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  1. I wanted to warn all model builders. DO NOT buy or order anything from Reliable Resins! I ordered a 1966 Mercury Comet Caliente resin kit from him a year ago and I still haven't received it. Ive made numerous calls to him over the past 12 months and its one excuse after another. Ive finally given up and the guy took me for 100.00.
  2. Ok thanks a bunch guys. I’m using an airbrush, it’s not great I’m just waiting to upgrade to a Iwata eclipse. Since Createx isn’t all that great, what’s a good water based paint? Is Inspire a good paint?
  3. i just started building model cars and I’m a bit overwhelmed. I just tossed my first model in the trash cause it’s garbage. I’m using the Createx paint and all the paints involved. Like the pearls, candy, irradiance, and the Wicked paints. Do I need to scruff the models, use a primer instead of using the Detailed black or white? I have a ton of questions about how to use the Createx line of paints and I haven’t found a Youtube video called “How to paint model cars for dummies” most of all the tips involve shirts and I already have enough of those. Any and all tips, suggestions, or web links are welcomed!
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