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  1. Revell 65 Chevelle - Butcher job

    I have grilles for both the Revell 65 and AMT 65 cars, either which I'd gladly trade for the 64 grille, if that's what you'd like to do. Pm me if so.
  2. Ebay prices dropping!!!!

    True, high shipping costs have been the biggest deterrent to me buying stuff online, especially when the items up for sale aren't any cheaper than buying locally. Sellers who ask full retail plus shipping, or even sometimes less than retail but charge rediculous amounts for shipping don't make any sense to me.
  3. Ebay prices dropping!!!!

    It's based on the percentage of his sales. If he sold 1 item and got a perfect rating, then he would have a 100% positive.
  4. Ebay prices dropping!!!!

    And we only have ourselves to blame for this one. Back when online shopping was the "new" thing, everyone bought from there because it was cheaper - driving the hobby shops OOB. Now it's the ONLY way to find anything, and the prices aren't so cheap anymore. We reap what we have sown.
  5. Revell '37 Ford

    When this kit was originally tooled in the 80s (as the orange sedan), the Chevy small block was the "go to" engine in just about every 1:1 street rod. Just as LS and 5.0s are commonplace today. Boring but true!
  6. Revell 65 Chevelle - Butcher job

    Thank You, Snake. My point exactly.
  7. Evergreen Clear Styrene

    Anybody ever use those clear and colored clear report folders (the kind with the plastic channel for the spine that holds the papers together)? They can be found at Staples and Wally Mart and other stores that sell school supplies. They may even come in light blue and smoke tint if you look around.
  8. Revell 65 Chevelle - Butcher job

    You might have better luck taking that 64 grille and seeing how it fits on a 65 El Camino or wagon as that's where it would have come from originally. If you're into big projects, you might be able to graft the roof and trunk area of that Malibu to the El Camino to make a Chevelle. But, that's just an idea.
  9. AMT/ERTL 64.5 Mustang 1/16 scale

    I had built that kit decades ago and was very disappointed at the lack of detail and simplicity of the overall execution. It has opening doors but a very rudimentary interior. Hardly any underhood detail and WIRE AXLES!?! Good gravy!, their 1/25 scale Mustang has that much detail and it was tooled in the early 60s. I never bought another one of their 1/16 scale cars again after that.
  10. 1/25 MPC '78 Dodge D-100 Pickup

    How about the wheels and hubcaps from the Roscoe's/Goon Police car? Too deep for the Monaco, but maybe perfect for this truck. BTW - FYI, the 4wd frame from the Revell/Monogram 80 Ramcharger fits under the shortbed version of this truck without too much trouble.
  11. Just looked on your Fotki site, I remember your articles on those very cars! Glad to see they've all survived all these years. They still look good!
  12. 54 chevy Windows

    Absolutely love that box art!!!
  13. BJ and the Bear kit

    I built one of those when I was younger, still have it. It was one of my favorite TV shows. The only issues I had was that the kit had a long frame, whereas on the show the frame was shorter (easily fixable) and the front bumper is skinny and was wide on the show, so I had to modify mine to match. There are probably other details, but I wasn't THAT picky back then. To me, it looked like the truck from the show. I added it to my models of famous cars collection - Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am and Snowmans rig, Magnum P.I. Ferrari, Cannonball run van, Fall Guy pickup, etc. I still have most of them, but sadly they're in the "box of broken dreams" right now. Hmmm, Maybe I should rebuild these?
  14. Munsters Koach

    Looks like it's a 1/16 scale RESIN kit.
  15. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    I hope it comes out with the same retro box art. I love these boxes!