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  1. nice idea to have built this iconic car ... 🖕 Now, you just have to found a "Dude" made by Scale production ... 😉 Mine is on the bench ... 🤪
  2. For information, one examplary of the '69 Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jet Shaker by Revell was sold on Ebay on 3rd september for .... $202,50 !!! .... Rex, ... nice found for $40 ... 🖕 ... if you found another one, just take it for me and send me immediately a PM to say to me that I have to send money to you .... ha ha ... Here is my rare "scale1" '70 convertible ... only 72 examplaries were built in this configuration (302 2V, Medium blue, black interior, 4 speed manual gearbox, original papers of '70) ... this is the only one in France and may'be in Europe ... Now, you know why I have to build an 1/25 model ... to put on the dashboard of this one .... 😀
  3. This '70 Grandé kit by Revell is rare ... since some years, I'm trying to search one at a decent price but I admit that I have to "cut" a Mach1 kit to build my own '70 Convertible at 1/25 scale ... Fortunately, the car "scale 1" stay in my garage ... 😉 Rex, I'm sure that your green model is now able to receive its vinyl interior ... LOL .... 🤪😀😀
  4. Nice choice of model ...
  5. I Can't see the photos here ... but I don't have the same problem with your '37 Chevy ...
  6. Andrew, I spoke with Patrick Delâge last friday in Retromobile. So I have documents on the 2LCV to scan for you and I have the complete story of the restoration/re-construction of this car ... please, send me your Email on PM ... ... and, for your information, I bought this fabulous book (and dedicated by the author) ...
  7. Yes, you're right, I doubt too ... so I agree ... I'll ask to Patrick Delâge in Retromobile next friday ... but I remember that the story about this restoration/reconstruction was not very clear with the original used parts ... What a good job you do on this model with so detailled parts , I'm falling of my chair ...
  8. A realy nic e work on this '56 Montclair ... and I know how hard it is to do the windows on this Revell/AMT series ... some years ago, I did it on the Lincoln of this series ... but not so nice as your model ... I especialy like the yellowed aspect of your windows after so many years ...
  9. No problem, Andrew, the photos are correctly loaded.
  10. Andrew, Yes, the restoration of this car was very expensive but I think that we can speak of a restoration/reconstruction for this car ... the story of this chassis is not so clear as the journalists say ... You're right for the body rivets and the cockpit opening trim. For the body, I speak about the aspect. It's hard to explain it in US language for me but i say that the texture of the aluminium body of the Dealge 2LCV is identical as the texture of a dashboard of a Bugatti T35 ... You can find the decals to do it on Ebay ... http://www.ebay.fr/itm/FFSMC-Productions-Decals-1-24-Aluminium-Bouchonne-Petite-Planche/300643347270?hash=item45ffbd6b46:m:mCelEJWk7eb8_tajKcXMffA Now, I hope that you see what I mean ... Some other photos ...
  11. inspiration with this one C5 Vette powered ? ...
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