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  1. nice tutorial!!!!thank you. Am I the only one not seeing all of the photos in the thread?
  2. been awhile since I checked in....my jaw is on the floor...beautiful as always
  3. 46-48s looks so good on the ground. Nice work!
  4. may take me a bit as Im running stupid for the next week or so, but Ill see what I can dig up
  5. this was the other roadster I was a crew member for. Car number 2321, Rolling Bones xf/FR
  6. If you look up "Rolling Bones High Speed Division" Im sure youll find some stuff. The car number is "8892" ...the numbers are the bith years of the 3 partners in the car. Bill and Donnie were born in 1948, I was born in 1979, the car being a 32. It started life as a 32 5 window east coast hot rod in the 50s and then was put back on the street by Bill in the late 90s/early 2000s. If you send me an email address, I can send some photos over as well in this photo, Good friend Derek is on the passenger side, Im behind the door with Bill behind me
  7. i was a member of 2 race teams though I also helped a few other friends while out there. I was a partner in a 32 roadster with a small block chevy in it. Went nearly 147 with a hurt sleeved 283..My personal goal out there is 250 in a car/truck I build.
  8. looks awesome! makes me want to get back racing out there...
  9. looks so awesome!!! one of the few 4 doors I actually really like in hot rod form
  10. If youre gonna build a phantom, Id use Malcolm Durhams or the Seaton shaker as my research base. both cars were badass and 2 of the only real competitive chevies in the A/FX class
  11. as others have stated, you could get the dual quads, and the webers on the 289, and you are correct that it would be a B/FX class car. The previous year Comet were very similar in visuals for both A and B/fx classes so if you look at those youll have an idea on what mods were done. Only 2 A/FX falcons were built. All of this Im sure youre aware of haha
  12. look up Littleman_davelohr on instagram. His henry J is killer
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