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  1. Awesome idea and artwork!! Excellent start!!
  2. John, How about building this T-Bird hauler? It would look great pulling a trailer with a T-Bird-based open-wheel roadster in tow.
  3. Well...it looks like I need to check in on you more often The last time I check your progress, all you had posted was a picture of the kit and a few shots of the actual car!! Good work, buddy!! Can't wait to see it at NNL West and GSL!!
  4. Looking pretty good, John!! The lights at the rear of the engine look pretty convincing!!
  5. Very cool build!! My first car was a 1964 Falcon Sprint. White with red interior.
  6. Very cool, Bernard!! Looks like you're already off to a good start for next year's NNL!! Later, Raul
  7. Nice job, Curt!! If it was still mine, it would still be in the box!! The wheels are from the AMT 1/16th scale 1955 T-Bird. I don't know if they're also available in the 1957 kit.
  8. Very nice work, my old friend!!
  9. Is that a touch of red I see hiding behind those big dishes? Hmmm...green, cream, black and a redish orange...what does that remind me of??? If it was only low slung, had a belly pan, some Big-and-Little Chrome T's... See you next week at the NNL West!!
  10. Very nice work, my old friend!! The wheels turned out GREAT!! This one will certainly be a standout at the NNL West next week!! See you then!! Later,
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