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  1. I have a set probably wont use. Do you want me to send you a photo of them under a ranger?
  2. yes, they say Goodyear front runner on them. they are very skinny and not very tall. I just had a friend send me a photo of them.
  3. Ive always wanted to build one of these as a landspeed car
  4. I really wish I could get a photo of how well the interior fits inside the body!
  5. tonight's mock up has a back story... saw a guy post on FB that he finally found one of these new in the box. I asked him if he'd be interested in selling me a pair of the headers, fenders and interior pieces. he said he'd gladly send me the pieces since he doesn't need them anymore...THIS showed up today...after I picked up my jaw, I went into harvest and mock up mode again. THE PLAN. I want to clean up one of the glue bombs and get it on the shelf. Im then gonna build one using a Revell body and nailhead, along with a pair of slicks and those chrome wheels from what I believe is an American Graffiti coupe
  6. anytime!!! Per usual, I'm really digging what you're doing!
  7. thank you! here's another 5 window (this one a drag city casting) for the mix and a 34 cabriolet I'm channeling and converting into a roadster. Thanks to @tim boydfor the idea of using the AMT 36 roadster cowl piece
  8. I use to build traditional hot rods professionally, Left the industry for various reasons. I have a "9 to 5" fabricating mostly high end stainless work, as well as my own fab shop at the house. I miss it enough where Im thinking about going back on my own and building cars again under my shop name (Chabres Hot Rod and Fabrication, or CHRF) I also started a you tube channel that Covid kind of ended for a bit because when the pandemic hit both the Mrs and I ended up working like crazy due to shortages etc. If anyones interested I can post up some photos etc sometime.
  9. Im really liking the sheen on the chassis! The whole project is coming together awesome!
  10. KILLER!!! my favorite year galaxie!
  11. SAME! this is the top of my display cabinet in my office so its neck height. I have to walk by it everytime I enter or leave my office since its the front room of our house
  12. the blue one is staying as is, its one of a very small group of survivors I have, I do want to get a pair of stacks for it since the original builder had a set on it . I have another someone painted this awesome pink That Im gonna mess with eventually
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