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  1. Hi folks, it's been a while since I've done a European road car. This has been a nice kit, nothing else to be expected from Hasegawa. Built straight out of the box. The car itself, a legend... the race version has won no less that 6 world rallye titles on the trot. The road car, some consider it to be the Ferrarí of the hatchback class. Probably right about that... 😀
  2. Nothing short of a fantastic build, Chang! Excellent in every department. I have this kit aswell and your model pretty much shows the max that can be done with it!
  3. Many thanks guys, I appreciate it! Thanks Albert. I used 2k clear coat over Zero Paints (Pure White & Rothmans Racing Blue).
  4. Hi Anders, different kind of subject from you this time... what's identical to your other builds is the great level of skills that you show. Very nice result and the "mean" carbon fibre certainly is a nice contrast to the "innocent" light blue color! 😀
  5. Many thanks guys! Yes, indeed this is the Italeri re-release of the old Protar (plastic) kit. Some might know that there was a Protar metal kit aswell. Decals in the kit were of good quality but it still was a big PITA to get it look like this. This included mixing paint to match the light and dark blue and red color, in order to cover the spots that were left blank by the decals. As regards the real racing car, the LC2 was the only Group C racing car ever to have a Ferrari engine. It was real quick and a serious threat to the Porsche 956's, however in the long endurance races, its durability didn't stand a chance against the 956's.
  6. Great result! If this type of chrome effect would have come from any kind of paint, I wouldn't have believed it! I would like to know more about the vinyl chrome you used.
  7. Nice build of an extremely nice kit! One small criticism, if I may, is that the front "Benz grille" should be blacked out. I built this kit when those cars were still running in the DTM, around 1995. Still have the model and, apart from the labels being ages and yellowed, I still like it. https://www.wettringer-modellbauforum.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread&postID=789071#post789071 By the way, I saw that the both of us arranged the decals on the front hood differently. Mine has the Tabac decal above the Sonax one, yours has it the otherway round. Also the Tamiya box shows it the way you did it. So while I was thinking I did it wrong back then but never noticed it in all these years, I found images of BOTH versions on the internet. Turns out that the Roland Asch car has it the way you did it and the Bernd Schneider car (which I built) has it the way I built it. I guess this was purposely done by AMG Mercedes back then to do justice to both sponsors. Knowing Tamiya's sense of perfectionism, they probably stated this correcly for both options in the instructions aswell...
  8. Excellent build, outstanding result! I once had this kit in my stash but sold it some years ago because at the time I felt I was not ever gonna take on the amount of work that would come with turning it into a result that could be halfway as nice as yours.
  9. Hi there, I just finished this project which I started 3 years ago. The kit is the Tamiya 956 "Kenwood" kit, I used the Tamiya PE parts set and Shunko decals on this. Paint is Zero Paints basecoat + 2K automotive clear. The engine detail is very poor on this kit, so besides using the PE parts I added some scratch-built details.
  10. Thanks Andre, Gareth and Mike. I‘m happy you like the paint finish!
  11. Hi folks, yes, this is the 20-something parts-count Revell snapper... My son built this one box-stock some years ago and I always liked this kit. Proportians and detailing are pretty good. Due to the complexity of the body with its rear air tunnels, the main body and the read end are modeld as 2 separate parts which come but glued already in the snap-kit. So for the purpose of properly painting the body, these 2 parts have to be separated, more like: broken apart. Once that's done, game on! Many people don't know that the 1:1 car comes with an extendable rear wing which IMHO looks pretty cool. The sad part is that neither the Revell snapper nor the (much more expensive) Tamiya kit offer the option to build the car with the wing extended. So I decided to scratch-build the wing extended, using the the cut-out wing from the body and some parts from the parts bin. It's not perfect but it has the cool look I intended. Painting has been done in Ford GT "Liquid Red" with a 2-part color set from Gravity Colors. 2K clearcoat on top of that. As I figured the car needs a center stripe, I cut this from from carbonfibre decals I had. I further added the Ford logo, an Arizona plate and windscreen wipers. Here we go:
  12. Nice collection! I take it that the Jaguar XJ-R 9 is the Heller kit? I still have that in my stash...
  13. These two kits from Monogram are real gems indeed. I built the Corvette when the kit was released around 30 years ago. I got to buy another one and the Cobra in a shop sale very cheap years ago. Will do them one day for certain. 1/43 has always been more of a collector's than a builder's scale. Back in the day, Monogram undertook the effort to appeal to collectors in "their" scale. Looks like it wasn't a great success... P.S..: Great builds shown here!
  14. Great work going one here, Roger! I didn't know about the incorrect roofline but it doesn't surprise me. I wouldn't have noticed on my TA build, I was way too busy scriping the panels on the hood. 😎 Btw., I did this curbside-style, using the chassis from a Revell Snap Camaro '69.
  15. Great build, well done!
  16. Cool idea, well executed!
  17. Hi Ludwig, nice build as always. Great choice of colors, and the wheels are a perfect match!
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