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  1. Well done! Looks very serious.
  2. Nice P-71. I totally dig those cars. I'd like find a clean one. I had an '04 Sport a while back. Sure was a PIA on the road when everyone around me slowed down including those in front of me. Was a lot of fun pulling into a convenience store , sure could tell who was "up to no good" LOL. Great cars, solid as a bank vault and fast.
  3. How old was the sheet? Age and environment will do that to any decal sheet over time. At least that's my experience.
  4. Thanks. Yes. those and the fender unit are from the sedan kit.
  5. Hi all! Hope everyone is well. Just finished this one up this morning. AMT kit with Gopher racing decals. Fenders are Tamiya clear over Testor's copper from the can. Body is Duplicolor Wimbleton White from the can polished with Mequiars' Scratch X. I really enjoyed this build and set a new personal record from box to shelf....8 Days. Thanks for checking it out, as always comments and discussion welcome and encouraged.. Whew...for some reason I crave a cold beer! 🍺
  6. Good color for that car. Should look sharp when done.
  7. Ok thank you David. Good info that. I'll keep an eye out for the kits and models you mentioned.
  8. Hmmmmm...50's Rolls? Love those vintage Phantoms. Can you recommend a good 1/24-25 kit of one ? I'd like to build one too!
  9. Your extra prep work really paid off here on this build. Sharp as tack!
  10. Thanks all! I really appreciate all the good words here on this build. Here is a shot of the paint I used...if interested
  11. Hi all, been working on this kit lately. I'm trying to replicate the one my Dad had circa 1961. It was almost identical to Dan Weiss' outstanding example. I ordered up some Cumberland Green and Colonial white from MCW to get correct colors for it. It's a nice kit but does have some fit issues here and there but nothing serious. Finished 'er up today. It was a fun yet challenging build. I really enjoyed the pleasant stroll down memory lane while building it. Thanks for looking, comments and discussion always welcome!
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