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  1. These are mostly pretty hard to find kits right? It is nice to see Round 2 dig deep into the mold collection. It looks like that Frieghtliner FLC from Italeri will fill a hole in the AMT truck line up. Hopefully this collaboration will continue.
  2. This is the first of the recent Coca Cola kits I really want. The 70s style vending machine is just too cool. Sourcing the correct wheels and hubcaps does look like the biggest challenge, now that it has been pointed out, I can not ignore it. The faded retired van Casey posted really looks like a fun weathering challenge.
  3. I follow them on facebook and and follow the blog, and I do not think they have stated what molds they have. There are probably good business reasons for doing so. For example, If they said they had a certain mold, and then that mold was unserviceable, people who really wanted this hypothetical kit would be disappointed.
  4. Now the bigger question is, what did someone hope to accomplish by releasing this fake letter?
  5. I call BS, something seems fishy about the wording in that letter. That being said, watching testors whither away has been sad.
  6. I wonder what it would take for them to re-issue the 79 bronco. I missed out on the Model king re-issue 13ish years ago, it was issued with a trailer and race car. So we know the mold was still in existence not too long ago.
  7. Yesterday I was dumping out my recyclables into the curbside collection toter. 1 page of a sale flyer caught the wind and fell on the ground. I picked it up, and of all the paper to fly out of the recycling, it was the page from the Ollies ad with toys and models. I figured this was a sign. I was out and about today, and I stopped at the Sterling, VA Ollies I found: MPC Police Patrol Car (49 merc?) MPC 1972 GTO MPC 1969 Charger Daytona they also had the lindberg Gato Sub, and the Lindberg 1/600 USS Manchester ship kit. The cars were $9.99 and the ships were $7.99 I might have been tempted to buy either of those trucks, but they did not have the truck kits. So nothing which appealed to me, but if you have a Keurig coffee maker there were good prices on big boxes of K-Cups.
  8. This is a good question. I can not think of a store that carries model kits which would have such large quantities, with the exception of Hobby Lobby. But Hobby Lobby liquidates with clearance sales, as documented in many places, with car kits for $7.48. Maybe Michaels, but they seem content to sell the same 5 revell kits at MSRP + 200% . I think these may be over stocks from Round2. Look at the kits which are offered. First, the Lindberg ships. These were considered old and obsolete in the 80s. They will not appeal to the serious ship modeler. I think the only market for those is the nostalgia market. Next, we see two Truck kits. These may be subjects of limited appeal, and Round 2 may have saturated the market for trucks with a bonanza of long awaited re-issues. Then the Daytona kits, If I recall correctly, those are well known to be the least desirable Daytona kits with the plastic planks to add to the fenders to make the fenders large enough to match the nose. So these all may have been kits for which Round2 misjudged the market and got stuck with a large quantity of. That is just my guess. I love trying to solve a mystery like this, thanks for bringing it up, Tom.
  9. This is just what I was looking for. It will be a real masking challenge, but I want an accurate model, so I will do it. I have several different shades and sheens of black, so I think I can get the variation required
  10. thank you. And since it is body on frame, would the frame would still be all black? Presumably the body is lowered on to a finished chassis during assembly
  11. Hello, I just received the latest re-issue of the Revell 1986 monte carlo SS. I am gathering the paint I want to use, but I can not find a good reference of the underneath of the car. I found several pictures of the underneath as they sit today with 30+ years of dirt and grime. and It is all just dusty, rusty and not clear what the color is. I want to build this kit show oom fresh. So does any one remember how these cars came from the factory? I searched for this on the forum but I could not find it.
  12. This is good news. I really like the decals, they have provided the gauges and interior details. I will watch for this kit to show up at my favorite retailers.
  13. I maneuver the board much the same way Tom describes. using the Unread Content feature, I can go right to the new posts, and find interesting discussions in areas I might not have otherwise visited. When I first joined this forum back in the day. I was overwhelmed by they number of subforums, and found the Unread content feature very helpful.
  14. Yes, it is billed as an concentrated industrial strength degreaser. It is usually found in home improvement stores, Auto parts stores, and in the automotive section of a store like Walmart.
  15. I used to enjoy reading his articles in magazines. It shows what is possible... he would say something like "No kit of this car has ever been made, but there was a kit of a car that is somewhat similar.. so all you need to do is cut it up and add the roof from a different kit" Then he proceeds to make it look easy and end up with what sounded like an impossible task. I will probably never get anywhere close to that skill level, but knowing what can be done by a master modeler is an inspiration to try harder and really do my best to make the best model possible.
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