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  1. I airbrush testors mm enamels, MCW, and cobra colors lacquers on bodies. I really like the control you get with an airbrush. I have also had good luck with Duplicolor touchup paint, in a spray can, The duplicolor cans have a nice button/nozzle assembly that gives control and coverage much better then any other can I have used. I like to use different paints for different reasons. Testors enamels are easy to find and I've learned how to get a good finish with them, but are tempermental. Lacquers are easier to work with but a little harder to come by. For things other then a body I like to use Tamiya and Gunze sangyo acrylic paints. I like the easy clean up. I use tamiya spray paint for things like semi-gloss black or flat black to paint parts when I don't feel like getting the airbrush out. I try to airbrush or spray paint everything. When airbrushing or spray painting I always use my spray booth and a respirator I have had better luck brush painting after getting a paint shaker. It makes a HUGE difference. I also use sharpies for some small things, I find them easier to control then paint brushes. It really all comes down to what I am painting, but most importantly, the availability of the color. If the color I want is only available in a spray can, or in the testors acryl line, that's what you have to use. So I find it useful to be able to use anything.
  2. I like to buy Kits & supplies from Tower Hobbies. Then depending on what I am looking for I also get kits from: Model Roundup Model express strada sports e-bay Mike's Decals (Nascar donor kits & decals) Hobby Link Japan and back in the Day .. Hobby Heaven And also the old stash at Mom & Dad's house I'll buy at the LHS but I don't get there very often. I will buy kits at walmart if I see something there that jumps out at me, usually it's the same 4 kits, but I saw the magnum there for like $4.88, so I grabbed it. It just depends what you are looking for.
  3. I usually end up getting in about a half hour a night, but some nights none. Lately I've kept running into a stopping point, either letting something dry, or doing everything I can on a given model but running into some kind of situation where I need to buy something to contiune, such as paint, a tool, or something. My model shoppe also got too messy so I am taking some time to re arrange and clean up a bit, It was getting to the point of being too cluttered to get anything done
  4. Nice work! what did you use for the natural metal finish?
  5. is it little bubbles on the surface of the model? Usually that is some kind of contamination. maybe if you could take a picture we can tell you for sure. that sort of thing is so frustrating.
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies. I was pretty sure the engines were more or less the same, but sometimes there is that one "gotcha" detail between different variations of the same engine. You guys gave me exactly the details I was searching for. I am thinking of putting the turbo charger from the Old monogram "El Macho" el camino on this big block for a little more early 80s excess. I'll post some pictures once I make a little more progress. At this point I am still fiddling with the body to get the IMSA flares just right.
  7. I am planning my next project, a late 70s/early 80s style street machine 78 vette. I want to put a better detailed and "tougher" looking engine then what comes in the kit. I have a Revell 66 malibu wagon .. the recent issue and it has a 396, and it is well detailed. Will this pass for a 454? Other wise I was thinking of robbing the engine from a AMT 70 monte carlo or a B/M camaro .. but I don't want to buy a 70 monte if I don't have to and the B/M camaro is just too nice to plunder for parts. I actually plan to wire the engine and try to add a little detail so I want to use a nicely done engine for this project.
  8. Kurt here ... I am 31 .. kinda young by modeler standards. My Father built models when I was little, and I started building models at age 7 or 8 I think. I've always liked to build Airplanes, and cars. When I was in high school I got "serious" about modeling, learning to Airbrush, and learning the importance of fitting parts, sanding seams and such. I was distracted in college by radio control car racing as well as just being busy while in college. I still managed to finish a model once in a while though. Once I was done with college and life settled down a bit I was able to get serious once again in 1999. Since then I've gone back and forth between building planes and cars, but I am building mostly cars at the moment. I tend to build out of the box, focusing on the basics, filling seams, removing mold lines, getting the model to sit on all four wheels,and smooth paint. I like to build all kinds of automobiles, Exotics, muscle cars, imports, formula 1, early 90s nascar,large scale cars, and big rigs. If I find something that captures my imagination, I'll build it.
  9. thanks Ken! It is indeed right out of the box, with the exception of a scratchbuilt interior door panel, as I misplaced the kit part and only noticed right as I sat down to perform final assembly!
  10. You are too kind! Thanks for all your help and encouragement along the way!
  11. I've had good luck with: Model Express www.modelexpress.net they have a good selection of old kits, and the they way the store is laid out I find it very easy to find what I want. Model roundup, who you have already found. www.modelroundup.com Tower Hobbies www.towerhobbies.com ... the mail order arm of hobbico, they also have all the paint and other supplies you'll ever want, prompt shipping, great website, and you get detailed orderstatus and shipping info. I order from them most frequently. For Fujimi I check stradasports first, www.stradasports.com , they have a lot of other great stuff too (to say the least) when I can not find a japanese product anywhere I go to Hobby link Japan .. They are great if you need something not available in the US. The shipping does get pricey if you order big kits www.hlj.com Sqaudron does have some car kits. they are most well known and have a huge selection of military models, but they are a reputable, well established company When I built airplanes I ordered from them frequently www.squadron.com Enjoy .. hope it helps
  12. When I was researching cameras I found the following sites quite useful: http://www.dpreview.com/ http://www.imaging-resource.com/ http://www.dcresource.com/ Be careful though. Cameras and photography can become a very addicting hobby.
  13. I have finally gotten around to taking some pictures of the 288 GTO. I need to invest in some real photo lights and other gear, and learn to focus better, but here's my best shot at shooting a centerfold spread Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  14. Hoooray! It's done Here is a quick picture on the bench. I will do a full centerfold photo shoot soon A good kit, enjoyable to build. I had a few set backs, somewhat self inflicted... (misplacing parts) The one thing that I didn't like about this kit was the abundance of large ejector pin marks in places that made it very difficult to clean up. If you can deal with that. this is a wonderful kit. I just wish RoG would use regualr boxes instead of end opening boxes. then I probably would not have misplaced any parts.
  15. kurth

    my first time!

    Very well done. The trailer is quite creative. The back story could be that the trailer was built from a car that was hit hard in the back.
  16. I agree with ModelMartin, finishing a model gets me on a roll, and gives me the pride and satisfaction of accomplishing something. I faced this recently. I was hip deep in a build that just wasn't going anywhere So I decided to try to slam something together in a weekend. It took a few weeks, due to a shortage of supplies, but making visible progress was really a boost. I built a tamiya kit, I was able to plow through the kit quickly because the kit was well engineered and the parts did not require cleanup. So, if you are still in a slump, find a Tamiya kit in your stash and have at it! If you don't then I am sure you have a 80s monogram muscle car kit in your stash, Last year in another slump I built the yellow '70 malibu kit, just like the box art, I really enjoyed building this one too. so, what happened? Did you ever find some inspiration?
  17. Wow, Thanks, that's quite a complement. I'll post pictures when it is done.
  18. whoa ! nice pictures there Darin... thank you!
  19. I have been searching and searching for pictures of the underbody of a Ferrari bb512, especially the rear suspension. I am gearing up to build the fujimi 1/16th bb 512. I also have a 1/16th Italeri Testarossa, and I want to transplant the better detailed engine, as the fujimi's engine is a little odd looking, since it was designed to hold an electric motor. The rear suspension also seems somewhat simplified to accomodate motorization. I'd like to transplant the Testarossa rear suspension as well, but I don't know if that would be accurate. So, does anyone happen to know of a book, or a website that might help? I found many good engine and interior shots but nothing underneath. Heck at this point drawings, or even pictures of the new tool fujimi 1/24 bb512 would help! Thanks!
  20. I'm moving right along with this kit. It is falling together nicely. At one point I misplaced the Chrome tree. After looking into getting a replacement, I found it, but I have now hopelessly lost the decal sheet, I ordered one from Revell but who knows how long it will be. Since my first post on this, wow a month ago, I have clear coated and polished the body, painted all the parts, and have pretty much completed assembly except for the interior, which I need the decal sheet for. With a lot of guidance from Ismael I painted the black trim. Here are a few pictures The paint polished up really well The engine: Assembled Chassis , at this point the model was pretty much falling together Black trim painted: On it's wheels! I forgot to paint the mirrors when I was painting the body, so they are in the paint shop now. Once I get the decals I am ready for final assembly. Thanks for looking
  21. I was pleased to get my Digital SLR back from warranty service today, so I decided to try it out with some pictures of my most recently completed model. This is the Tamiya Skyline GT-R 2000. This was a great kit. Bear with me as I learn to take pictures properly. I used MCW silver.
  22. I was working on my Revell Of Germany 288 gto and realized I misplaced the chrome tree. I am looking all over the revell of germany site and can't find anything about missing parts. I'll keep looking for the chrome parts but if anyone has had experience getting parts from revell of Germany, I'd love to hear your experiences. thanks
  23. Here is what I did: I have these old windows that open out instead of up. I bought a piece of thin plywood and had it cut to the size of the screen. Then I cut a hole int he wood and mounted just the flange from a dryer vent kit. I hook up the hose from my spraybooth to it when I am going to paint. I leave the wood in the window all the time, but it looks pretty ugly from the outside. before I built that contraption, this is what I did. not recommended
  24. I finished my Tamiya Skyline. These are a few quick shots of it still on the work bench. I bungled a few of the finishing details but over all It's a good "10 footer" model. This is a full detail kit and it was so much fun to build. No flash, almost no parts cleanup required. I'll do an "under glass posting" when my SLR gets back from warranty service.... (long story)
  25. I've decided to try building some ferraris. This is a Revell of germany boxing of an Italieri kit. I just don't like to paint red, so I decided on Orange mist. I heard a lot of good things about duplicolor touch up paint so I figured I would give it a try. The paint went on very well, I was pleasantly surprised. Ok, back to bench to finish cleaning up parts to prepare for a few rounds of parts painting. Thanks for looking. --------- --Kurt Hollenbach
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