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  1. This is good news. I really like the decals, they have provided the gauges and interior details. I will watch for this kit to show up at my favorite retailers.
  2. I maneuver the board much the same way Tom describes. using the Unread Content feature, I can go right to the new posts, and find interesting discussions in areas I might not have otherwise visited. When I first joined this forum back in the day. I was overwhelmed by they number of subforums, and found the Unread content feature very helpful.
  3. Yes, it is billed as an concentrated industrial strength degreaser. It is usually found in home improvement stores, Auto parts stores, and in the automotive section of a store like Walmart.
  4. I used to enjoy reading his articles in magazines. It shows what is possible... he would say something like "No kit of this car has ever been made, but there was a kit of a car that is somewhat similar.. so all you need to do is cut it up and add the roof from a different kit" Then he proceeds to make it look easy and end up with what sounded like an impossible task. I will probably never get anywhere close to that skill level, but knowing what can be done by a master modeler is an inspiration to try harder and really do my best to make the best model possible.
  5. Thank you. After you responded I finally found the history of Monogram GM trucks thread again.
  6. Quick question, does any one know the lineage of the Revell Big Game country pickup kit? Was this kit originally from The original Revell or from Monogram? Thanks
  7. You are well equipped. Maybe you can get some fresh needles for your Badger airbrushes. To use your current hose, you just need adapters you screw on to the airbrush. Or you can get a Quick Disconnect setup. https://usaairbrushsupply.com/t/air-source-accessories If you still want a Double action gravity feed, check out the Patriot 105
  8. I have a Talon TG but I have not used it very much. I like the large size of the nozzles and aircaps. Even if you drop the parts on the floor, they are easy to find. The thing which seems different about the Talon than other airbrushes I have used is the taper of the needle; you need to pull the trigger back pretty far before the paint starts to flow.
  9. What do you plan to paint with the airbrush? If you are primarily going to use it for cars, the H will be a good choice. Do you also ever build Aircraft, tanks, figures, or anything which would require fine lines? If so, then there are other airbrushes to consider. If you are willing to try used, there are almost always used H and VL airbrushes on ebay pretty cheap.
  10. Great answers in this thread. I have so many kits I would like to build but I could not figure out how to resolve the problem of the chromed headlights. StevenGuthmiller , do you have any more details or pictures of your process?
  11. I wrote to Revell Customer service, but they said there was no one around from those days and it was not really documented. I knew it was a long shot, and I appreciate them taking the time to write back. So it could very well have come without a bag. The loose parts are not unexpected, it happens. Any way, if any one else has any thoughts please feel free to comment
  12. This is probably the oldest monogram kit I have ever purchased. The date on the box is 1977. The next oldest is a 1/48 F-104 from 1978 and that one had a bag. If they started in 1978, then you may have found the answer.
  13. I won an auction for a pretty hard to find monogram Chevy 4X4 van. The pictures showed the kit was sealed, with a little tear. I got the kit, and the plastic was a little stiff, and slightly discolored. Consistent with 30+ year old shrink wrap from other sealed kits I have purchased. I found that there was no inner bag, but the kit was complete, though there was a broken part, which I can fix. The seller has every reason to believe it is sealed, so I do not have a problem with the seller, but maybe this kit was re-wrapped back in the 70s as a return to a retail store? I remember seeing a kit with a "Rewrap" sticker on a kit at Toys R Us in the 80s. Every other old sealed monogram kit I have owned had the inner bag. Did they ever not use the inner bag? I got one of my grail kits, but I just wonder what might have happened. And yes I am going to build it.
  14. Ah yes I totally forgot about BIN. I have used in other applications, just never on a model. When it comes to thinner do you mean Isopropyl Alcohol or Denatured alcohol?
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