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  1. How do the wheels in the two kits compare? The Salvino 9 hole wheels are very strange looking, and the 5 slot wheels also look weird to me. Instead of having a concave profile, like a bowl, they are flat on the inner face, and look like a cake pan.
  2. You asked for it 1972 and 1973 Gran torino based on the Revell 1976 Torino Moebius GM Square body series ... I would love to see all the varieties of the Square Body covered, with modern tooling. Moebius seems perfectly suited to do this Any model kit with chrome blobs for headlights to have new parts tooled to have clear headlights.
  3. The Turtle Wax van looks cool. If that is not a re-issue, it is fun how they came up with a retro look for this.
  4. Cool, I am glad you had good luck with the old BMF. It looks like you were able to use just about every little scrap of that sheet. 👍👍
  5. I have had the adhesive fail, usually on a sheet which was open for at least a year. I also remember reading that if you see wrinkles in the foil on the sheet, it is a sign that the adhesive may have failed.
  6. The testors liquid cement is not working for bare plastic to bare plastic? That is very strange. How old is this bottle? That glue works by application to both parts which are to be bonded, and it is pretty slow to set, so are you giving it enough time to set?
  7. Just about anything domestic, or foreign (from an American point of view) from 1967 to the present day, except drag racing subjects. I would have to say my absolute favorite era is the mid 70s to the early 80s, the transition era from big RWD platforms to smaller cars and the rapid advances makes it interesting to me.
  8. Did any release of the new tool AMT 1971 charger include decals for the instrument panel? Thanks
  9. You are right. I might be overthinking this, I looked at more pictures of 78 corvette engine bays. All you can see are the air cleaner, maybe 1 valve cover and a ton of vacuum hoses. This was a good exercise in case I think of another project. with a similar theme.
  10. I am considering that one as well. I built that kit recently, and just looked at the engine to refresh my memory.
  11. I am still trying to find a suitable engine. my 99 Impala SS has a missing valve cover and since this kit started as a snap kit, the engine is too simplified for this project. The newer revell Olds cutlass is 1/25, but the engine has the level of detail I want. It has a seperate starter, oil filter, and a nice serpentine accessory drive, but what I do not remember, and can not find easily is what year did GM start using the chevrolet engine in all makes? And is the engine in the olds really a chevrolet engine?
  12. I have one of those.... that might be a good lead. Thanks!
  13. Is there a 1/24 kit engine, or aftermarket engine with crisp detail which reasonably resembles a current GM Small block crate engine? I want to put this in a Monogram 1978 Corvette.
  14. Bummer, sorry it did not work for you. I used to love the stuff when it was commonly available.
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