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  1. Hi folks, I got this done. Model King re-release of the stone-old kit AMT kit.
  2. Very nice build. It looks great, especially on the outside shots. Well done.
  3. Good job on one of the coolest race cars ever! IIRC, the purple areas are not all covered by decals contained in this kit so additional painting is required. I also remember that Zero Paints are (or were) offering the purple color to match the Hasegawa decal colors exactly. Here comes another compliment: I don’t see any color deviation. So how did you do it?
  4. Many thanks gents, this is much appreciated!
  5. Another nice one Ludwig! And a great save, of course. The color scheme fits the car nicely but is not to be seen often. And I like the way you did the exhaust pipes.
  6. It's called the Corona builds... Home office most of the time in 2020, e.g. saving me a lot of time going to and from the office by car. Plus it adds a lot of flexibility to how I spend my "daily routine"... You have a point there! But then again, I have been a "non-finisher" in term of modelling in former times and most of my builds ended up in the bin. That was a long time ago, but now I enjoy building and finishing (!) models even more...
  7. Tommy124

    My 2020

    Hi Anders, the images are dripping with quality, a nice variety of builds, and I like all of them!
  8. Thanks guys! I enjoyed the build, this is probably the best Revell US car kit I have come across so far.
  9. Nothing short of a GREAT build, what a beautiful model of a beautiful car!
  10. Thanks guys for all your kind words, I appreciate it!
  11. February: March: April: May: June: July: August: September: October: November: December:
  12. Thanks for all you kind feedbacks! I‘m afraid you’re wrong here, Bill. The R/T (which you show) has the antenna on the front fender, but the T/A has it on the rear fender. See the images of the original car that I referred to for my build: https://www.mecum.com/lots/SC0514-183972/1970-dodge-challenger-ta/
  13. Hi folks, the last build for this year got finished. This is the newer Revell 2008 release, which is much better than the old Monogram kit. Very nice kit indeed, I added 5-spoke (Boyd?) wheels and Firestone tyres, added the radio antenna and fabricated sidepipes from aluminium tube.
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