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  1. So Charles, what you're suggesting is that Kennyboy cannot even mention that he has not received his kit in this forum just in case, in the extremely unlikely case, that QuickGMC has been hit by a bus? That's ludicrous!!
  2. Steady up Charles, Kennyboy has not attacked QuickGMC personally he is simply stating facts. You on the other hand..... Everyone has to play the game for this to work, If you are not in a position to post and PM ASAP then don't claim. That is the rule and will avoid this situation. Just my 2c
  3. Everyone is making such great progress the builds are looking great. I can finally get a start as my main kit arrived today. It is not great for someone who builds at the speed of a glacier like me to give everyone such a head start but finding the kit proved more difficult than I thought. Can't wait to get into it now, how long have we got?
  4. Great progress guys, I'm still waiting for kits to arrive. Lucky we have nearly a year ? Benefit of living so far away I guess.
  5. Hey guys, I have never built for anything for a community build like this before, but i'd like to challenge myself and join for this year. I'm going with my version of Thelma & Louise's '66 Thunderbird if thats ok?
  6. I actually built it as part of a 24 hour build challenge and the theme was 'commercial vehicle'. I thought the colour was suitably commercial and thats why i grabbed that can on the way to build off. Not much pre planning as it turns out. I got everything done except the Bare Metal Foil and door decals in the 24 hours but decided I liked it better without the signage. It actually turned out to be the best spray can paint job I've done even with minimal prep, minimal sanding and no polishing.
  7. Nice work. Where are those wheels from?
  8. Hi guys, i have just finished putting the final touches on a build i completed 99% of 5-8 years ago. I'm happy to call it done now so i thought i'd share it with you all. It's a completely Box Stock Revell-Monogram kit.
  9. I think the car in the pic is actually a 4-Door XB Falcon.
  10. Pretty sure 'The Parts Box' do this car - https://www.thepartsbox.com/
  11. Can i participate from Australia or is that a step too far?
  12. What about instead of the Pay to Play model you are discussing for the Forum, use a system that allows users to Donate? A Monthly/Yearly target could be added to the front page which automatically updates with a total received so Members will know how things are going. That way those that can and are willing can help financially with the Forum and Magazine, but you won't lose the number of active members, as people can still access for free. People will be able to see how things are tracking and donate more or less often as needed to reach targets to keep everything viable. Just my 2c, but i know it works on other Forums ?
  13. That looks fantastic. Super shiny paint .
  14. Really nice. I love these unconventional model subjects. Superb model ?
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