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  1. This statement is only true, if it includes rusting, breaking down, blown head gaskets, premature engine wear and the beginning of a manufacturer onto the long road to bankruptcy.
  2. Looks like brand new!! Or at least what they looked like soon after. Well done weathering, very believable.
  3. I'm thinking the Conestoga-wagon wheels really throw off the proportions. Nice body work though.
  4. I wouldn't mind trying my hand at one of those. Too bad you'll make a fleece payment trying to get one on Ebay though.
  5. At first glance, I thought the same thing that John Pol thought. Both brands look very similar, I get them mixed up a lot! Same problem with the Smokey and the Bandit Trans Ams.
  6. Casey, turn the red hood over to see the top. Looks to me like the hood from the Dodge D50
  7. I call foul. How would they have had time to set all that up beforehand. Stop traffic with a big truck when they get there, and rush to hook up and hoist that much metal over the safety railing and get away without ANYONE noticing? Either that or people there are totally clueless. That bridge has a lot of traffic on it all day long!
  8. I have quite a few kits on your list. And while I would like to make a deal for it, I'm afraid the shipping to Germany would break me. Actually, I have everything for a 60 Buick, except the body. Hope you can make a good trade for it - it's a cool car!
  9. I also found that the rear door glass is too short lengthwise. On the sedan, the frame should almost go to the edge of the door.
  10. Cool kits, but it's written more as an advertisement than a how-to or who-did-what article to me. More like they're trying to promote kits to sell to a speculative audience, which I guess isn't a bad thing. But why no regular cars?
  11. Doubt it. When the tree was smaller, it wouldn't have had the strength to start lifting a ton and a half of car. Trees can grow around and through a car, but not lift it off the ground. Looks like someone cut a section away from a large tree and placed the car there. I've seen other pictures of similar projects in other locations. It definitely attracts attention!
  12. Use Evergreen strip plastic (scale 4x4s) glued inside the corners for strength and make sure all your pieces are square and match side to side. That should help.
  13. It's out! Just pull the bed, and you still have a complete kit left over.
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