!



  11. welcome to the forum. i love what you have done with this TE72. one of the cleanest i have seen in a while. :unsure:

    Yikes Ive never seen this subject as a model!! Really cool build up fella! Welcome to the playground fella lotta cool and happening things goin on round here! Youll fit right in !lol



  12. Wicked cool build up amigo! Someone made one sometime ago and looked really good! Im sure with the detail goin in yours should be outta the park as well. How common or hard is it to get this kit! Any info would help being that im trying to build a corolla to sit on the dashboard of my 82 1.8 at our local meets!Its a far cry but some shaving filling and modifying I think I can pull it off!

    thanks for posting this really cool project!



  13. Hello all!

    I picked this very kit up early in the spring of this year and upon openin the box and not being surprised many of the parts were missing ( maybe just my luck ). Anyhoot with no engine and flash like Flash Gordon well needless to say a well documented build-up was not in order. It looks great but I think its jus the idea of having a model of a 57 Eldorado more pleasing than the actual aspects or details to the kit. I remember also having to cut the chassis out once the two body panels were in place to get the proper interior tub measurements to fit. Leave a bit of a lip to the body to wedge door skins in the tub.I tried my hand at acetate to rid the model of aquarium glass with no result. Im currently finishing up the subject sometime this week.Heres a picture of the build-up



  14. Hello there! Good friend Gilberto aka rollinolskoo gave me the 411 on using coffee filter screens! It'll be in my humble opinion the closest to the mesh screens in 1/25 Plz dont quote me but finding a material will be hard! Keep on wit the keepin on tho' something will pop up when ya least expect it!lol



  15. I like the look of all these, but the roofs on the Caddy and Merc really look like leather! U-Haul cardboard tape you say .. hmmmmm

    Hola Mike! Its good to hear from ya friend! Ive always wanted to ask you if your avatar is of the real and correct me if im wrong but the bmw or a subject you built up! As for the tape yes sir man i couldnt believe it myself. Also if the hurdle should arise where curves are lifting the tape start by dampening the tape and making slits at a v angle to cover cut marks once over the bend or curve. Once the tape is placed yer even able to stretch it a bit as long as you use some sorta balsa wood to keep from abrasing the top surface of the tape.

    If at all you decide to try and run into anything yer more than welcome to gimme a jingle!

    Thanks for stoppin!



  16. Hello there Mr.C' gotta say this is one cool lookin wagon! Its nutz where you all are finding these rare subjects. I'd love to get a hold of a Ltd squire! But..... thats what dreams are made of! Excellent build -up he has put together give em my congrats!



  17. Ahhh The simple wonderfulness of models! Pete's right it DOES look good! I can see where it can be commented on though, because I myself can't SEE where the AIR goes in. But ya know what? WHO CARES!!! it LOOKS GREAT!!!! And THAT'S ALL THAT COUNTS! You seem to be happy with how it looks , and I don't blame you,I like it and I think it looks GREAT! Excellent paint, color choice, engine detail, (even if it's not perfect!) wheels, it came out NICE!!!!!;):D:lol:;)

    x2 Hola Bro Hernandez! I say keep on wit the keepin on! Every model ever built differs from another in so many ways! this is one crazy cool lookin build-up. @ Mr. Lombardo never mind pre-load and all that good stuff gotta worry bout how much rubber is left on the tires LOL Now thats a considerable amount of power comin from this brute!!! Job totally well done!



  18. Hey guys! thanks for stoppin by and for the kind words! I jus wanted to say i love the work in progress section of the forum, alot of informative how to's come from here and i try and soak up as much as possible. I racked my brain trying figure out how to simulate vinyl tops and leather till no end and then one morning it popped in my head like the cartoons! Anyway! Ive tried applying various methods and it seems to me using U-Hauls cardboard tape gives it a really cool texture plus the right amount off sheen to the tops. I love tan rag tops so leaving the tape its natural color suits me fine but if color matching is needed I havent ran into any major problems using enamel and then clearing.

    The Eldorado and the 49' merc will be in the show-case area of Hott Bloxx ( Whenever that comes to life lol)I pressed some metal between a vice to make the sun visor on the merc, which has to be epoxied and the trunk lid placed and this Friday nite street stroller will be done. I get so excited talkin about the projects that I jus wanted to update the thread heres the pics of the 49' merc




    I also have the DB 4 that i started along with the datsun that i posted earlier. This is complete minus the trunk lid in need of polishing out, chrome trim applied and finally hinged to the body




    As always my good friends thanks for stoppin by and checkin us out here at Hott Bloxx M n C Heheheheheehh!! keep on wit the keepin on!!



  19. Hello there friend! Reminds me of the funny commercial of the guys swimming in caramel!! Excellent build up fella and the color choice is top notch! The gen 1 chevelles are the coolest lookin bowties and my favorite! Keep on wit the keepin on fella!!



  20. Hello there friend! Yikes whata cool project! In my lil ole humble opinion this year model of the GTO has the best front and rear clip throughout 1 and 2 gen's! As always Marc' keep on wit the keepin on! Will be 'outta the ball park' project when done!



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