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  1. For me it would be the Nitti roadster. Just right from any angle. Classic and timeless.
  2. Great thread! Thanks all for the information posted here. Here's a MK IV I did from the MPC kit. Mostly oob with Fred Cady decals. Testor's 1204 red over white primer.
  3. Good news, that kit builds up to a nice model with a little work. Here's one I built some time ago from the issue with the white T/A on the box. I'd like to have another.
  4. Agreed. F15 for me too. I never worked on them but I was stationed @ Eglin AFB when the 33rd Fighter Wing resided there. The sky was full of these bad boys. An early A model from the day.
  5. Love how you did that "distressed" finish. Looks like old worn out custom lacquer.
  6. Thanks all! I appreciate all the comments!
  7. Thanks. I'm working up the courage to attempt to build my IMC 2E kit. That should be a challenge! LOL.
  8. Well done. Looks good with your 312P Spyder.
  9. Now that would be a great. It was part a four car series. These would be great candidates for reissue. Thanks.
  10. Sorry not many. This is a very simple curbside kit that was meant to adapted to slot racing. I built it basically out of the box except for the decals. Here's what I have though....I had to rebuild a broken axle stub.. HTH's and good luck with your project!
  11. Finished this one up today. I started out with this vintage kit' It was a fun little curbside build. Looks good with the C I did a while back. Thanks for looking. Comments and discussion welcome.
  12. Cool thread! For me it's this old AMT '40 Ford modified. I built it around 1980 from memory and spare parts, no internet then! Still one of my favorites.
  13. Very authentic in all categories. Looks 1:1. Well done Bernard!
  14. WOW! Great score on the '65 JC! What ever direction you go with It will fit it well with your Falcon collection.
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