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  1. Wow Doc, that's heavy!! "There's that word heavy again. What's the matter? In the future, is there a problem with the earth's gravitational pull?"
  2. Great work Tim! I don't have the Street Rodder article, so please forgive me for asking, But which kit did you start from - AMT, MPC, Monogram, or Revell? If I'm not mistaken, the Revell kit came out around '96, so that's probably not it. If it was the AMT, then color me very impressed! That would've taken a lot of work to do what you described.
  3. I hope you find that picture - would love to see it! Hard to believe a Bond car ended up in a junkyard.
  4. Long ago, I started a 59 and 60 SDs using the Revell Impalas, but the tops looked chopped - too long and too low. I also had to straighten out the slanted door opening. But fixing the roof discrepancy alluded me, until using scribed sheet plastic was brought up on this thread! That would also fix the sunroof hole at the same time. Great idea, Brian!!!
  5. Why not put headers on it? Call it a "day 2" mod.
  6. That would be a perfect decal to use on a Johan Sox & Martin Cuda. Other than the hood scoop, everything else is a match. Including the wheels and the rake!
  7. Me too! But I'm afraid that R/M may have modified the tool to make the 70 T/A that we've been seeing since the 90s. Just like AMT redid their 77 Camaro into the first 70 Z28 in the 90s - not the new tool that we see now.
  8. Now all we need is a Bandit Trans Am that's as accurate is this car is! Excellent job!!
  9. Yes!! With Round 2's reissue of the Dodge LB pickup, add the 4x4 suspension 1980 cab and hood and decals. Good enough for me! They could also make it a series, using this kit... For this car... And this.... For this.... Or Honorable Mention if Monogram reissues this one.
  10. Better yet, give us the wagon with optional parts to make the F.I. surrey car!
  11. I have the Syclone kit, do you still have either of the mid 70s Camaros still available? PM me if interested.
  12. My favorite go-to site is IMCDB.com (International Movie Car Data Base) Type in any TV show or movie and there are clips of various cars used or captured in the background of that show. Hours of fun for the car enthusiast. I've typed in shows like Emergency!, Andy Griffith, CHiPs, Happy Days. As well as movies like Gone in 60 Seconds, Smokey and the Bandit, Bullitt and American Graffiti. There are so many ideas in there.
  13. I've used clear paint as an adhesive for ph emblems and parts, headlights and windows. Use an enamel based paint sparingly. Once dried, it's stronger than white glue and can take some handling.
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