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  1. Monogram big t

    Here is a model that my dad gave me yesterday. I think these was he’s only model he built. I’m going to leave the bust on there because I think it is cool to leave on there Plus it adds 80 bucks to the price lol. I think it would be cool to find the original box and then make bigger shelves for the smaller models and for this one and the other big models. But im happy to have thes cool piece of history in my collection. oh and I would like to get another one that does not cost 2 billion dollars metaphorically speaking and do my own twist on it
  2. 57 Ford Faux Sedan Delivery Gasser

    I’m building A 57 ford but it is a restomod you can find the build thread on my account or search up 1957 ford station wagon restomod if you what to. Grat looking build to love it.
  3. 1927 ford and 81 Ranger

    It been a long time I posted something think it has been 3 to 4 months now. Yesterday was a nice day sun so I never seen thes cars in the sun since I got done with them 4 months ago I think. And the clear came up pretty good on both of them but messed up on the Ranger for masking. Just a Little the update the 57 station wagon need rims so i will probably go and order them this weekend on they Datsun 510 just need to buy paint which I will by this weekend with the rims for the 57 and it will be done on the 1/16 scale 57 Chet bel air will I don’t now what to Di with that. When I get rims and paint I will show you guys and girls what’ happening. Enjoy the pictures 🏎🏎🏎🏎😁😁😎😎
  4. 1957 ford station wagon

    I mocked the Interior up and the shifter is from the 57 kit. I also mocked up they engine bay up to.
  5. 1957 ford station wagon

    Thanks Casey for helping me on how to take photos I will use your advise for the next photos I take. Here are some old photos that I got to work thank you ich-Will Oh and Casey here are some pictures of the motor of how it sets but I I’m thinking of moving the trance mount and the motor mount back to much of the bellhouesing is showing. But on they older 57s some of the bellhouesing so if I flip the motor mount it should be perfect.😁 Oh The center stack I messed up on the cutting as you can see on the old photos. But I got some pictures of it. I still have some filler to put on it but I still have some work to do to it to make it look good.
  6. 1957 ford station wagon

    Thanks for you help 😁
  7. 1957 ford station wagon

    I started a nother project just what I need lol. All I did is take the revells 1957 ford and revells 2010 GT500. I mounted the motor by sanding the stock motor mount. I also took the Center Consul of the gt500 and the screen (don’t now what to call it). Then I used some Tamiya basic putty to fill the gaps Still have some sanding to do. (I would hace some pictures Of the motor and the screen of what it looks like but for some reason it doesn’t let me upload a picture if anyone has the same problem let me now.)
  8. Revell 1/25 55 Chevy

    Love the blue
  9. Model car rims

    Something like these is what I I’m looking for. the bottom one is the one that I I’m really looking for. But the other one will work to
  10. Model car rims

    I whant wheels or a aluminum sleeve doesn’t matter what one. I I’m looking for a period correct wheel with a the moder taste.
  11. Does anyone now where I can get some model car rims. Like some one on Facebook, instagram or anything else.😁
  12. Ant t buckets 60s vibe

    Thak's David and it does look very good with the whitewalls. Thank you They are nice on it The paint job terned out really good and i did have to wet-sand on it was really smooth when it was fully dry. Thanks I was worried that it was not going to look good with the decals on it. Thanks Thank you Thank you and model on to you. Thanks
  13. Revell Datsun 510 ( tuner or drift car)

    those rims do look good on the car and i might leave them black because the bod color is going to be Nissan midnight purple what do you think.
  14. Love how it looks always liked they 70s ford F100 and f150
  15. '57 Chevy Bel Air mild custom

    Love the build and I like the wheels.