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  1. Overall I like this kit. With a little work it builds up well. I don't mind building 24th scale at all. I built this one from I think the first issue, It was molded in metallic blue styrene, Done as sort of a day 2 A12
  2. Actually it's a '70. Note the different front side marker lights and side trim.... 69 70 Looks like an XL or LTD
  3. I like these kits. They make great slump busters or just a refreshing change of pace from more involved builds. Here's what I did with a Force and a Ramblur. Working on a Street Fury now. Glad ti hear they will be making a come back.
  4. Greetings all, hope everyone and theirs is safe and well. Here is my latest build, finished it up yesterday. I started with this original screw bottom AMT '64 Mercury convertible that I've had hanging around here for a few years so I decided to see if I could do something with it...... After a swim in the purple lake, a little sanding and a spritz of Testors paint here we are... Thanks for checking it out and as always comments, questions and discussions are welcome and encouraged.
  5. Thanks! Good catch there as that '60's "futuristic" styling was kind of what I was going for, like a factory concept.
  6. Thanks. Mine were in my parts box but I'm sure they are the custom caps in the original AMT 1960 3 in 1 customizing kits.
  7. Hi all, hope everyone and theirs are well. Here's my latest build, finished it up this morning... I started with this ebay original screw bottom old built up... After a little sanding and Testor's paint..... Thanks for looking, comments, questions and discussion always welcome!
  8. Thanks guys! I appreciate all the good words on this build!
  9. Hi all, hope everyone is well. Finished this one up this morning. It was an interesting and educational journey bringing this old Ford back but I had a lot of fun with it. Started with this original build up... Somehow ended up here... Thanks for looking! Comments and discussion always welcome.
  10. Well done! Looks very serious.
  11. Nice P-71. I totally dig those cars. I'd like find a clean one. I had an '04 Sport a while back. Sure was a PIA on the road when everyone around me slowed down including those in front of me. Was a lot of fun pulling into a convenience store , sure could tell who was "up to no good" LOL. Great cars, solid as a bank vault and fast.
  12. How old was the sheet? Age and environment will do that to any decal sheet over time. At least that's my experience.
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