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  1. I realize that it's fictional, but I was thinking of trying to redo it into an actual school bus. I'm having a tough time trying to find what prototype brand comes closest to the bus body. Blue Bird, Wayne, Crown? Any clues? The beak is pretty close to a Chevy C60. If I can rebuild the rest to something true to accurate. I know this will be a major undertaking.
  2. Oh, I don't have a subscription. I don't subscribe to any magazines, since costs went through the roof and quality went down. Not saying this mag specifically, just the other one's I had.
  3. I referring to the Entex 1/12 kit that rrb124 was talking about.
  4. Could be a Tamiya. They did a 1/12 version too. I've got the 1/20 version of the kit along with an old Tomy "Pocket Cars" diecast and an empty box of Player cigarettes to display with it when it's completed. Very "non-PC" I know, but when my dad smoked, he happened to have that brand once and I thought it was cool to go with the kit, so I kept the box. Been together since the 80s.
  5. Fits right in with the diecasts. Good looking build.
  6. After 2 weeks of waiting with no answers - NO, HE IS NOT! With $1300 on the line, the company has an obligation and a responsibility to do everything to make his order complete! Excuses be damned!
  7. That's not the only way hydrogen is made. https://www.energy.gov/eere/fuelcells/hydrogen-production-processes
  8. This JB Aston Martin has me excited. I hope that's the silver donut, Marv. "Crowbars Up!"
  9. And not because you're biased or anything. It's not like you have a 72sj at home or anything like that! I love these cars. They look so perfect, just like Buick Rivieras nine years earlier and mid 60s GTOs. The designs are classic.
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