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  1. Grrr... Seriously, Flies?

    You know, this truck just doesn't seem to WANT to be painted. Must be a bad omen. There's only one way to eliminate this dilemma... Sent it to me so I can take the suffering away from you - really, you have had this stress for two years, that can't be healthy. I'll be glad to help. Seriously, send us pictures when the weather gets better.
  2. What Do I Do?

    Hang onto it, keep mum, and when the right person makes the right request - lay it on 'em!! That would make it fun for you and a thrill for the recipient. Just an idea.
  3. Paint Stripper for a Promo Car

    I'd be interested in knowing what does work on removing paint from acetate plastic as I have a few brush painted acetate cars that I want to restore, but can't until I find a safe paint remover first. I posted a thread trying to gather junk acetate from fellow builders to use as samples to try to find a paint removal solution, but I got no response.
  4. Tom Daniel Son Of Ford

    And all this time I have been writing letters asking them for old kits - if I had only known YOU were the golden door! Now, can you build an Open Road Camper van? I want one bad!😎
  5. This just in, Revell and AMT, they are the same company

    If they're the same, then I must contact Round 2 about my missing parts for my Revell kits.🙄
  6. Amen to that, and it's fun too!
  7. Time for a look at some different Pickup truck offerings ?

    Looks like they ripped off the design from a 34 Ford. But at least we could use that as a starting point. Nice looking truck though.
  8. Tired of your normal build subjects?

    Because this is America - and they can! We can build and drive any kind of car we want, even if it is ugly. At least these ones are still being used, not out rotting in some field, junkyard or farmers porch rusting away, waiting to be touched again. Now as for "artistic sense and good taste", that's not for everybody.
  9. Time for a look at some different Pickup truck offerings ?

    AMT 40 Plymouth coupe with an old p/u bed grafted in. Easy Peasy. Sounds doable, who's gonna do one first? Any takers?
  10. Galleries

    I agree, it must be tough to delete good information, but it's even more frustrating tp open old threads only to find "photo not found". It must be done.
  11. What Do I Do?

    There are some very kind, helpful, and generous guys here on this forum (they know who they are) Treating kindness for kindness, this world would be a lot better if we were in competition to "outdo each other in generosity"
  12. Tired of your normal build subjects?

    DJ, Don't be upset, I don't think it was a slam on your thread. We got your irony on the topic, Yes that Corvette is a mashup of leftover parts, the guys were commenting on the original creators, not your input. The whole idea of this forum is to get people's feedback, which you did - in spades! I'd say, you got their interest, so your thread was successful.
  13. 1958 Desoto

    Because of it's age, you're probably only going to find any available promos from that time period looking just as "happy" as yours. Unless its a resin copy or an X-El reissue. Best of luck though, you may get lucky.
  14. Academy Hyundai Excel GLS

    Nah, probably less! 😉
  15. Speaking of lost Aurora tools... Anyone else want some of these? I know, the Revell Merc wagon outdoes this one by a mile, but this one still has 51 parts and I'd love to have the figures and accessories again. BTW, the wheels on the firetruck are perfect for medium duty use in 1/25 scale.