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  1. Fiat Fuel Competition Coupe - W.I.P. - Update 07-26

    youve literally shown every Comp Coupe I drool over whenever I think about building one to race haha
  2. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 6/26/18)

    shes had a few different wheels and looks in the past 23 years with me..about to go under the knife again for a late 60s/ early 70 drag car look to match its 14 to 1 compression 289
  3. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 6/26/18)

    no, my car is PPG Charcoal gray metallic lacquer over a dark gray primer, It was repainted in the late 80s. Car was originally the factory blue. I still have maybe half a gallon or so of it here in one of my cabinets
  4. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 6/26/18)

    looks like the same color my 65 is!
  5. Finished my 1st Funny Car

    CLEAN BUILD...My only advice is to not go back and redo them...Display them as they are and it will show how you progress through the years. I went back and redid my first kits (the ones I did with my father) and i no longer have any of them... I wish I did Otherwise, build as you see fit.
  6. What are the tires from? looks good!
  7. Now IM gonna have to search the lego section!
  8. what did you use for the tires????
  9. 32 Ford A/SR - FINISHED

  10. LSR Project - Updated Pics - 3-16

    you know, a mini english wheel and planishing hammer would have done the same thing...haha I am constantly amazed at your work..I do this stuff in 1:1 scale and still cant get over it in scale...We also need more land speed projects around here!!!!
  11. LOVE IT...The Ford trucks of the 50s and 60s lend themselves so well to being customized.
  12. Crosley

    I have one of those Ebay Crosley bodies Im building as a 60s era drag car. I radiused in some wheelwells, and planned a blown FE ford motor so far. itll probably sit on my desk mocked up forever and a day haha If you havent yet, look up "Kamicrosley"...you wont be disappointed haha
  13. AMT Tommy Ivo FED

    Now im gonna have to go buy one. looks awesome!!!
  14. Contest winner from 1993

    where did you grab the tires from? BTW, love the paint! I use to race on the salt, and that Stude would fit right in!!!!