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  1. Nice work, I have often wanted to tackle a large Vac kit. How did you sand the parts after cutting them from the sheet? I have often wonder what the best way to do that would be with such large parts. Did you reinforce the wings with a spar, or make bulkheads for the fuselage?
  2. Any chance Revell will think of reissuing one of the 1/8th kits? Maybe the 1979 Trans Am?
  3. If that happens, I think I would have all my 1/25 grails. I am still kicking my self for missing out on the MK release about 10 years ago.
  4. Sounds like quite a haul. Do you have a list? While many Vacs have since been super ceded by new Injection molded kits, and are no longer the "only game in town" for a given subject, some have pretty good collector value, such as the Rareplane KC-97. Contrail kits are still sought after. My favorite Vacuform kits are the big multiengine jets from NOVA ... They offered a KC-135, and a C-141 in 1/72.
  5. Let us look at this another way. What would be the best and worst years to be born in this case? I am thinking 1967 - 1973 are peak years for the choice of models, styling and the fact you could get a car with just enough modern technology/conveniences to still be livable today. The drawback being 1973 is the first year for 5 MPH bumpers (in the front) Bad years? To my tastes, and while some cool cars were still made, with the rapidly changing rules and technology, and political climate, 1978 - 1995 (mostly due to obd1 and the rise of bland FWD/4 cyl cars) Things got better in 1996 with OBDII and by 99/2000 you started to see cars with more power while still meeting emissions requirements.
  6. One car only? Since I want to be able to drive no matter the weather, especially in the snow, I would say the 1975 Chevrolet Blazer with 4 wheel drive. It is a great looking truck, just big enough to haul around just about anything I need to haul, but not too big as to be hard to find a place to park. Probably swap the wheels for white wagon wheels, and upgrade the radio every decade to keep up with technology
  7. HL is a good place to get started, they have just about everything you need, tools, paint, kits, and even air brushes. Other stuff like sand paper can be found at Walmart or auto parts stores. If someone starts out and decides to pursue the hobby seriously, then finding a Hobby store or internet retailer is helpful when you need more exotic paint, filler putty, or different glues. Does anyone else remember the tales of model kits with incorrect price tags? Before they came to My area, apparantly they had a better selection of kits, and had things like Tamiya 1/32 aircraft kits ($100+). On aircraft forums, people used to post stories of finding kits that retail everywhere else for over $100 with price tags of $40 or less, and they had the 40% coupon...
  8. I fix the body first, mold parting lines, dimples, low spots, etc, then primer the body. while waiting a few days for the primer to be nice and dry, The next task is sorting the parts into groups which will be painted the same colors. After airbrushing as many parts as I can, I start with the engine and chassis, then the interior. The interior is still my least favorite part. Since I use enamel, which seems to take weeks to dry (cure?) completely I build the whole car so it is just waiting on the body whenever it is ready.
  9. I always found Monogram Nascar kits to be a challenge. Just little fiddly things make them hard for me, starting with the GM cars having the nasty seams on the firewall where it is really hard to fix, and the somewhat vague and tiny attachment points for the suspension pieces. Then, to make them sit with the proper ride height, more fiddling is required, and for me, the windshield always falls in to the body. Rewarding, but a challenge. Where do Fujimi enthusiast kits fit in? I have several several 911 kits, but they have intimidated me for years and I have yet to try to build one.
  10. Rocketery. These days I focus on High power rockets and electronic deployment. It is fun to build something, then see it fly. The only drawback is being dependent upon the weather. I could probably consider Home Theatre a hobby, I have had a stable rig for years but I enjoy using my gear to watch a movie, as well as building Gaming PCs, but I am not very good at computer games, so will only upgrade every 6 or 7 years. And in the summer time Car detailing becomes something of a hobby as well. Plastic modeling, be it Cars, Planes, Armor or ships is my main hobby and has been since I was a kid.
  11. Thanks for your assistance. I did use an airbrush. I did not use any compound on the hood yet, just the sanding cloths. A good wash with some blue dawn will ensure the sanding sludge is gone.
  12. Unfortunately, though not completely unexpectedly when polishing my Revell S&H torino I sanded through to the primer on the ridge which runs down the middle of the hood. I am surprised it was the only spot I sanded though, with all the ridges and creases in the body. My question is, what is the best way to touch up the paint? do I need a whole coat on the hood? Can I just lay several coats down the middle on the ridge and blend it in? I used MM enamel and no clear coat. I remember running into a similar issue years ago but I can not remember what I did to fix it.
  13. I went to polish my Revell S&H Tornino this morning and after completing the micro-mesh odeal, I found my stash of tamiya polishing compound was all dried up. I thought I read somewhere recently that Tamiya was once again required to re-label products to satisfy a change in the California product saftey laws. I see it available on Amazon from market place sellers but it is out of stock from my usual go to places for supplies. Any other polishes out there, maybe for real cars which work well? Thanks
  14. I just find it frustrating when I am looking for a kit I want to build and the only one on ebay is one being parted out. Or when the parts auctions clutter up search results. I had a heck of a time tracking down the Monogram Dodge Ramcharger truck, it took a few months, between the overpriced Buy it now kits which never sell, and the part-it out auctions. It does sometimes make me sad to see a great old, somewhat hard to find kit being parted out, knowing it will never get built.
  15. I fixed this by manually hacking the code! just like the 90s ... any way, enjoy the post with pictures this time! I am almost done with the Revell Torino. I really enjoyed this model so far, it has plenty of detail, but with a low parts count, it has been really easy to assemble. Reminds me of old monogram car kits from the early 80s, but better. I have the chassis and interior painted and assembled. I decided on a OOB build, so no wires or extra detail, but even so, it is a nice looking engine " Though it looks sparse in the box , a little careful painting reveals a nicely detailed under carriage And building the interior is made so much easier with those wood grain decals. And most importantly, the body. I painted it with testors MM Dark red Enamel. I used my airbrush, it looks pretty good, though I will need to polish it because there are a few "boogers" and one large dusty in the paint. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any suggestions.
  16. Thank you for the recommendations. I have bought from scenes unlimited, and I remember looking at the fireball site but I could not recall the names of those businesses.
  17. Are there any options in the aftermarket for 1980s period correct off road tires and maybe even "wagon wheels" ? I also have the firestone '78 ford pickup with wheels and tires that look about right for my vision of how I would like to build this kit, but I want to build that kit too. I love this kit but the wheels and tires just look so strange since they are 1/20th scale. I sure do love these late 70s/early 80s trucks. Thanks MPC for bringing it back out.
  18. I used to post here frequently in 2007 and 2008 , but at one point I had no place to build models for a few years, and once I had the place to build models again I shifted my interest to airplanes. I am building cars as well now but I really have nothing exciting to post. I do like reading the posts here and seeing what other people are building.
  19. They brought models back to the Walmart near me in northern VA a few years ago and they seem to have disappeared at the end of January. I never bought any because the prices were pretty high, and the selection was not very interesting. If I recall the price of a Revell 1/24th - 1/25th car was almost $25. and the one time I needed some paint, I was dismayed to find every can of spray paint was opened and tested. I really wish people would stop doing that. Maybe they took away the models because half the kits were spray painted as was the floor and the shelves.
  20. Many people misuse the term "tax return" You file a Tax return to the IRS. If you have paid more taxes than you owe you will receive a tax refund. (not a tax return) It is understandable, but it annoys me.
  21. They have an airbrush cleaning station that looks a lot like the Iwata cleaning station. I use it when ever I airbrush. I have a few other specialty tools from HF I only need to use occasionally. Check it out when they open, it is a neat store.
  22. I am really happy to see that Olds. I am in for at least two. It is nice to see 70s/80s subjects which were skipped then they were new, like the S&H Torino. Do we have any more details about the Olds? Is it based on the Monte Carlo & GN kits or an all new tool? Either way, it will be nice.
  23. I could not think up a good line up, but I would totally agree with Buckethead on guitar.
  24. Could you please post a picture of the headlight bezels and the clear parts? I have been waiting a long time for a new Torino, so I am in for at least two. Maybe these will also be good donors for Motor City Resin torino models.
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