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  1. Great diorama, excellent work!
  2. Hi Ludwig, another sweet build - well done!
  3. Excellent build, well done!
  4. Great work on this difficult project, and a fantastic result!
  5. Congrats, looking at those beautiful models, I'd say you deserve it!
  6. Excellent build, the best of that NSX kit that I remember! Great photos and I really like all the details that you give about the colors and your procedures!
  7. Thanks Tom! Those are some nice Chevy's Bill! Nice racy stance on all of them. And I like that diorama!
  8. Thanks again guys! Thanks! And yes, it is! Yes, so do I mostly. Especially with those more "complex" kits, which try to replicate every underfloor detail and in the end the stance just comes out... wrong. Which is why I love those stone-old kits with hardly 20 parts in them even more. And yes, sure thing, you may show your Chevelles here!
  9. Thanks guys! I'm happy you like it despite the troubles I had... Thanks Bill. If a hardtop will be fine aswell for you, better go for the new Revell kit. For a convertible, well... Apart from the vintage non-correct aspects (beltline, front bumper...), which I tried to correct, among the most annoying things about this kits are (of course) the often-criticized tail lights, not only their shape(s), but the trouble of making them fit in the body somehow. Furthermore, the hood fits very poorly which is but only to be noticed after the windscreen has been glued into place. Also the position of the wheels looked strange to me when I tried to fix them according to the instructions. I decided to glue them into place using my own technique. These are just the major trouble spots...
  10. Hi there, I'm so glad that this kit is "over"... I guess most of you know what a PITA this is, so I won't say that much. Just that I tried to correct the beltline and the front bumper to make it look a little bit like a 1969 one. A little bit of detail has been added to the seats which don't look the part at all. Really disappointed with Round 2's role in this re-release. If I am not mistaken, all they added to the old kit is the decal sheet (which is very poorly printed by the way, see the tail stripes on my model). Well... let's at least say I don't recommend this kit... 🤐
  11. Thanks guys! @Anton: same here, especially those Revell snappers (most of them) can be turned into beauties. Here are some others that I did:
  12. Very nice. How did you do the ripple finish on the engine?
  13. Hi Anders, another beauty from your hands! Great skills and I believe these brand-new Revell kits aren't that bad either, right? 😉
  14. Excellent build! And I agree with others, probably the best of this kit I have seen so far. The only (small) thing that keeps me from saying this is perfect, is the left stripe on the hood, which is not identical to the right one (in terms of width and symmetrical position).
  15. Hi Ludwig, a great model as usual from you! Nice choice of color and top details work all around!
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