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  1. Excellent build, great paintjob and a beautiful trio of 69's... I love this kit and I fully get why you did several of these. I built mine in non-W 30 configuration some time ago but will definitely do more of them aswell.
  2. I agree with all of the above Ray, your model looks good!
  3. Very cool, I like all of them!
  4. Many thanks guys, I apprecitiate your feedback. I must say I was rather happy not to build the EM version. Both versions of the kit make it necessary to glue the lower part of the front fascia to the body. According to the instructions, this should be done at the very end of the build, which means that all parts are painted already. A great opportunity to spoil things last-minute... ☹️ I decided to glue those parts together prior to the painting process which gave me the option to properly fill and sand the gap. However, in order to fit in the chassis later on, I had to cut around 1 inch off the front part (the trunk where the spare tyre is located in the EM kit). Not a problem for this curbside, but it would be different with the EM kit...
  5. Hi there, I built the Fujimi curbside variant of this and decided to replicate the car of German 60's/ 70's soccer legend Günter Netzer. This is the image of the car, taken 1972 while he was among the "common people". https://www.imago-images.de/sp/0018300595 And this is how it turned out in scale:
  6. Nice build! The height certainly looks different to what's shown on the box... But if you check on other builds of this kit, you will find that it just seems to build that high.
  7. Great idea, stunning skills on display, FANTASTIC model!
  8. Thanks guys. Sonny, yes you hardly see any road cars built because the kits are pretty rare. Looks like the re-issues of the old Esci (aka Revell, Italeri) or Tamiya kits are for the rallye versions only. A bit boring at some stage, as it's all the same livery. The flaw about the front end, that's referring to the size and shape of the upper indicators (the ones beside the headlights). They need to be smaller/ thinner and straighter. See this image for reference: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audi_quattro#/media/Datei:Audi_quattro_IAA.jpg Needless to say, the Tamiya kit got that right. 😀
  9. Thanks Trevor, for your kind compliment which I appreciate!
  10. Many thanks again guys, I'm glad you like it!
  11. Hi guys, I built the old Revell kit that is initially an Esci kit and currently being re-released by Italeri. Decals for the rallye version were missing in the kit, but I intended to build this a road-going car anyway. I replaced the kit's rims with 17 inch aftermarket wheels and added self-made decals. The kit is pretty much flawed, especially as far as the front and headlights are concerned, but my goal was to make the best out of it.
  12. Both Shelby's do look great! Did you paint the stripes or are thoses decals? I am asking because I noticed that you have great skills in masking/ painting...
  13. Nice Italian horses, you did a great job on them on the inside and outside!
  14. Fantastic build! IMHO this Fujimi kit is a not too great depiction of a car that in itself is not the definition of beauty. As a result, many (most) builds I have seen of this kit looked rather... let's say "average". But such a monster should not look average, it needs to stand out! And that is just what your model does, in every department! Very well done. Just one (smallest) bit of criticism: if you have a car with a French registration, it needs to have plates on both ends. Well, maybe the front plate just went off while doing more than 300 km/h on the Autobahn! 😄
  15. Hi Anders, nice work again from you, it looks great! I agree this one has to be in blue. I have two of these on stock (one in Revell, one in Italeri box - but it's the same kit) and I intend to build at least one of them, painted in dark metallic blue. 🙂
  16. Hats off! That is a demonstration of excellent modelling work!
  17. Hi Harry, nicely done, looks great! From my personal experience I can fully agree on points 3 and 5 as stated above. Tamiya tape (as most other tapes) and the softeners contained therein will react with most types of paint, especially when applied for (too) long and in warm conditions. And yes, those Hiroboy painting masks can be a PITA. I used one for my Nissan GT-R R33 some weeks ago and found it to be very imprecise. The masks' shapes didn't really match the Tamiya glass parts, despite being specifically sold for that kit... 👎
  18. SEHR GUT... Great work, well done! 👍
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