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  1. I think if I ever get ahold of one CHEAP or free, I might like the challenge of kit bashing one to correct the flaws - just to see if it could be done. But I sure won't pay $29.99 for it! 😁
  2. I didn't know that '69 Camaros came with Monza coupe taillights and frog eye headlights, oh the humanity!
  3. I think another hurdle is licensing. First they'll have to get Chrysler LLC, then Warner Bros. (for Road Runner), Good Year for the tires, and on and on. Everybody wants a little piece of the pie. And that pie needs to guarantee a return on the investment. Same reason we keep seeing reissues of Pontiac Firebirds and not Trans Ams. Now if Coca Cola would make their own cars and tires - we'd be all set!
  4. Took too much time to spell check too! Ooops
  5. TTTMC That takes too much time! 😂
  6. Oooh, jackpot this month! I like the stakebed with the NEW Coke vending machine kits - great idea! I've been wanting the White Western Star for a while, good to know I wont have to pay inflated prices for it. The Peterbilt, Hemi Under Glass and 74 Roadrunner are just icing on the proverbial cake. Great stuff!
  7. Another great trade from Iamsuperdan. Thanks Dan.
  8. Boy, I sure could use that one! Pm me with your wants. Patrick.
  9. Really nice job on both. The recipients should be happy!
  10. If it was slightly tinted blue/green like the Solar Ray glass used on real cars, I'd be all for it!! And include a blue fade band on the decal sheet for the top of the windshield, please? Things like that would get me to buy these old relics, for sure. That and more variety of accurate (for the time period of the car), everyday license plates (not personalized) and underhood decals with each kit.
  11. Oohh, I'd be interested in 60s and 70s Caddies. Even parts, builtups and junkers. I have a few that need bumpers, hoods, wheels and interior parts so I'm always looking for them!! There just aren't alot of kits of them. Keep me in mind if you find anything, Snake!
  12. Its available on the 'bay right now! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-AMT-Model-Kit-1967-Ford-Thunderbird-ORIGINAL-FRONT-BUMPER-/233323635185
  13. Looking at those bodies, when I can get one, I have one word to say.... "Milner"
  14. Yeah, right where the confederate flag would've been!🙄 And maybe they could put the letters "I" and "T" where the 01 used to be! "Coke is IT"
  15. I second that! I'd love to have some 1/24th scale 70s luxo-barges like the GMC Motorhome and Winnebago. But, I know they'd be large and EXPENSIVE!
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