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  1. Wow that looks great! And great photography too!
  2. My wife's stepfather passed away last Friday in Jackson KY. He was 75 years old and dabbled a bit in model cars. Although he had bad arthritis in both hands, it did not stop him from building. He had a green '68 or '69 Dodge Charger he bought new after he got out of the Navy and he built a nice model of it that his wife still has. His wife, my mother in-law, gave me these. He started on the '32 and '48 Fords but a few of the boxes are still unopened. I want to complete a few of them and give them to his two sons, my wife and mother in-law.
  3. That is a really cool model and what's 'cooler' is that he has had this car since he was 14 years old and still drives it after almost 60 years!
  4. My son also is into the Titanic. I think he's watched the movie a hundred times. I've built this model for him twice. He played with the first one so much that most of the details on the deck broke off so I built him another one. He has Down Syndrome and he pretends the boat is sinking-it just fascinates him! Cool idea to chop it in half! I may have to build him another and do what you did-he would love it!
  5. That looks just like the 1:25 Polar Lights Gas Ronda Mustang that I'm currently building (except with all the extra details and Donn's expert construction!). I measured the wheelbase at 4.84" or 121" full scale.
  6. So here is what I did to get the wheels off. I cut through the spokes with a small Dremel tool cutoff wheel, leaving just the hubs. Then I cut through end of the hub with the Dremel leaving just a short length of hub. I carefully applied liberal amounts of paint thinner to the glue joint with a small brush and let it sit for a minute. Then I slowly rotated the hub until it started to move a little and kept applying paint thinner until the hub came off. The kit wheels and tire were attached. (No tread at all on the tires.) Now it looks more like a proper British sports car!
  7. Here's a couple of mine I completed a while back.
  8. Very nice! And nice BMF work too! What color is that?
  9. No they don' look too bad. But someone here said that it may look better or more correct if it had Halibrands on it. I kinda like the wires though.
  10. I got that kit last year but haven't started building it yet. Hope to start soon on it though. Are you going to use the stock wire wheels on yours?
  11. Hi unclescott, I haven't tried to get the wheels off yet but I think I'm going to try thats4u's suggestion first. It is a Lindberg 1:25 scale kit. I'll let you all know how things go with the wheels when I get them off.
  12. Dragging up an old thread. I just started building this Polar Lights kit this week. You are not kidding about a kit for the faint of heart. The instructions for this are terrible and I just have the engine done!
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