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  1. I have to say..That looks great slammed haha Nice work bringing it back so far
  2. white and light colors is a common color in the racing world for inspection purposes. As for that time frame, Im not sure if itd be era correct. I will say, That paint looks too pretty for an old race car haha
  3. I think at this point, I just like mocking things up to prove out ideas and watching all of you guys build. I wish I had bench time but its been years
  4. thanks to my father being a ford and mercury drag historian, I grew up fully engulfed in these cars. He has a 65 Comet with an r code 427/4 speed, and my grandfathers 65 404 wagon(among others). I have a 65 with a 14 to 1 289. My father was building a FE powered 65 falcon just before they moved.
  5. Nice work! I think the current owner (Dean) would agree. The car is still here in CT, and is driven often.
  6. I may have split the bed at the rails like you did the front (which I like) cant wait to see where you go with this. As a guy that does custom metal work, I wish flaring a set of steel fenders was as easy as it is in Styrene haha
  7. it needs those moon caps and whitewalls or the piecrusts and americans..Stance is spot on, chop looks killer...
  8. We use to get a steady stream of people stopping by (i assume they still do) so we decided to start chopping it late one night so we wouldnt get disturbed. Everyone stopped the next day and jaws hit the floor when it was mocked up haha
  9. LOVE IT!!! Im an early custom fan in both !:1 and in scale and youre hitting all the right boxes. It says Valley Customs to me so far
  10. The first photo is of Rob Gibby and his teams roadster. Ive known him for years and its a very fast, cool piece. The Coupe was built for George Poteet by Rolling Bones. It was being built while I worked there. I have quite a few hours of fab time on it Model looks cool!!!! I have a few of those bodies
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