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  1. I like the kit, don't have the parts you're looking for. Maybe for something else?
  2. Don't have any big rigs, but I do have a lot of unbuilt stuff. Pm me with other wants you may have. Do you have more available?
  3. He logs on this forum as echorayniner and he makes lots of great decal sets for rep stock cars. Should be able to PM him from here.
  4. Anybody know if they actually got the rights to use "Caterpillar" this time?
  5. IMO, This is the best version of this kit! It came with the camper shell, 2 sets of bed fenders, stock and custom vector wheels (which look perfect on a DofH General Lee, BTW), stock decals, fender flares, front air dam AND LOTS OF FUN!! Back then, I enjoyed building this one stock and used the extra bed parts on another stepside for a custom. I always searched for another kit to replace it, but as it was never reissued, it was always the hardest one to find complete. I ended up getting one with the camper shell missing and I was grateful to have found that! I'm glad I'll finally be able to get more of these babies, soon. Love that box art!
  6. Michelle, I deeply admire your creativity in wanting to scratchbuild something not available as a kit. However, you picked quite a "doozy" for a first project and I wouldn't want you to get frustrated and discouraged if it doesn't come out easy. If you do want to continue with this endeavor, I suggest using side profiles to get the general shapes right. I would start from the bottom and work your way up. Side fenders, I see a lot of Ferrari and 2007 Corvette blended together. The roof could be from the Charger kit that you have now, but chopped and recontoured. Lots of Sheet plastic and putty is going to have to go into this one. There just isn't a lot of readily available parts for this. Are you sure you're ready for all of this modification? I would suggest start with projects that have simpler mods. Smaller changes, but big on impact. Maybe try making an early 50s mild custom or even a 70s Corvette. Just to get your building skills down first. You can do a lot of scratching and puttying on one of those without having to redesign a whole car. And always remember to do most of your custom work in plastic or some solid base. Don't rely on putty alone to make heavy changes. Putty is easy to shape but won't hold up on it's own without a firm backing. Let it be the final finish to smooth out imperfections, not the "go to" to hide sloppy bodywork. Good luck, and make it fun!
  7. You didn't specify AMT or MPC. Parts are different. BTW, I had the same problem. I ended up using clear red plastic to make the triangle shape for the side and a rectangle shape for the back.
  8. Scott, interested in the Nomad, Lincoln and Mustang. Were you able to get hold of the 63 Bonnie? Pm me.
  9. Boy, George sure had an eye for dressing like a pimp. Can someone turn down that suit? It's way too loud!
  10. Snake, Try using parts from the 65 El Camino or wagon. Same scale and tooling era. Might be closer.
  11. Me too! Small airbrushing to update the cab and hubcaps on the box and you're good to go. Even better if they could find the GMC cab. But I'm not picky.
  12. Thanks Casey, really helped me out with parts I needed. I'll try my best to return the favor soon!
  13. I so remember wanting that when I was a kid, but since I didn't get it, I did the next best thing - pressing heavy duty aluminum foil on Matchbox and Hot Wheels and making the chassis with cardboard and extra wheelsets. Then playing Car Crash with them. Great Fun!!!
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