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  1. Hi folks, this is another VERY nice snap-kit from Revell. At least here in Europe it's very rare, I was lucky enought to get hold of one some years ago. Several examples of built kits on the internet have shown already that this 20-something parts kit can be turned into something really nice. However, none of the ones I found have added the chrome trim on the side of car, which is missing in the kit. I did so in using Evergreen strips and treated it with BMF. Speaking of which, there is a LOT of BMF to be used on this car. All paints I used were Tamiya sprays, except for the Landau top which was brush-painted with Tamiya tan color and and the cleared with Tamiya semi-gloss clear. The gauges on the dashboard have been used from Best Model Car Parts (excellent stuff from Mike as usual!) As regards the wheels, the kit contained Rallye wheels and rather boring-looking tyres with no white walls on them (no offence, it's a simple snapper after all), so I decided to use aftermarket wheels and tyres from Pegasus. One funny but very useful detail on the kit is that the ride height on the front and back can be adjusted separately from "donk" to almost "lowrider" level. I resisted the temptation to do anything funny here and went for the look that fits best IMHO... Last, not least, rubber strips on the bumpers have been made by using black stripe decals. "Golden" days of Chevy:
  2. I finished my 64 some weeks ago...
  3. Great build, nice images! Well done! De-chroming the wheelhouse trims certainly was worth the effort, as IMHO that is one big downside of this kit. I also like the fact that you give detailed information on your painting process. In fact, I might be tempted to use your "mixing recipe" for the body color one day...
  4. I have never used TS-45 Pearl White before, but I am wondering if there might be a mix-up with TS-65 Pearl CLEAR.
  5. Thanks everyone. I got the same response as Geoff did. Michael sent me a list of the items available, so this will work out!
  6. Thanks Bill, but your ebay link actually brings „0 items“ aswell. I have a hunch that this is because of my German location. Maybe shipping abroad is deactivated in his shop and therefore abroad clients cannot see any items, who knows? Now that I know he is still doing business, I will find a way to contact him. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Don't know if it's great, but it's been brushwork. What helped in achieving this result is the crisp details on the kit's dashboard - and the use of Tamiya acrylic colors, which are great for painting such details (just have to dilute them to the right degree).
  8. Hi there, does anyone know if Michael is still active in selling those nice gauge decals? The bestmodelcarparts shop is still online on Ebay but it carries "0 items". I can't seem to find any website of him either... Any feedback will be appreciated!
  9. Hi folks, another restoration done. This time, a complete one. BEFORE: AFTER:
  10. What a beauty! Really great work from you (again), Anders!
  11. Hi there, I got this some time ago from a valued modeler-mate of mine. The kit (the Model King re-release) was properly built but the original wheels have been missing because they were being used elsewhere. The model had automotive paint and clear on it, with some orange peel showing. As this kit is pretty rare these days, I decided to give it a go and make the best of it. I sanded the whole body to remove most of the orange peel, after that it got the Micro Mesh treatment, followed by polishing. Wheels are from Pegasus, the exhaust pipes are scratch-built.
  12. Thanks guys! I knew this wasn't gonna go unnoticed... Thanks for the plates image!
  13. Many thanks for your kind feedback, I appreciate it!
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