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  1. Great save Mike, your Galaxie looks top-notch! I was happy to score the "AMT-Frog" release of this kit (unbuilt and complete) on Ebay - at only around twice the price of a regular Revell kit. AFAIK this kit was a re-release of the original AMT kit for the European, mainly British, market somewhere in the first half of the 70's. It seems to be widely unknown, as before adding it to my stash on Scalemates.com, first I had to enter the kit to the database...
  2. Wow, this is a great model! Excellent work in every department. IMHO, this Tamiya kit comes with a big downside compared to other kits (like, for instance, the Aoshima one). And that is the molded-in "half-engine" detail instead of a complete, separate engine. That makes it so much harder to paint and detail it in order to make it look good. But you sure MADE it look good!
  3. As I wasn't too pleased with the position of the front bumper I did some modification and I think it looks much better now. The problem part was the "middle frame" between the grille and bumper. It's supposed to hold the bumper but it's shaped in such a way as to keep the bumper too far away from the body so there was unpleasant gap before. I cut the lower part off the frame so now the bumper could be placed in the correct way. This is how it looks now:
  4. Many thanks for your feedbacks!
  5. Thanks for your kind words! Thanks Bill. You mean the black part on the 69 GTX hood? That's painted.
  6. Hi folks, I got another Mopar done.
  7. Very nice! That is already the second excellent build that I see of that kit on this forum, done as a "street version". I have mine to do yet but there is a big chance it will be done in blue with stripes, too!
  8. Superb build all around, Anders! And I love the interior color!
  9. I have seen this only now... Great tutorial, many thanks, Steve! I wouldn't say that I have been struggling with BMF before, but this might take my work to a higher level. Especially, when it comes to difficult arches, curves etc.
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