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  1. For me it would be the Nitti roadster. Just right from any angle. Classic and timeless.
  2. Great thread! Thanks all for the information posted here. Here's a MK IV I did from the MPC kit. Mostly oob with Fred Cady decals. Testor's 1204 red over white primer.
  3. Good news, that kit builds up to a nice model with a little work. Here's one I built some time ago from the issue with the white T/A on the box. I'd like to have another.
  4. Agreed. F15 for me too. I never worked on them but I was stationed @ Eglin AFB when the 33rd Fighter Wing resided there. The sky was full of these bad boys. An early A model from the day.
  5. Love how you did that "distressed" finish. Looks like old worn out custom lacquer.
  6. Thanks all! I appreciate all the comments!
  7. Thanks. I'm working up the courage to attempt to build my IMC 2E kit. That should be a challenge! LOL.
  8. Well done. Looks good with your 312P Spyder.
  9. Now that would be a great. It was part a four car series. These would be great candidates for reissue. Thanks.
  10. Sorry not many. This is a very simple curbside kit that was meant to adapted to slot racing. I built it basically out of the box except for the decals. Here's what I have though....I had to rebuild a broken axle stub.. HTH's and good luck with your project!
  11. Finished this one up today. I started out with this vintage kit' It was a fun little curbside build. Looks good with the C I did a while back. Thanks for looking. Comments and discussion welcome.
  12. Cool thread! For me it's this old AMT '40 Ford modified. I built it around 1980 from memory and spare parts, no internet then! Still one of my favorites.
  13. Very authentic in all categories. Looks 1:1. Well done Bernard!
  14. WOW! Great score on the '65 JC! What ever direction you go with It will fit it well with your Falcon collection.
  15. Wow. Stately, elegant and all business. Very well done!
  16. Your clean building technique is exceptional. Model on!
  17. Nice save Pat! Creative color combo too, just don't see that every day!
  18. No Imperials at Destin, FL. HL but they did have the '60 Chevy Pick Up with cart and the '86 El C SS with trail bike.
  19. For me it was this nightmare.... What started out to be a simple quick build turned out a little more complicated as there was no two parts in this kit that were made to fit together that did. It almost took the quick flight into the wall several times but I was in deep so I stuck it out and finished it....
  20. Now there's something you don't see every day.. Cool idea and Well Done!
  21. I recently had the same problem with an older pen and I posted a question about it on other forums. Here is the solution as replied by JBWelda, who used to post here: "Pump it up some by repeatedly pressing the tip down on a piece of paper. Should start flowing again. I have had this situation a time or two and was able to revive mine. If that doesn't start it up, dip the tip into a little puddle of 92 pct isopropol alcohol, and then pump it. I have had the same pens for over a year now and both work great still with the pumping exercise every once in a while. " jb All I can say is this procedure worked great. The pen chrome is good as new! Thanks JB!
  22. Outstanding recreation! Good job on the specific details and the display base.
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