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  1. Hi guys, the R34 was great fun to build, so now I did the R33. Nice Tamiya kit of their typical quality, the basecoat is from Zero Paints, covered with 2K clear.
  2. Great result! Everyone knows yellow is a color which is hard to get right. You DID get it right. I like the overall look of you M8, aswell as the other models!
  3. Great model and the paint job just looks spot-on! This is one of my favorites of the modern-era front-engined Ferrari's, I have the kit in my stash too. I always figured I'd do it in metallic green some day (just like a real car that I saw some years ago), but then again, your model proves that it looks just great in red!
  4. Many thanks guys. Yes, I believe I did a pretty clean build. But credit also goes to Tamiya... This kit is VERY close to perfect!
  5. I have been following this thread with quite some interest. I did not face problems with BMF not being adhesive (enough) but I noticed differences in thickness and "appearance", as far as the chrome brightness is concerned. The first time that I worked with this "new quality" was when I did my 1970 Plymouth GTX. The foil seemed to look too "chromy" and I was afraid it's too thick to lay it down and cut it properly. However, I was surprised to find that it looked real good and could be dealt with. The only difference now being that I switched my scalpel blades more often to make them cut through the "thick stuff" properly. However, this - or any kind of - BMF Chrome foil is very hard to come by here in Europe currently. I have some assumptions what could be the reason for that. The situation definitely worsened in the beginning of the Covid pandemic. So it's no surprise I am looking at self-made alternatives, especially as I am regularly using BMF as a masking material but would actually not require "genuine" BMF for that purpose. Some weeks ago I found the below tutorial on YT. I think it's interesting because it's actually about making sheets of adhesive foil for using later on, rather than the glue-and-apply-instantly procedure that was shown earlier in this thread. I did some testing myself with the "gold leaf bond" aswell as BMF adhesive but did not succeed yet. I used silicone paper aswell as plastic foil as a carrier material, but it's not been good yet. I believe the secret is in finding a carrier that will allow to apply the adhesive very evenly but still keep it from drying out over time.
  6. Thanks Sonny. You're absolutely right, this kit is the worst of the (Fujimi) bunch. The S4 and GT are better.
  7. Great job on the "headlights problem". I did it the same way, printed out images that would fit angle-wise and glued them onto the headlight glass. However, I used the look of toned down (darker) headlights and tail lights.
  8. Looking totally cool, great work!
  9. Nice, I like them - especially the Olds!
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