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  1. LOOKS AMAZING RANDY!!!!! Im not a big sports car type fan, but the early ones were just down right elegant and sexy!!! I actually study them for hot rod ideas. Being a fabricator for a profession makes me fall in love
  2. Pacer Wagon - Camp Racemore

    Not only does it look badass, itd be fun to drive!!
  3. '65 Falcon A/FX

    Ill be watching for sure.
  4. Meyers Manx - 70's Metalflake Beach Buggy

    i just picked one of these up, IM hoping it will be a fun litle project
  5. Double Kit Custom 32 Sedan

    you cant just stop here!!!!! I love that interior
  6. It really does look like old checked lacquer!!! I know it wasnt your intended finish, but it could work well if you weather the rest of the model.
  7. 1938 Opel Admiral !

    the way they separated the roof reminds me of Buddy Ohanesians 40 Mercury and I think thats why it popped into my head.. if you look up Rik Hoving, youll get lost for hours researching period customs haha
  8. 1938 Opel Admiral !

    thats screaming to be a 40s/early 50s era custom with a removable hardtop...some sombrero hubcaps, tail dragger stance etc
  9. Enforcer Custom Corvette

    Looks good!, Im gonna be doing the same since my down n dirty mock up is still sitting right next to me as I type..I keep telling myself not to mess with it right now as for the dog house, I have an awesome MRS that has never once complained when I bought or drug something home...She listens to my hairbrained ideas since Im a designer and fabricator whos brain never shuts off.. Although honestly, i do wish she would stop me once and awhile..but Im not gonna tell her that!!!! haha
  10. A couple of Mustang GTOs

    Ill be following..I love the old IMSA cars
  11. Pulse Jet LSR

    Wheelbase is your friend at high speed
  12. Enforcer Custom Corvette

    So the other day i recieved my ebay score. Thought id share the direction im going. I had to buy 5 corvette builds to get a started street shark... now that i have one, its going full drag race mode (will open up the rear wheelwells for proper slick location and put proper wheels under it). First stop is a trip in the purple bath. JAMES...i blame you 100 percent for starting your build and making me buy this haha THREAD HIJACK OVER
  13. 4 gluebomb/junkyard corvettes

    I bought a group of corvettes for one recently and I have no use for the rest of them. Trade me something cool. Hot rods, drag cars, land speed cars,Customs, parts, junkyards, possible gluebomvs... Thanks guys, photos on the way Idk whats missing as i didnt go through them, the black "gasser" isnt horrible, the blue one is heavily brush painted. I know the red one has the windshield posts broken off.
  14. My only 2 for the year.

    love that brown!!!!
  15. I have to get back on mine, its sitting on my shelf staring at me haha