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  1. Isn't she pretty in pink! One of those cars I normally don't like too much but when I see one built by your skilled hands, well, I could change my mind...
  2. In the process of cleaning, I found the small dental "floss stick" to be helpful:
  3. Very nicely done! I take it you applied the BMF before the clearcoat?
  4. Fauxberglass... now that's something to remember. I think I saw it in some other guy's WIP though, broken A pillar simply fixed with a tiny strip of paper and superglue.
  5. Hi there, which Jo-Han kit is it? Are you sure the windshield frame has to be replaced? If it's "only" broken, maybe it can be repaired. I have seen a good trick to that purpose on this forum, where someone used a piece of paper dipped in superglue to fix a broken windshield frame.
  6. Very nice! I reckon the color should be Tamiya TS-58, pearl light blue.
  7. Where exactly was it that I denied Lexus is a dision of Toyota? Of course, it is. But what the BLAH has Lexus to do with this discussion? I didn't bring that up in the first place.
  8. I was about to ask the same thing, as I would like to build Lester Burnham's car:
  9. Beautiful Vettes, great project - count me in!
  10. Not as a brand, which I was referring to. In those countries, where they sell them Lexus cars, those cars are not called Toyota - right? But high performance sport car has always meant that, which is what I was referring to. There may be differences in using the term in different regions, but in our part of the world that would be called a roadster.
  11. Referring to A: from my point of view a GT86 is not a high performance sports car but an entry level sports car. And a Lexus is not exactly a Toyota, as we probably agree. As you might get from my hint to the Le Mans win, I am trying to understand the Toyota brand strategy here, which brings me to B: why - because they can - or could, at least. They could have gone for a V6 or something else they actually build themselves. Of course, it's a great deal for BMW, no doubt about that. Needless to say, these are just my thoughts. But brands and their cars struggle to have some profile of their own nowadays. And I don't like the fact that everything increasingly gets mixed up in those cars that are anything but cheap: Supra's with BMW engines, Aston Martin's with AMG engines...
  12. I know this should be about the kit but... what an ugly car. And I don't know what to make of the fact that the world's biggest car manufacturer is getting the engine for their only high performance sports car from BMW. Aren't they an innovative motor company having won the 24 hours of Le Mans in the last two years? The kit will be great though, as it's from Tamiya...
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