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  1. Like it? I LOVE IT!!! If it was a difficult build, it sure doesn't show in the final pictures. Color choice is perfect, I know I've seen original cars in this exact combination. Great job!
  2. Taking nothing away from your restoration, I think what you have there is a Snap Fast Plus edition - not a promo. I looked online and couldn't find 94 Mustang promos in that color. With that interior combo, it looks like one of these. Still a nice save, Snake!
  3. If they can do this, can a modified reissue of the 66 Skylark be far off? I'm in for a couple of these, I want stuff like this to succeed so we can see more!!
  4. Better jump fast if you want this one! Coming in December. Website says only 500 will be made.
  5. Not 100% sure, but I think that is for a big block Ford, Lincoln or Tbird engine. I think it would've been too big for the small Mustang and Falcon, IIRC.
  6. Whatcha gonna build next, "Mr. Roboto" to take out for a "Saturday in the park"?
  7. You've got "Too much time on YOUR hands!" 😉
  8. I started singing the song from reading the title - then I read your post and found out that IS what you're referring to. Love Chicago!
  9. I have variations of this dream from time to time: I'm walking around somewhere. A mall, an antique store, swap meet, garage sale - whatever. All of a sudden I come across a shelf (a box, a room) full of model kits, most are vintage, sometimes they're built. I look for prices and they are always cheap so I start to look through them trying to gather the ones I want. At first, I recognize ones I've been looking for or have never seen before, but are very cool! I keep gathering, but the more I take, the more parts are missing from them and I can't find the parts that I know were just on it seconds before. Then I start finding stuff I don't want, and it overtakes the desirable stuff and soon I can't find the ones I like anymore - or someone else is grabbing the ones I want! I'm losing them and anxiety starts kicking in. When I wake up I remember what could have been, and get sad thinking of all the great kits I missed out on! I have an awesome collection in my dreams! Someday I'll post pictures of them here, whenever I can get them home from the "Twilight Zone"
  10. Thanks to all military for your service protecting our freedom!!
  11. The whole car is done well, but those wheels are absolutely perfect for it! They're from a Japanese kit? Who'da thunk it.
  12. I recently got one of these in a trade with a very generous member of this forum. (He knows who he is). I've set it aside as I want to do this car justice. Since seeing yours, I know the direction I want to go in. Great inspiration!
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