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  1. kurth added a post in a topic Anything Good at Harbor Freight?   

    They have an airbrush cleaning station that looks a lot like the Iwata cleaning station. I use it when ever I airbrush.  I have a few other specialty tools from HF I only need to use occasionally.  Check it out when they open, it is a neat store. 
  2. kurth added a post in a topic Revell 2nd QTR 2016   

    I am really happy to see that Olds. I am in for at least two.  It is nice to see 70s/80s subjects which were skipped then they were new, like the S&H Torino.  Do we have any more details about the Olds? Is it based on the Monte Carlo & GN kits or an all new tool? Either way, it will be nice.
  3. kurth added a post in a topic Build-A-Band.....   

    I could not think up a good line up, but I would totally agree with Buckethead on guitar. 
  4. kurth added a post in a topic Quick Overview: Revell Starsky & Hutch Torino   

    Thanks for the pics Chuck.
  5. kurth added a post in a topic Quick Overview: Revell Starsky & Hutch Torino   

    Could you please post a picture of the headlight bezels and the clear parts?
    I have been waiting a long time for a new  Torino, so I am in for at least two.  Maybe these will also be good donors for Motor City Resin torino models. 
  6. kurth added a post in a topic Time Machine Resin   

    Good news. I placed an order in 2011 and pretty much gave up hope. Maybe I can finally build a charger SE.
  7. kurth added a post in a topic "Stockifying" Cars   

    Not my work.. but I remember stumbling across it when researching the dodge magnum. This builder started with the resin stock car body and did a great job making it a stock dodge magnum. The starting point was a NASCAR body, but the same kind of work was involved.

  8. kurth added a post in a topic What's the most copies of one model car kit bought for u guys?   

    I bought 4 of the re-issue 1/16th "Street charger", I have owned at least 4 AMT 1970 Impalas ... it is a model that for some reason I screw up constantly. I bought 4 1/16th 1957 vettes on ebay, then I do not know for sure but at least 10 Monogram nascar 89ish Tbirds in various boxings over the years.

    I hoarded the Street Chargers since the tooling was going to be modified and never released again, and I planned to build several 1957 vettes but after I finished one, I did not want to do it again.

    Now do not get me started on Hasegawa 1/48 phantoms...
  9. kurth added a post in a topic Cover versions of well-known songs   

    What a great idea. I actually do spend a fair amount of time going down the "youtube rabbit hole" finding covers of songs.

    Many of my favorites have been posted in this thread already,such as the Sheryl Crow Walk away andVanilla Fudge's Keep me hanging on

    Here are some of my favorites:

    The one that got me started after watching the Concert For Bangladesh .. Leon Russel and with many others doing jumping jack flash:

    How about the Temptations doing Eye of the tiger?

    Or a very early Van Halen taking on Rainbow's Main on the silver mountain?

    I can not post here because of the language, but if you like Queen's Stone Cold Crazy, check out the Metallica version
  10. kurth added a post in a topic 89 F150   

    Are you kidding me? I have the same project on my "get around to it list" I also have a black F-150 , except mine is not a 4x4 ... I also have a toolbox. Nice job on the model. Now if I can get the thing to stop blowing the brake light fuse it will be perfect.

  11. kurth added a post in a topic Can you advise me on how to fix an Estes rocket kit?   

    You should be able to salvage the kit, no problem. What kit is it?

    There are many places you can get a new body tube.

    Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack:


    You can also ask at the rocketry forum

    http://www.rocketryforum.com/ They are very nice to new comers. PM me if you need assistance.

    Have Fun

  12. kurth added a post in a topic What do you consider your best modeling purchase?   

    I would have to say it is my Badger Million-aire silent compressor. First time I could adjust pressure while airbrushing, which opened up a whole new world of control. Plus, I could airbrush anytime without causing a racket with noisy compressor.
  13. kurth added a post in a topic 1/12 Porsche 935   

    I built that kit when it was re-issued in 2006, this was before they re-issued it a few years later with PE.

    I think I used every shade of testors metalizer on the engine and suspension. I kinda buggered up the decals and the red stripe, but I am still happy with it. I remember the multiple pieces of the wing being a bear to get smooth and it kept popping apart . The other thing that was a challenge was the window frames that attach to the doors. I was in the home stretch and rushed that part a little. Like you indicated above, the engine and the drivetrain are jewels .. the U joints and the rubber parts are functional. I always wondered what builders thought when this kit was released back in the 70s. That kit is a journey... have fun with it.

    Fotki lost most of the pictures but here are a few

  14. kurth added a post in a topic do you wear a resporator?   

    I decided to use a respirator when airbrushing, after a scary experience. I painted my 1/12th porsche 935 in a spray booth,I think I had run out of dust masks, or just forgot to put one on. Any way, due to lighting I found my self having to keep pretty close to it to see what I was doing. I was painting the body white, with MM enamel.

    After I finished, I kept smelling paint, where ever I went. I finally looked in the mirror, and my nose hairs were white! I must have been breathing the overspray in. After that I took using protection much more seriously.
  15. kurth added a post in a topic Lacquer VS. Enamel OR Zero VS. Scale Finishes   

    Ace-Garageguy summed it up pretty well. When I learned to paint bodies with enamel in the 90s (before I discovered lacquer) I found I had to thin the paint more than I though and move closer to the body. I can not really explain, it is just sort of muscle memory for me. If you start with a slightly thicker mix for the first few coats, it does not draw away from the body lines, then to build up the gloss, I use a thinner mix and move a little closer and get a very smooth finish with MM enamels. Like I said I do this mostly by "feel" and I "eyball" the thinning of the paint. If I get it right, it requires only a minimum of polishing.

    If you can adjust the pressure with your compressor, you can manipulate it until the paint flows just right. Again I do this by feel. Remember to use light coats, do not be tempted to go to thick too fast.

    I have had the same batch of needles for my H for 20+ years and never had to replace a seal, and I Use lacquer thinner and sometimes even acetone to clean up. The H with a 3 or a 5 tip can produce beautiful finishes. I find a double action to be a little bit fiddly for painting bodies, but I love the double action for painting little parts where varying the trigger helps to get just the right amount of paint on irregular parts.

    Like any thing else PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE . Then, before you know it you will be a pro at painting bodies.