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  1. Bobchayer added a post in a topic 1914 Model T Firetruck   

    Excellent build. Seeing this has inspired me to get started on the ICMs piling up in the shelf. 
  2. Bobchayer added a post in a topic 1909 EMF Racer   

    Thanks for the information. I'll correct the paper work with the EMF Three-in-Oner when I build them.
  3. Bobchayer added a post in a topic 1909 EMF Racer   


  4. Bobchayer added a post in a topic 1877 George B. Seldon Horseless Carriage   

    Mostly on eBay by searching every day. Several of us who like models of older vehicles have been helping each other for the last 14 years. For example, I build models no newer than 1927. Holland Plastic Model Kits is a good place to find out what models were manufactured by whom in France, East Germany, and other European countries. ICM presently produces finely detailed models in Ukraine, mostly in 1/35 but recently in 1/24.
  5. Bobchayer added a topic in Under Glass   

    1877 George B. Seldon Horseless Carriage
    1877 George B. Seldon horseless carriage, 1/24 scale manufactured by MOD-AC Mfg. Co., Los Angeles 4, Ca. Note the engine is on the front axle and pivoted with the axle. This kit had die cut plastic parts for the sides, steering mechanism, and springs. This was apparently manufactured when plastics were still being developed so the plastic  parts were warped and distorted and good only for patterns. The plastic wheels had to be heated and reshaped. The model actually steers.

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  6. Bobchayer added a topic in Under Glass   

    1899 Dedion-Bouton Vis-A-Vis
    1899 Dedion-Bouton Vis-à-vis, 1/18 scale. Manufactured by Les Plastiques de la firme Francasie de Langeac (Haute Loire) in France in the late 50s and 60s.

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  7. Bobchayer added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1904 Oldsmobile
    1904 Oldsmobile Curved Dash, 1/16 scale, manufactured by Hudson Miniatures Old Timers in 1949.  Kit consists of balsa, pine, precast plastic wheel and metal lights, wire, and brass eyelets. Cardstock sides were replaced with sheet styrene. Paper and wood springs were replaced with flat brass wire.

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  8. Bobchayer added a post in a topic 1905 White Steamer   

    The Fador Smallster was manufactured by the Fador Manufacturing Corp, 501 E. Clinton St., Elmira, NY. They made this 1905 White Model F Touring; a 1909 E.M.F. Racer (see this in Cars Under Glass on this forum); a 1904 Cadillac; 1905 Reo 4 Passenger Runabout; 1908 Baker Electric; 1909 E.M.F. "3 in Oner( can be made as roadster, or  with a removable tonneau, or with a single "mother -in-law" seat); and a 1909 Hupmobile Roadster. All are 1/16 scale with detailed plans and good instructions. Manufacturing started in 1949 to compete with Hudson Miniatures then quit as plastic became more prevalent easier to build. They have cast wheels, radiator, steering wheel, and lights. The kits consist of pine wood, balsa, cardstock, and wire. They are available on eBay. Sometimes the kits are not complete, as there is no inventory sheet, necessitating buying more than one kit to have enough parts for a complete model. If you hear of a different model than listed here, please let me know.
  9. Bobchayer added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1905 White Steamer
    1905 White Steamer, 1/16 scale, manufactured by Fador in 1949. Kit contains excellent plans and directions, cast metal wheel and lights and steering wheel, metal axles, wire, and a few precut parts. Wood is pine and balsa. 
    s. There is no radiator; the steam condenser sits at the front of the vehicle. Cardstock hood and seat formers were replaced with 0.5mm styrene. Condenser is formed with 1/8 wood dowels.
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  10. Bobchayer added a post in a topic 1909 EMF Racer   

    The E.M.F. stood for Everett, Metzger, and Flanders, the company owners. It was also referred to as "Every Morning Fix It" and "Every Mechanical Failure". Each car came with a complete catalog with each part numbered for easy replacement. The E.M.F. had 30 horsepower supplied by a four cylinder engine. Wheel base was 106"; gas tank held 15 gallons. All cars were painted E.M.F. red. All models used the same chassis. The price of the E.M.F. with standard equipment, a pair of acetylene head lights and generator, two side oil lamps, tail lamp, lamp brackets, tube horn, tire repair kit, tools, and magneto was $1250. E.M.F. eventually became Studebaker.
    I found the kit on eBay. They can be expensive. Many of the kits that are available have missing parts necessitating a moderate supply of wood, wire, filler, and crazy glue. Fador made seven different kits before stopping productions. There are two EMF kits, this racer and a kit called the EMF "Three in Oner"  which plans start with a roadster to which you can add a detachable tonneau or a single rear seat.  
  11. Bobchayer added a post in a topic 1903 Cadillac   

    Thanks for the comments. I used Futura floor polish applied with a Q-Tip.
  12. Bobchayer added a topic in Under Glass   

    1910 Ford Model T Torpedo
    1910 Ford Model T Torpedo, 1/16 scale, manufactured by Hudson Miniatures Old Timers, Scranton, Penna. in 1949. Kit contained cast wheels, radiator, and lights; steel wire, soft and hard balsa wood; and cardstock. 0.5 Mm styrene was used for the hood. Fenders and running boards were from a Lindberg 1/16 kit and heavily modified to fit. Rag top was from gabardine trousers bought in a thrift shop. Upholstery was made from 1/8 inch square pine sanded to shape.
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  13. Bobchayer added a topic in Under Glass   

    1903 Cadillac
    1903 Cadillac, 1/16 scale. Kit manufactured in 949  by Hudson Miniatures Old Timers, Scranton, Penna. It has plastic wheels and tires, soft and hard balsa wood, cardstock, steel wire, and cast lights and steering wheel. Flat brass wire was substituted for cardstock springs. Odds and ends from left over parts.
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  14. Bobchayer added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1927 Ford Model T Dump Truck
    1927 Ford Model T dump truck, 1/24 scale, manufactured by Tin Lizzie Crafts, Wiscasset, Maine about 1989. Kit consisted of pine wood, plywood, cast metal wheels, radiator, pulleys, steering wheel. Also included were brass and steel wire, cardstock, and brass eyelets. 0.5 Mm styrene was substituted for card stock on the hood, fenders from an ATM glue bomb, flat brass wire for springs. The body and the tail gate are hinged.
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  15. Bobchayer added a topic in Under Glass   

    1903 Winton Touring Car
    1903 Winton Touring Car, 1/24 scale. Included in a 1975 Tonka Diorama. This Winton was the first automobile to be driven across the US starting in California and ending up in New York. in a 1975 Tonka diorama. This Winton was the first car to cross the US from Sacramento to New York.
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