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  1. I've used a cut down hood from the Monogram 1/24 65 "Black Rat" Vette. If it's a flat hood you're looking for, it'll fit with a little filing around the edges. Be sure to match up the dome before you start.
  2. "My Maserati does 185. I lost my license, now I don't drive..." (Life's been good - Joe Walsh) This is the song I think of when I see this car, and the car I think of when I hear the song! Every time!!
  3. Maybe this? Or this? I know Revell was making kits without chrome back in the late 70s-early 80s.
  4. All Pontiac engine blocks are the same size. Unlike Chevy, which has small and big block engine families - Pontiac's are all the same physical block. The difference is in the bore and stroke of the displacement. So the 301 should visually look the same as the 400, but internal parts are not interchangeable. Hope this helps
  5. Dan, I have a AMT new tool "custom" 60 Chevy P/U and a Vanagon Westfalia (camper). I am interested in the Mobius Ranger and the Cruisin Van, if you're interested in trading - PM me
  6. Ok, leave the Levis logo empty or off the box art. They could include the letters all scrambled up on the decal sheet and we can put it back together if we wanted to. Ford logo should be a slam-dunk since they have to get Ford's OK for the van anyway.
  7. That's me! But I do sometimes take a pause to do shortcuts. Either way, I'll stop if it's not fun.
  8. You want a Coca Cola van issue? My vote is for this...
  9. Now that's a model worth building!! But it HAS to have a detailed engine - no curbsides for this one!
  10. Thanks guys for the interest. I haven't moved farther since then because of the grille design, but you've inspired me to try to continue to figure one out. That's pretty much the last major hurdle for it, anyway. That, and painting it without ruining all off the work I've put into it so far.
  11. Same here, my friend. Great trade!
  12. Add these to the list. A 71 'Cuda from the NEW 70 tool. A 72 Pontiac Ventura 2 from the Nova tool. A Grand Wagoneer from the Jeep Honcho A 71-72 Elky from the 68 tool A 71-72 Chevelle from the 70 snapper. A Grand Prix from the 77 Monte Carlo snapper (with the entire roof corrected, please)
  13. Don't forget the Brady Bunch! A 71 to 72 conversion.
  14. Love it, very fun build. You should add a surfboard to the back. That would be a wild surfer car!
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