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  1. Me, too. Any vendor that can deliver a saturated and opaque yellow has my interest big time!
  2. GeeBee: What a gorgeous Chrysler! I'm ignorant about the kit, its scale, age of the kit. Can you please help? Thanks!
  3. Please refer to my initial comment about foil. Thanks.
  4. Dave, I used a Molotow pen on a prior project. My experience was that these things are very expensive for what little coverage is available with the pen. Ran out before the car was finished and there wasn't much to do (this was a couple of years ago and I've forgotten which project that was). But I appreciate the reply, thanks very much.
  5. I'm in the midst of assembling a Moebius 1955 Chrysler 300 racer, and I'd like some advice about order of operation to paint the body exterior. The most straightforward path is to prime, paint body color, mask, spray trim. Anything work better? And, no, I don't want to use rub-on foil for the brightwork. Thanks, folks
  6. I bought a 1 mm pen recently and used it today. It did the trim rings on the wheels of a 1/32 1940 Ford, the windshield trim, wipers, and the chrome trim on the Ford hood, and ran dry when I was doing the chrome spokes on a 1963 Corvette knockoff wheel, the first of four. Or at least won't flow. Eh? That seems like awfully little use to run the thing dry. Any idea how much use I should expect before the tank runs dry? Thanks, folks.
  7. I just became aware that these things existed. A happy surprise. At twelve bucks a pop, I am reluctant to buy all three sizes, 1mm, 2mm, 4mm. Is any one size particularly useful in highlighting wheels, side trim, lettering? For the moment I don't think I'll be rechroming any bumpers. Thanks very much
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