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  1. Great build and paint job in accordance with your own high standards.
  2. Many thanks, Geoff, David and Joe!
  3. Great color choice, paint job and building quality. Very nice Mopar!
  4. Hi there, another restoration done. Not much to say about this kit, except that it is stone-old and not very well-engineered on the front end. The paint I used is contemporary Ford Lime Gold by Gravity Colors, sealed with 1k clear from the can.
  5. Hi Ludwig! Great classic color combination, paint job and detailing work! You really know how to do these 60β€˜s Fords, which is probably because you have one in your garage! 😎
  6. Yep, this is great. I am waiting for this kit to finally arrive in Germany, and I have planned all along to go with a different non-racing design other than the boring options presented in the kit. You chose the most classic of all color designs for this type of car. Goes without saying, very well done.
  7. Hi Ludwig, great paint job and detailing work, as usual!
  8. Thanks guys, appreciate it! Thanks! Yes, and it's barely any work! Thanks to you too. I used some German stuff at first, it was good but dried in the bottle. So I switched to using cheaper Chinese stuff which has a much better bottle. https://www.ebay.com/itm/DIY-UV-Resin-Ultraviolet-Curing-Solar-Cure-Sunlight-Activated-Craft-Hard-Glue/373059258920?hash=item56dc108a28:g:Qg4AAOSwO7dexO9M
  9. Hi there, this model is sort of a collaboration between my German fellow-modeller Ludwig (YBlock292) and myself. I got this model from him a few weeks ago and the original idea was to strip its body off all paint and do it all over again. But the more I looked at it, the more I liked the way it was done. The choice of colors is nice and the interior is well done too. However, the model was done a long time ago and the body paint was not very shiny: So I tried some sanding and polishing and found that the enamel paint that was used back then could be restored to a nice degree. So I gave it 2 more days and a lot of elbow grease to get the following results: For a bit of added realism, I treated the headlights with UV glue, in order to give them a bit more of a glass-like look: On the rear end, I added some exhausts: And some images along with its older '63 brother:
  10. Thanks for all your kind feedback - I appreciate it!
  11. Tommy124

    1958 Edsel Pacer

    Great build Anders! Looking at this, it’s hard to understand why the Edsel did not sell much, much better. 😁
  12. Thank you guys, I appreciate your feedback! Thanks Monty. The color is Tamiya Metallic Red TS-18 shot over grey Vallejo primer. Like so many, I use the reverse side of my Exacto blade as a scribing tool, plus some kind of small PE saw for further deepening the lines. I also use Tamiya Line Accent Color to optically enhance the effect. Thanks Mike! See my post above. And no clearcoat, just GOP (good ol' polishing)!
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