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  1. Oohh, tha's niiiice! Gotta get mine built like this.
  2. I knew Ertl had reissued the Hubley Model A's, but I never knew there were any T's available, especially the hack! What a cool build!
  3. Creative build, glad you found the motivation to get it done. Reminds me of the optional parts in the 65 Imperial kit.
  4. Couldn't help thinking of BTTF while reading your post. Thanks again for updating your threads for us, makes the old posts more enjoyable to read! 👍
  5. If Pontiac had actually made the Firebird look more like this in '93, they probably would have sold more cars and been saved by GM. Ah, what could've been.
  6. I'd be fine with the collaboration. But please, don't let Model King design the box art!!!! 👎
  7. Just found these online - never heard of them before. And I've been into model cars for 40 years.
  8. Whatever you do, don't reuse those old Revell tires. They're notorious wheel melters. They're what ruined the wheels you have now! I have quite a few old 60's Revell wheel/tire combos and most of them look like that. Beware!
  9. I see it's on a helmet, does that mean it's pretty durable? Will it stand up to handling?
  10. Don't know if there are any resin copies out there, but the Arii '74 Challenger has them molded on. I built a conversion decades ago using theirs and a Monogram TA Challenger as a basis. Both matched reasonably well. I used the Arii nose, hood, tailpan and those "scoops" onto the TA to make a close facsimile of a 74 Challenger Rallye.
  11. Great improvement! I've never seen one of these restored, let alone fixed up. You've shown there is hope for these misfits!
  12. Regardless, if you're going to customize it anyway, historical accuracy is a moot point. Back in the 90s, shops were converting, then new, 4x4 Blazers into 2wd and then lowering them as per the truck trend at the time.
  13. 100 years ago eh? Glad to see the glue has held up! 🙄
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