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  1. yeah a lot more most folks I know make them with soders wire and brass aluminum or plastic tube
  2. the amt custom Vicky is another good subject for the running gear and engine it's all late model mustang guess the easiest route is any newer vette or viper have seen the frames from the custom lindbergs used under old mopars the vipers to
  3. well waiting on a reply bout a inline for this CBP
  4. not the subject but the lack of inlines
  5. may push other companies into reissues so cant be a bad thing with both those out
  6. a good pack to get also is the sister to that set of cheaters the racemaster tall and wide
  7. think I would go ask vince he had one awhile back
  8. is ok may have found a guy with some build up's if so and I can latch onto them man their going to the pond fast missed the long bed c-10s ah well
  9. got fix is the fiber or vinyle window screen in storm windows as for thread well I would use match sticks would use aluminum wire and thin slices of duct tape or clear sounds odd maybe but it can be used for cage padding to then painted have used the screen idea for grill's works pretty good cheap to
  10. had a few of the kits ages ago. not sure which one but I know one of the step sides had the 80's style grill and hood maybe pumping iron guess the least pricey kits the monster truck these days
  11. a lot of stuff like the aluminum wire you can get at a dollar store stero wire foat sheet to make realistic interiors sound's odd but got the wire in red silver and black by the pack of 6 works for fuel lines and making coil springs
  12. pretty interesting in all with all the real kit cars of those im surprised someone hasn't done it yet.
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