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  1. What if Model car Boxart

    Add these to the list. A 71 'Cuda from the NEW 70 tool. A 72 Pontiac Ventura 2 from the Nova tool. A Grand Wagoneer from the Jeep Honcho A 71-72 Elky from the 68 tool A 71-72 Chevelle from the 70 snapper. A Grand Prix from the 77 Monte Carlo snapper (with the entire roof corrected, please)
  2. What if Model car Boxart

    Don't forget the Brady Bunch! A 71 to 72 conversion.
  3. Slambo Countach - NeoRetro Style Curbside

    Love it, very fun build. You should add a surfboard to the back. That would be a wild surfer car!
  4. LittleTykes Toy Car...

    When I first read your post title, I thought you meant a full size Little Tykes ride on car. Now THAT would be quite an undertaking!
  5. LittleTykes Toy Car...

    Great use of someone elses trash! Thank you for saving the planet and recycling. Or is it "repurposing"? Very cool idea!
  6. 1968 Plymouth Road Runner

    Color looks very authentic and the redline tires are perfect for it!
  7. Max 2K Clearcoat Gone Wrong

    WORD OF CAUTION TO ALL! 2 part catalyzed paints are for professional use only and as such they MUST be used with a breathing respirator!!! If this paint dries hard as a rock on the car, imagine what it can do to your lungs if you breathe it in. And you can't use brake fluid to remove it, either. I've heard of people developing breathing problems, emphysema or WORSEđź’€ due to using these kind of paints without proper protection. And never spray them indoors or in an enclosed area. Be smart - be safe!
  8. the dodge

    Looks like a fun build. Keep posting more!
  9. New model @ Michaels ( YEP )

    Not sure, but I'm willing to bet that their stock went down because Revell was in limbo. Michael's is very heavy on Revell inventory, so when they were out - so was Michael's. I also don't know why they didn't replenish their shelves with other brands at that time. I personally don't need anymore S&H Torinos, 69 Camaros or Snapper Humvees.
  10. Palmer 1962 Falcon

    BTW - they don't come with engines, so don't look too hard for one.
  11. Palmer 1962 Falcon

    Pretty sure the frame, tires and wheels are just the same generic stuff they put in all of their kits. So if you have access to any other Palmers, then you're set. Then again, you'd probably be better off getting parts from other sources. You could do much better than they did. If I recall they were around 1/32 scale, so just poke around for parts in that scale. You've got all the unique parts for this car anyway, so have fun with it. You could be the first one to make a Palmer look good!
  12. Max 2K Clearcoat Gone Wrong

    If it's hard as a rock, can it be color sanded out? Making it smooth? Or is there other damage besides the texture, that I'm not seeing?
  13. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    Just recieved this one from Ewetwo (thanks, Dave). Body and miscellaneous parts. As well as a rear bumper from Vintageslotcars (many thanks, James) Watch where this one ends up.... And after stripping off the layers of paint. Notice a big chunk taken out of the rockers due to thinning from the lower character styling line being sanded away and the side quarter strakes being opened up to one big scoop instead of two. I plan on using a reissue 65 to complete most of it and scratchbuilding missing things like the A-pillars, taillights, bug-eyed headlights, strake splitters, mirrors and other minor stuff. Stay tuned.
  14. Fujimi Enthusiast Series Kits. Still the rabbit to chase.

    I have quite a few of these kits, bought them when there was a glut of them everywhere and places were marking them down! Haven't finished any of them, but I'm still excited to have them. I want to do them right, that includes researching all the details. Hopefully someday.
  15. Fujimi Enthusiast Series Kits. Still the rabbit to chase.

    $4.99 Wow, great score on the price too!