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  1. Many thanks for your comments, appreciated!
  2. Thanks for you comments, guys!
  3. I agree. However, to my knowledge, Fujimi did not do a kit of that gen Camaro (they did the gen before), but Arii did the 82 vintage.
  4. Another great model, Steve. I enjoyed following the WIP (and learning a little here and there 🤓 ) as I enjoy looking at the fabulous result!
  5. Wow, that’s a great build - the best one I‘ve seen of this gen Camaro! Excellent engine and all the details you created add to the great result! Given the extreme shine of the body color, I reckon you used 2k clear?
  6. Hi there, in times of the virus, the only good thing is that you get things done at home. I just finished this restoration of the Buick Wildcat '66 Hasegawa kit. Very simplistic kit but I like it's shape of the body.
  7. Hi there, nice builds! I especially like Geno's 58 Impala! Myself, I got another resto done. Buick Wildcat '66, the Hasegawa kit. More images in the Under Glass section.
  8. Hi Ludwig, you created a beautiful beast there! Very nice overall job, the color suits this mean machine perfectly. I like this much better than the typical Baldwin Motion look!
  9. Great build, beautiful details that have been skillfully added!
  10. Thanks for all your kind feedback! Thanks Kurt! I use aluminium wire end ferrules for this. Thanks Bill and David. I agree, I think the color is a nice choice for this car. A nice and more elegant alternative to those bright "Big Bad" colors (which I also like). Thanks Robert. I used Tamiya TS-94 Metallic Grey over white primer. I found the color not to be an easy one, as it did not cover the white primer as easily as I hoped.
  11. Hi there, another restoration completed...
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