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  1. someone take away his modeling card!!! haha Theyre too expensive to not keep extra stuff Some great advice guys!!! Thanks
  2. I have replied to all messages and marked everything as pending that I have serious deals in the works as of now
  3. thanks Alan! thats exactly what Im working on this weekend. Ive gone through all my kits and returned them to "box stock" so I dont have to search. Then I went through ALL my parts Ive acquired through the years...I weeded out roughly 10 model boxes worth of stuff. Next step is to do like you said and organize everything from there. I dont have the time to hunt for stuff anymore, bench time is very limited
  4. I paid 10 dollars for it because it was broken. current pricing for a nice one with the box is roughly 100 bucks...PLUS this one is number 517 of I believe 5000 I could fabricate them for sure. My OCD just wont allow it to sit on the shelf "broken" haha
  5. more photos...my tab keeps crashing on my phone so Im giving up haha
  6. Ok guys, I spent the last 2 days going through my loose parts and separating what I wanted from what I dont. I also separated everything by catagory Instead of putting it on Ebay or FB marketplace as model car junkyard listings right away, I figured I'd try trading it away first... Heres the deal though, If you want a specific category (see below), DM me ASAP. this stuff has to leave. I wont answer questions about specific parts etc. Whatever landed in the box landed in there. I did cut off wasted spruce space, I threw out anything that was broken, there is NO JUNK in any of these boxes, keep in mind that its a mixed bag of new and old/painted. Ive kept what I wanted and this all has to go away ASAP. I dont have the time to part it out and judging what I see stuff going for lately, its my loss. Anyways. heres what I have in no order: Box of bodies 2 boxes of exterior type parts glass, bumpers, grilles, hoods, etc 1 box of engine/transmission, etc nearly full 1 box of tires. nearly full 1 box of wheels,backings, brakes etc: PENDING per reply 1 box of suspension, driveshafts etc 1 box of interior, seats, dashes, steering wheels, pedals, etc 1 box of misc parts trees. ( I know there are some rig pieces, 56 and 57 ford, 49 merc etc ) 1 70 monogram boss 429..Not any wheres near complete: PENDING per reply 1 65 Galaxie box, 2 bodies, and a gaggle of misc pieces from the kit. Nowhere near complete 1 small bag of nascar wheels, brake ducts, etc: PENDING per reply 1 small bag of military pieces. no idea what theyre from small pile of instructions and decals. nothing special, but I couldnt throw them away yet I WILL EDIT THE LIST AS STUFF LEAVES. so im in hot rods, customs, custom trucks, early drag cars,modern outlaw drag cars, early land speed cars etc. I also collect selected danbury mint cars, ACME, 1320 and GMP Hit me up with ideas and well figure something out Im also looking for 2 pair of unused monogram f250 srw bedsides The custon wheels from the AMT ford flairside pickup revell 32 Ford hot rod kits. 3 window, roadster amd sedan a 1320 Garlits swamp rat 6 motor 1 pair of Milestone 1/16 funny car zoomies a moebius 70 Ford 4wd pickup I know Im forgetting stuff
  7. i definitely need to get a few of these this time. I only got one the firat time
  8. As the title states, Im looking for a swamp rat 6 set of radius arms. I picked up a diecast and It has a broken radius arm and the other is repaired Id even settle for a source to obtain one thanks
  9. hey guys, looking for 2 sets (4 quarters) of the Monogram 1991 f250 single rear pickup thanks!
  10. Should have weighed it before you started drilling haha. Looks awesome
  11. if you decide to go with the traditional roots blower (non SCOT) to make a 471, you can basically cut one rib out of the 671. everything else would be the same I feel a 671 on a flathead is far too big. Ace is dead on with his info
  12. I went through their photos, Im not seeing this style halibrand or tire unfortunately
  13. has anyone attempted that swap? I have a 57-61 AMT ford long pick up onto the Moebius 70 4 wheel drive frame? I love them low, but Ive always wanted a 4wd one in "real life" Anyone have photos or know of threads?
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