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  1. Very nice builds! Not so easy to overcome the "opacity problem" when using the white tail stripe on the Daytona. When I'll build mine, I guess I'll try to use 2 white stripes on top of each other (should I manage to find a second sheet) - or go for the black one.
  2. Nice'n clean build, great engine detail! But where are the exhausts? The problem with these dark blue colors is that they mostly appear too dark on photos. Yours looks almost black. I did a Mustang in TS-53 some months ago, it was almost the same then...
  3. I have seen quite a few nice builds coming from this kit over the years, but your two models are the best of them! Very clean builds and perfectly painted/ polished!
  4. Couldn't agree more - great result!
  5. Very nice, but why not show more photos?
  6. Thanks, this will be tried out. I imagine success might depend on the the type of color that will be used (enamel, acrylic...). Btw, I've used a similar technique by painting plain masking tape and cutting it to size.
  7. Thanks folks for all your kind words. The color is supposed to replicate the temporary Fire Bronze color, which I find to be elegant and exciting at the same time. For replicating this very color I used Tamiya TS 92 metallic orange over grey tamiya primer (the darker one). Never underestimate the enhanced possibilities that come with using lighter or darker primer... Don't believe me?
  8. I like it too - nice model!
  9. The builder's (first) name is Ludwig... Other than that, I fully agree!
  10. As you said, 20 years ago... Given the changes that have been made even to the standard chrome foil over the years (not all of which were for the better), it's possible that the black foil was actually better than. Nowadays, it's a thickish stuff that looks like what it is - silver foil painted with a black layer - and doesn't stick or cut well. At least in my experience.
  11. Agreed, that black BMF stuff is just awful. Can be used for masking paint at the most.
  12. Isn't she pretty in pink! One of those cars I normally don't like too much but when I see one built by your skilled hands, well, I could change my mind...
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