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  1. Actually, the 32 Chevy panel truck and cabriolet were originally issued together in 1965 as a 9n1 version kit. Followed by the two versions as separate kits. The two kits share everything but the body parts. Ancillary parts lived on in the cabriolet and the delivery was butchered into the Barnabas Vampire van. The cabriolet was last issued in 1987. 1965 1966 1974 1977 1987
  2. X2 ✌ I enjoy your builds, but I would like to know what kits you started with.
  3. If anybody has these, it would probably be Atlantis. Alright, start the letter writing campaign!
  4. Even according to your reference, the Boss Super Stang is the second release of the Boss 302. I'll try looking for both!
  5. Was this kit the same as PSMs Boss 302? I've always hoped that if I could find one, I'd try to correct the nose and taillight area to 70 specs. Looks to me like Palmer actually got the body proportions right, they just got lost on the front details. I think that Monogram parts could fix it.
  6. That was real racing back then!! Great cars! Godspeed Al.
  7. Is it too late to have a Chuck Norris joke fest? Little fun with the meme generator.
  8. There's one on Epay right now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/154787808550?hash=item240a128526:g:JOkAAOSwTUlh20hq
  9. I'd say, do the trunk like a Zephyr, but eliminate some of that real estate from the doors to the rear wheel wells. Too long!
  10. I like that! Something to think about. Looks much more graceful than the convertible.
  11. Spray it with matte fixative, dullcote or even a non-sticky hairspray to hold the dust in place.
  12. Glad you saved the patina, it came out exactly what builders strive for. Sometimes you can't beat mother nature.
  13. Re: wash on the seats. Maybe try an off-white wash just to hint the shading. You want to slightly emphasize the material, not make it look dirty! A little goes a long way.
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