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  1. Great Traders List

    Great trades with mikemodelr and larman. Both guys shipped exactly what they promised and they arrived promtly and packed safe. Hope to trade with both of them again. Thanks guys!
  2. 1/25 scale miniatures made with metal.

    I agree, a small business like this may not be around forever, and then, handmade models like this become unobtainium!
  3. 69 nova

    That's a fine stable of classic muscle you've got there. I looked up all your recent posts and they all look great! Keep showing us more.
  4. Stutz Bearcat 1914 Raceabout

    I love a story with a happy ending!
  5. Desktop Manufacturing, Part 1: 3D Printing

    This is revolutionary for the hobby! For the manufacturers, the aftermarket and the home hobbyists. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
  6. 69 charger

    The paint doesn't know what car it's supposed to go on. If it looks like an original color, then it looks right! I say "it looks right!"
  7. AMT/MPC 69/70 Charger

    Use sheet plastic to add the chrome aero plates on the A pillars, just like the real Daytonas. It's an authentic detail and it would add strength to that weakened area to boot. I would also suggest adding the inner fenders to the front to strengthen that weak area above the wheelwells, before you paint and polish it - that area is very thin and will bend and crack, ruining all of your great bodywork.
  8. AMT/MPC 69/70 Charger

    To get that Daytona nose to fit, you would have to section out a wedge to slim the profile to match the car, but it would be slick! If you do decide to put the nose on, you could call the car "Stiletto.
  9. 1/25 MPC 904 '57 Chevy Flip Nose

    That was one heck of a crash! Compare the 2 pics. Not only did the dents move around, but the rear wheelwells went back to stock, some chrome trim fell ON the car (see the side rear bumper), the front wheel fell off, the front bumper angle moved and the trunk CLOSED! Oh, yeah and the wheels changed too. Ah, the magic of miracle movie making.
  10. AMT Craftsman 65 Chevelle

    Pm sent
  11. Terrible Box Art

    Same kit!
  12. Terrible Box Art

    Don't pay too much! I have purchased all three when they were readily available. These cars have just OK 1/24 scale proportions (Tbird is too big, Firebird is chopped and wide, Mustang is the best), no engines, have opening doors with rudimentary interiors, platform chassis and most of all PROVISIONS FOR MOTORIZATION! Very important when building an accurate scale model. Why, oh why do Japanese companies keep foisting this useless gimmick instead of just producing an accurate model.
  13. Pete Shelley, dead at 63

    "Ever fallen in love (with someone)" is a great song. Timeless! Is theirs the same version that was used on the soundtrack to Shrek 2?
  14. 1951 Chevy Bel Air

    I think he'll understand and love it anyway. Looks good, don't rush it!
  15. Revell 1/25 55 Chevy

    Question. When it's dry, can this stuff be buffed for an even deeper reflction?