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  1. re-wrapped kit ?

    I wrote to Revell Customer service, but they said there was no one around from those days and it was not really documented. I knew it was a long shot, and I appreciate them taking the time to write back. So it could very well have come without a bag. The loose parts are not unexpected, it happens. Any way, if any one else has any thoughts please feel free to comment
  2. re-wrapped kit ?

    This is probably the oldest monogram kit I have ever purchased. The date on the box is 1977. The next oldest is a 1/48 F-104 from 1978 and that one had a bag. If they started in 1978, then you may have found the answer.
  3. re-wrapped kit ?

    I won an auction for a pretty hard to find monogram Chevy 4X4 van. The pictures showed the kit was sealed, with a little tear. I got the kit, and the plastic was a little stiff, and slightly discolored. Consistent with 30+ year old shrink wrap from other sealed kits I have purchased. I found that there was no inner bag, but the kit was complete, though there was a broken part, which I can fix. The seller has every reason to believe it is sealed, so I do not have a problem with the seller, but maybe this kit was re-wrapped back in the 70s as a return to a retail store? I remember seeing a kit with a "Rewrap" sticker on a kit at Toys R Us in the 80s. Every other old sealed monogram kit I have owned had the inner bag. Did they ever not use the inner bag? I got one of my grail kits, but I just wonder what might have happened. And yes I am going to build it.
  4. Ah yes I totally forgot about BIN. I have used in other applications, just never on a model. When it comes to thinner do you mean Isopropyl Alcohol or Denatured alcohol?
  5. It is hard to tell in the picture, Did the plastic craze or is it just the paint with the issue? My only guess is you might have applied too heavy a coat. If you do not want to try and strip it, it sounds like you have a good plan moving forward, the black will probably conceal the cracking the best. I used Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500, it comes in bottles and spray cans. I painted mine red, but I did not notice the red plastic through the primer. Sorry you had a hard time, it is a fun kit to build.
  6. The MPC 1978 pacer X has a really nice engine. The kit was re-issued a few years ago, it has a green pacer on the box. You also can not go wrong with Jeff's products, his stuff is amazing.
  7. That is quite impressive work, I have often thought of trying to add detail to that kit, The body and interior look so nice, but the chassis really lets it down. You really did great work to make the suspension accurate. I also really like what you did with the engine compartment. Are you going to do anything to address the other weak point of that kit, the head lights?
  8. Avoid the reissue Revell Ramcharger

    And they did! I got my replacement body in the mail today. No warpage. Thanks Revell!
  9. Possibly the worst thing Ive ever seen.....

    Here is one with a rare body If my memory serves.... it looks like it may have been intended to have rolling wheels, to play with http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-24-Vintage-Custom-1970s-Ford-Ranger-Long-Box-4x4-for-junkyard-diorama-parts-/381486412535?hash=item58d25cb2f7:g:QEcAAOSwnH1WZoYS The extra sprue frame, and soda straw axle tube with some kind of metal axle. Pretty clever but, I wonder what kind of adhesive was used? Liquid nails?
  10. Ford Bronco and Ranger Are Coming Back!

    i recently acquired a 99 ranger XLT with the 4 litre v6 and 4 wheel drive. I really like that truck. I will probably nurse it along as long as I can since I like small pickups, and todays small pickups are almost the size of past full sized pickups. I sure hope they offer the Bronco as a 2 door. If so, I will be very likely to march down to the local ford dealer and be the first in line to get one. I just like two door vehicles better, but sadly they are becoming exceptionally rare.
  11. As mentioned previously, watch the overspray and make sure it is getting sucked out of the booth. once it starts to move slowly and linger, it is probably time to change it. I let mine get so dirty one time, the booth could no longer draw the overspray/fumes out of the room, it was like painting in a closed room.
  12. Throwing Away Old Stuff..

    It is tough, I am just glad reading this I am not the only one. I will go through periods where I finally get sick of tripping over stuff and have a great purge. I got rid of 3 old computers, a bunch of good but obsolete computer parts. I just find myself thinking ... I might need this some day... but after tripping over something for 5 years and not using it, I finally realize maybe it is time to toss it. I wish i could do the same with model kits. I have had ebay purges in the past but then always regretted it later.
  13. Avoid the reissue Revell Ramcharger

    I requested a body a few weeks ago also, and I realized when following up I did not get an acknowledgement for my request like I usually do. I wrote to customer service and we will just need to see what happens. I am sure they will sort it out.
  14. Avoid the reissue Revell Ramcharger

    After reading this thread, I decided to open the bag on the kit I got from tower hobbies as soon as it was available. Sadly mine is warped as well. It has a bit of a twist and a squished roof. What a shame, it was a kit I have been waiting for for a long time. I requested a new body from revell and indicated in the comments to please verify it is straight. I am sure Revell will make it right.
  15. Amt vs R/M Nascar kits

    The AMT kits are 1/25 so decals designed for the Revell/monogram kits do not quite fit. The only problem otherwise with the AMT kits was with the thunderbird, the body just looks odd, the nose is totally different from the R/M kit. I built one a few years ago and it was a pretty easy build. I do not recall any issues other than trying to re work the body. I know I have heard other criticisms but I can not recall the details. What kind of paint where you using that you got bleed through? there are a few ways to avoid that. I know there were a few Revell Thunderbirds molded in white, but other cars may never have been. PowerSlide decals released decal sheets for the Days of thunder cars a few years ago, it looks like they are still in stock at mikes decals.