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  1. still looking to get rid of this
  2. I keep staring at my 2 on the shelf wanting to start shaving them but I already have a few projects I need to stay on
  3. I do so little past primer, I really don't need much more haha
  4. yeah thats what I found myself. Guess I make a new one out of some tig wire
  5. down n dirty unfoosed 56 f100 I just started. sectioned until I liked the look and the bed is starting as the quarters from a monogram 55 ford delivery. It's becoming a late 50s radical custom. I still need to set the wheelbase, bed length, height etc. itll have canted quad headlights (hence my wanted ad) ³
  6. my son seems to have lost one of my wires for my tamiya paint carousel. does anyone know if you can buy them separately? thanks
  7. I love it! any idea what the wheels and tires are from before they ended up in your parts box?
  8. I may need another one of these in my collection. Drag and 60s era custom Corvettes are the only vettes for me I'll be watching
  9. so Life has been a no stop flurry of activity and work. tonight is the first night I'm not working all day and late into the night, so what do I do? some mocking up pf course. I ended up with the Mercedes as a falling apart survivor in a sense. Im not a big European car guy BUT it hit me that it could be a KILLER custom. Imagine taking a coachbuilt Mercedes to the early masters like Westergard or Jimmy Summers, even SAM Barris amd they take it to the next level. picture if you will a car smoothed of its barbs, headlights molded low into the fenders, 49 Jag xk120 wheels and wide whites. the altitude adjusted etc. Im picturing skirts and maybe even extending the front fenders to give the car a fadeaway look. the shoebox is a body I recently picked up cheap. It's alittle rough around the edges due to the really bad paint, BUT I'm thinking I can block it all down, and give it a fresh look. the canted quafs, vette covers and 57 chevy rear custom tail along with the roof scoop solidly put it into the last 50s. I threw some old AMT wheels and tires under it for now.
  10. i have 3 49 Jag xk 120 roadster Danbury mint diecasts. One I restored, one Im turning into an early custom and the third Im turning into an early landspeed car.
  11. Ill be watching! I love early land speed and drag cars. I also use to race on the salt
  12. so much good stuff! Im gonna have to sit down after life calms down later this week and put a list together
  13. I have one of these bodies kicking around do I've been thinking about doing the same thing too!
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