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  1. Good work and that yellow always looks great on that car! If I may show my own build:
  2. Great build! I totally agree on those Monogram kits. They may be big in 1/24 scale, but they are great kits to build. Tamiya Metallic Green looks great on ALL those Mopars. Too bad that they don't offer darker shades of green aswell.
  3. Many thanks guys, I appreciate it. Thanks Phil, that sounds like a fantastic compliment. Many thanks!
  4. Thanks Dann! Appreciate it... And as it says above, mixed bag... 😉
  5. There's another way to how masking tape can be used in the interior. You can pre-paint a piece of masking tape in the desired color or wood pattern. Then cut it to size and apply it. Done! I used this technique on my 70 Bonneville interior:
  6. Many thanks guys, I appreciate your feedback!
  7. Thanks Nigel! To be honest, that's exactly what this kit is like on the inside or underfloor. Gotta commit yourself to concentrate on the positives, do a proper job on the body, front and rear panels and trim.
  8. Hi Ludwig, another year of high quality work and models! Keep it up and model on in '22!
  9. Top notch work and models! Keep it up in '22!
  10. Great work resulting into great models, Anders! Keep it up!
  11. January: Mercury Comet Caliente '64 Buick Wildcat '70 (restoration) February: Oldsmobile Starfire Convertible '64 (Jo-Han promo restoration) Chevrolet Monte Carlo '77 April: Chevrolet Camaro Z28-E '82 Maserati Merak SS May: Ford GT 2017 Porsche 956 LM '84 June: Lancia LC2 July: Lancia Delta Integrale HF Evo Porsche 911 turbo Cabriolet '88 (restoration) August: Pontiac Bonneville Convertible '70 September: Chevrolet Chevelle SS Convertible '69 November: Plymouth GTX '70 Cadillac Eldorado '67 December: Dodge Charger 500 '69 Dodge Challenger Rallye '73
  12. Many thanks Anders and Ludwig!
  13. Great build Ludwig, you did this rare kit justice - aswell as the original 62 Galaxie that‘s sitting in your garage. 😉
  14. Great builds, all of them!
  15. Very nice build, great color choice.
  16. Fantastic build, extremely clean!
  17. Happy new year, and many thanks! In fact, this is the old Otaki kit re-released by Arii later on. Built it strictly curbside style, even though it come with the parts to built the engine. Doors can be built open, too. But everything below the body should stay hidden as much as possible with this kit. I really like the body and the wheels though.
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