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  1. Wow, all three are beautiful! Nice job!
  2. I think some people just have too many toys! Guess if I was super rich I might have too many also.
  3. Hard to say which was my favorite, there were so many! But lately I really like Ford Torinos. Especially that orange one with the 429 shown in my previous post. But I really like Mopars also, especially Challengers and Daytonas.
  4. No problem NYLIBUD, I like to take pics of cars (if that isn't already obvious!). Here is the last of what I have.... And an Allard....
  5. And more...... A '70 Ford Torino King Cobra... I love this Barracuda.....
  6. This is just the second time I've been at Mecum in the last 5-6 years. I was there for just 6-7 hours but you need at least two days if you want to see most everything. Here's some more pics....
  7. I know what you mean. I think the cars that didn't catch our eye back in the day really stand out now, compared to most new cars that for the most part look the same.
  8. Yes there were some huge p/u trucks there and also some brand new Broncos with huge wheels/tires from the factory.
  9. Me and a couple friends went to the Mecum auction in Indy yesterday. Here's some cars I thought were interesting. I'll add more pics later. McLaren Speedtail....
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