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  1. Another excellent performance from you - very well done!
  2. I saw this WIP only now... VERY cool project, JC! I will be following along! I'd like to add that the Gemballa actually WAS a Fujimi-based kit. Revell sold some Fujimi EM model kits (Porsche turbo, Ferrari 246) under their "Revell Premium" brand. The Gemballa kit was even sold under the Fujimi brand in some countries. I think the model looks horrible on the package using the kit's BBS wheels. But that can be dealt with, using the RUF wheels that JC will use for the CTR. IMHO this looks about alright: https://uncrate.com/de/article/1986-gemballa-avalanche/
  3. Nice work on this nice snapper kit! But I would have liked to see what you have done to the front grille...
  4. Thanks guys for your kind words, much appreciated! I especially like the fact that several people have their own "favorite" among my builds! So the overall quality appears to be OK. Thanks Bernard! I agree, the camera eye shows no mercy... The Talladega was a "hell" of a build in the worst possible sense. I initially painted the body in Royal Maroon with Gravity colors and 1k clear coat from Zero Paints. I basically like and get along well with their products, but the ZP 1k clear is C**P! So I had to strip the paint using my usual chemicals but the body did not take it well. Some parts practically broke out of the body which needed fixing. A lot of setbacks, but I pulled through and in the end I was okay with the result. Thanks for this kind compliment, Steve! Knowing your abilities and your beautiful builds, it's nice to see that you enjoy looking at other people's builds, too! Thanks Dann! I learnt a lot on the Camaro build, this was my first real US car build! More to come!
  5. That's a real nice piece of custom!
  6. Cool variety of unusual subjects, very well executed!
  7. Extremely cool models! Very well done!
  8. Great builds! I especially like the Fairlane and the Merc!
  9. COOL builds! Not my personal style at all, but very well executed and good-looking!
  10. Tommy124

    2019 in review

    Very nice results, all of them!
  11. Excellent build all around! Love the underfloor details too!
  12. Excellent build, Joe! This model has a great look about it, it somehow strikes me as a larger scale build, because of it's great detailing!
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