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  1. peter havriluk added a post in a topic More on Molotow pens   

    I bought a 1 mm pen recently and used it today.  It did the trim rings on the wheels of a 1/32 1940 Ford, the windshield trim, wipers, and the chrome trim on the Ford hood, and ran dry when I was doing the chrome spokes on a 1963 Corvette knockoff wheel, the first of four.  Or at least won't flow.  Eh?  That seems like awfully little use to run the thing dry.  Any idea how much use I should expect before the tank runs dry?
    Thanks, folks.
  2. peter havriluk added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    molotow chrome pens - - - choosing a size
    I just became aware that these things existed.  A happy surprise.   At twelve bucks a pop, I am reluctant to buy all three sizes, 1mm, 2mm, 4mm.  Is any one size particularly useful in highlighting wheels, side trim, lettering?  For the moment I don't think I'll be rechroming any bumpers.
    Thanks very much
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