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  1. Ive grown to love this kit, the simplicity is a great start for a killer hot rod. youre taking it to a whole new level
  2. II this is directly from David. It came with an 80s front clip attached to the subframe that extended to past the doors and I made the back half from 2x4 1/4 wall
  3. well I bit the bullet and forgot to post. my inspiration is Helldorado which was built primarily by my friends Dave and Greg Engle
  4. thats KILLER!!!! Growing up in that era has me feeling nostalgic
  5. I saw, I was asking about specific color codes haha
  6. what colors are on the interior? Im digging the build
  7. I may have to find a bubble and build myself a bubble top bubble top!
  8. i fell in love with this when i found it somewhere online...so awesome to see how you did it..esp since i have a few broken roof 62s haha
  9. thanks guys, that's what I was hoping to hear! I'm not well versed on the Eldorado like I am other bodystyles. my goal is to have one stock/one custom and the promo I ended up with is VERY clean. Thank you!!!
  10. hey guys If this doesn't belong here, please move it. I just picked up a 67 Eldorado promo, but now I want to either find a 67 Johan kit for the custom pieces. Being that they're hard to find, was there anyone that produced them? Also, how far off is the Johan 70 Eldorado since those seem to be everywhere
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