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  1. AMT 71 duster The best model I've done so far

    Great Job, color looks right! Looks like a fun build, keep it up. Good job on the trim and details. Don't worry about the flat black hood, factory offered it both ways. If I may say one little thing for next build... The factory white interiors would never have white carpet (impossible to keep clean!) or white dashboard (too much reflection on the glass) both would have been black. My kudos to you for NOT doing the interior in all flat black! All the interior detail would get lost and black interiors are done to death anyway. It's too easy to shoot it and call it done. I think its more creative to try to avoid the interior black hole and find interior colors that the factory used, and back then they used a lot of colors! Not like todays cars where you can have the interior color any color you want as long as its Black, Charcoal, Ebony, Dark Grey or Slate. My favorite interior colors are the ones that match the exterior paint color, I wish they would do that more on new cars.
  2. My zero builds of 2017

    An operational convertible top?! When you are up to it, I would love to see that! Please document your building progress.
  3. I didn't know that, that's perfect! Thanks Casey.
  4. Wanted: AMT '65 Riviera

    I have the mid 80s issue. Molded in bright yellow. Unbuilt, Roof has a slight twist to it. Wanna trade?
  5. Wish List wants...2/10/18 Updated

    Thatz4u - What do you want for that 1/20 Amx?
  6. Revell 57 Chevy Nomad Body

    I may have parts or a started kit to trade. Let me know if you're interested and I'll look.
  7. AMT Fire Truck

    I have an older issue of the pumper. Looks complete but is missing the instructions. I'm trying to get a copy of them. If you're interested I'll dig it out and verify the parts as best I can. Patrick
  8. Instructions for AMT fire pumper

    I recently acquired an AMT fire pumper kit. Looks complete but has no instructions. Can anybody send me photos of them from your phone? I can print them out from that. Thanks for your help. Patrick
  9. Make me your junkman!

    Long time builder. Always looking for junkers, glue blobs, bodies, grilles, bumpers, hubcaps - anything. I build 60s, 70s, 80s factory stock, but I'm always interested in parts I can use to convert into something I need. I don't have a lot of unbuilt kits to trade, but I will gladly take your parts boxes of your hands. I hate to ruin unbuilt kits anyway and I hate to see any model parts go to the trash can. So don't throw them out, send them to me! I'm a builder, not a seller. I find uses for a lot of other builders cast offs. Thank You for your consideration. Patrick
  10. Porsche Gluebomb Refurbish

    I know why its so satisfying, it's the satisfaction of recycling something worthwhile out of someone else's junk. I like to work from glue bombs because there is no pressure to have to succeed with it, it was acquired cheaply and it's next step was the parts box or the trash - so what have you got to lose? The canvas is wide open to build it however you want, and there's no guilt in ruining an unbuilt kit. I find my creativity is more free to redesign it into whatever I want and if it doesn't work out, what have I lost? Good luck - and stay inspired!
  11. Porsche Gluebomb Refurbish

    I have a couple of those junkyard Monogram Porsches too, but I never could get past those bad stock wheels and Good Year gatorbacks (front & rear same size, wrong tires). But after seeing what you did with that engine, swapping out the wheels and the idea of making it a targa roof, I may be inspired to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. But $14 for shipping, RUOK?
  12. 76 Torino tribute to mom. Lame car, great kit

    I've also been researching online for conversion ideas for other 70s Fords. I'm leaning toward Torino Brougham, Torino Elite and trying to do a Cougar using this kit and a "Cat" 73 Cougar that I have a bunch of. I might want to try a 2 door LTD 2, but I think the roof line and body panels are too different for that. I've also started a conversion of a 1980 Thunderbird using the Monogram nascar body, a Fox Mustang chassis and nothing else. I got as far as removing the flared fenders all the way around and replacing them with thick sheet plastic to stand up to all the sanding. Then I put it away - too many details yet to be thought out first.
  13. 76 Torino tribute to mom. Lame car, great kit

    I've always had a vested interest in mid 70s Torinos ever since my dad had bought a Ranchero GT new in May '75. Until the S&H kits came along, the only base I had available to use was the Johan 72 race car kit. I did build a replica of his truck 25 years ago, but it was a MAJOR undertaking as you can imagine. I'll have to try it again using the current Torino kit. If you contact Ed Sexton again, tell him the box art for the stock Torino is absolutely awful! It will probably turn many people away from what looks to be a good kit. Almost contrary to the old Palmer model kits where the box art was interesting but the model kits sucked.
  14. Li'l Gypsy Wagon

    Even if Round2 does reissue this kit, it would be a major disappointment compared to what you've created! And probably no where near as fun to build as yours appears to be. Amazing, just amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Post pics of your fave paint jobs!

    All these paint jobs are amazing, not a bad one in the bunch! I'm inspired - and jealous!!! I can build and modify models into anything I can think of. But my problem is, I can never finish them because I've had the worst luck with priming and painting them. I have an airbrush but I could never get a decent spray and flow out of it. So I use spray cans. I can't use enamel because I cant polish it out, and I like to use Dupli-color touch up automotive paint because its durable, flows out thin and the colors look real because they are real! My problem is finding good primer as a solid hard base. Krylon reformulated theirs so now its real thick and buries detail, plus its too soft to block sand, and Duplicolor primer is hit or miss - most of the time it crazes the plastic and doesn't protect the plastic from the lacquer finish. Any ideas? I've got a lot of car bodies waiting for paint, and I don't want to ruin them and have to start over. Oh how I miss Krylon's old primer formula, out of the can it worked great!