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  1. I love the look of this fleet workhorse !....awesome build, with lots and lots of small and accurate details all over....Great work !!!
  2. That's a very handsome looking B model....Great work !
  3. Turned out looking just perfect !....Really nice work !!!
  4. This shortened version is just gorgeous !....Beautiful work !
  5. Really nice job !.....the sound of a 318 Detroit ideling away is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the pictures !
  6. I absolutely love the look of this old White !...great work !
  7. Truly amazing scratchbuild work !.....the weathering is simply perfect !
  8. Your work is amazing Juergen !....Beautiful job on your modified cab, nice details, and superb weathering all around !
  9. Very nicely done !....your Mack is just full of great looking details all around !
  10. Great idea for a project Brian !....looking forward to seeing your progress.
  11. Great work once again Brian ! ...the frame is loaded with some really good looking plumbing details and the weathering you applied tops it off beautifully ..... looks like it's now overdue for the next full service at the Ryder shop ! The first ( top ) picture by the way, gave me the impression that I was looking at a still picture from a movie , ( something like IMCDB )...." comming straight at ya "
  12. Beutiful work on your Mack,.. lots of details and improvements and great choice of color combo !
  13. Very nice work Michael, I really like all the changes that you made on this 359
  14. This building concept is awesome !.....you can practically build any truck make/model , modern or old !
  15. The lights are the icing on the cake for this museum quality build !....fantastic work !
  16. Nice too see that your back at work with this cool project.....looking good !
  17. Great project !.... the Italeri dump body is a perfect match for this big quarry hauler
  18. Absolutely beautiful work on the cab and chassis....superb engine compartment and interior detailing... everything is dead on !......the body is comming along very nicely !
  19. Great find !....... I had never seen pictures, or even heard of this kind of combination of trucks pulling sleighs in the bush........I think it would be safe to say that the terrain over the length of the haul would have had to be fairly flat, as these single axle Fords and Chevy's wouldn't have much of a chance on any significant uphill grade dragging that kind of weight behind ( even weighed down with chains )......and the same would go for any downhill grade either....I could imagine that.things could potentially turn into a wild downhill ride also with all that weight pushing behind !!!.....those guys really work hard for their money back then !
  20. I'm at awe looking at all the fabrication of your steering and front axle components....simply outstanding work !!
  21. Beautifully executed , super clean build !......I really like the look with the all matching rear fenders and enclosed headache rack...a heavy hauler with a lot of Class !!
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