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  1. 1909 Hupmobile Roadster 1/16 scale manufactured by Fador Manufacturing Company, Elmira, NY September 30, 1949. Plastic and metal castings, wood. Sheet styrene substituted for original cardstock.
  2. Nice build. Good to see more brass era vehicles presented. Keep up dthe good work.
  3. Hudson Miniature wood kit with help from Aurora plastic kit. 1/16 scale.
  4. Bought one of these when they were first for sale by Genesis in Tampa, FL. I still have not finished it. The front axle is so weak that I will have to use a wire to keep it from bending. Most of the parts have voids in them that must be filled to be able to finish it. The small parts, such as steering mechanism, are so small and thin I have not yet removed the flashing. The wheel spokes are all different diameters and have required sanding to make them uniform. Some parts are soft and some really brittle. This appears to be the only model Genesis issued. I can see why they stopped production. I will eventually finish it. I'm probably too dumb to just scrap it.
  5. Daily drivers. 1968 Chevy C20 68,000 miles with 327 engine.. 1977 Jeep Cherokee 82,000 miles with 360 engine.
  6. Free boxes. Request a donation for postage. I do not keep them.
  7. Good build with really nice dash detailing.
  8. Where should I post photos of racecars that are NOT NASCAR? For example.....
  9. 1917 Ford Model T Depot Hack 1/24 scale from kit manufactured by Tin Lizzie Crafts, Wiscasset, Maine in 1996. Stick built from wood, cardstock, styrene, wire.
  10. 1917 Ford Model T express truck 1/20 scale from kit by Tin Lizzzie Crafts, Wiscasset, Maine. Woo, metal, cardstock, wire, and styrene sheet. Manufactured in 1996 and discontinued a few years ago upon death of owner.
  11. 1909 Stanley steamers 1/16 scale from Hudson Miniatures kits manufactured in 1949. Mostly wood with wire, card stock, and parts from my junk pile.
  12. 1905 White steamer model F touring car 1/16 scale from kit manufactured by Fadfor Smallsters in 1949. Wood, wire, card stock, and parts from work bench left overs.
  13. 1904 Curved dash Oldsmobile 1/16 scale from Hudson Miniatures manufactured in 1949 of wood, wire paper, plastic and parts from my junk pile.
  14. 1895 Duryea model cast in resin by Genesis2Scale LLC of Tampa, FL in October of 2010. The resin is extremely soft and pliable. The axles will have to be reinforced with stiff 1/16 in wire to be usable. All the castings have gaps and missing areas (not bubbles) that will have to be filled. All the flat surfaces will have to be resurfaced and sanded. When I received it 10 years ago I was so disappointed I lost track of it in my inventory. Found it today and will restart the build as there are few models of any vehicle of this age. This was to be Genesis2Scale's first casting of many. I have not heard of or from them since October 2010. Mr. Dissolved Putty is the perfect solution for a model of this quality.
  15. Just received this 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen from ICM Holding in Kiev. Somewhat pricey but modeling of any early vehicle is rare.
  16. Looking for 1909 Hupmobile Smallster kit manufactured by Fador in 1949. The plastic radiator should be included in the kit; preferably not damaged. A damaged radiator is acceptable if it has enough detail so I can carve a new one.
  17. Good rendition. Good paint selection. Agree w/the beer truck.
  18. Apparently the hired hand on my grandmother's farm in central Vermont didn't get the memo. He doubled up all kinds of wheels on Ts. I presume you meant stock from the factory. Thanks for the comments. Model Ts are my favorite models and any and all information about them is helpful.
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