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  1. for the moment those kit's are what I have left from a stash that got hammered by falling box of books so til I got more to bring to this i'll stay clear of it .........
  2. tell ya what which ever nascar is picked i'll throw in the pickup that better?
  3. yeah a lot more most folks I know make them with soders wire and brass aluminum or plastic tube
  4. the amt custom Vicky is another good subject for the running gear and engine it's all late model mustang guess the easiest route is any newer vette or viper have seen the frames from the custom lindbergs used under old mopars the vipers to
  5. truck open complete kodiac olds open complete country olds is sealed
  6. ok deano thanks bud thank goodness for pay it forward lol got one of those awhile back minus a few thing's so im grateful here
  7. will claim the 50 ford F-1 deano and will post later today
  8. Crankenstien

    Johan SC/Rambler

    a lil work and you could use a 70 cuda rear end and springs bud
  9. well waiting on a reply bout a inline for this CBP
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