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  1. AMT & Revell 67 pro street Chevelle both have big blocks with headers.
  2. I have a build up I did years ago it has 1 pc tires with Firestone on the sidewalls and tread detail molded in a softer rubber
  3. I use Radio Shack 30awg wrapping wire it is .016 O.D. sum times you can find it on the bay . I bought 5 rolls there. life time supply
  4. How does one contact Robert Burns if you don't do face book
  5. when making that Suburban the length behind the rear tires is longer than on the pickup
  6. contact info is on the last page of the instruction booklet
  7. I am not a Ford guy but I have a 68 AMT ht in the works but am stalled by the back window . what and exactly how was it done thanks Jack ps looks real nice !
  8. that's it what do you need ?
  9. mainly the intake manifold lots to trade vintage parts nothing modern thanks Jack L
  10. Longhorn came out in 68 it was on a 3/4 ton or 1 ton chassis cab frame . the wheel base was 6 inches longer and the frame rails were larger than a pick up chassis and only had leaf springs
  11. the 327 2 or 4 barrel had single exhaust in the Camaro
  12. Moebius emailed me they know ,they are waiting on a shipment of good parts its across the complete production run
  13. a lot of paints now have a recoat time of after 48 hrs
  14. you must have gotten the last Suburban from Steve he told me he didnt have any they were not making any more
  15. I picked up 1 this weekend warped hood , bed sides and warped and broken front of frame
  16. I have front 61 & 62 bumpers & grilles and 62 rear bumper but no rear grilles
  17. need pics have lots of grilles and bumpers but don't what they are
  18. Superbird McMonte Dominick Gerace did one at one time
  19. Alan where did you order a resin Suburban from , thanks Jack
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