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  1. That "fruit" definitely looks a lot better than the kit parts. Something to think about for my build. Tony
  2. I'll keep checking to see those photos again. Tony
  3. Really great work. I love that Routemaster bus. The whole dio reminds me of growing up in and around London until I emigrated to Canada at age 22. Now I'm 74, so it's great to see what you've done and bring back memories. Tony
  4. I won't mention the wheels.... but I like what you did with the pickup bed. Very realistic. Overall a great build. Tony
  5. What do you think you may do with the "fruit"? I've been trying to think of a few ideas, including beer barrels, but the canopy wouldn't be needed for them. Are your builds of this kit on the forum? I'll put some aside for you Fred. Tony
  6. I'm not surprised you can't find it Russell. I just found out it's disappeared of the web! The new forum owners (TapaTalk) that took over all the "myfast forum.org" sites appear to have decided to dump it. Years of member's input just gone! It hurts....... Tony
  7. I'm starting a new project. The kit is the AMT 1923 Ford T Fruit Wagon. I don't think I'll use the "Fruity" parts as the molded detail of the fruit leaves a lot to the imagination. I will be building a stock Model T though.... just have to decide what will be housed under the rear canopy. So Far I have painted the chassis, the fenders, hood and radiator typical Henry black. The color of the remainder of the body will depend on what I decide the wagon will be used for. Tony
  8. Hi everyone. My name is Tony and I live in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. For some time I have been the site administrator of another forum site known as automotion. That site was recently taken over by a new owner and there has been a total loss of pictures from member's past posts. This was a devastating blow to all of us, so I decided to abandon that site and to rejoin Model Car Forum of which I had previously been a member under a different name. As I continue my hobby on this site, some of you may recognize some of my past builds. I build mostly stock, vintage and antique vehicles, in both 1/32, and 1/25 scale. Occasionally I branch off into something entirely different, such as diaramas and some military modelling, but essentially I'm a "car guy". I hope that some of the members from automotion will join me here and bring examples of their past, present and future builds to this forum. Here's an example of one of my previous builds. A 1/32 scale 1914 Stutz Bearcat built from an old 1950's Revell "Highway Pioneers" kit with upgrades for more reality.
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