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  1. X3! And perfect colors for this TR.
  2. I only got two done last year, the 1:16 Revell Tony Nancy front engine dragster and the Polar Lights 1:25 Gas Ronda Mustang..... I may be lucky to get two done in 2021 also....I just retired and my wife got me a 4-1/2 month old beagle pup to keep me busy. He's taking up more of my time than I ever expected!
  3. Very cool-I like the colors!
  4. I really like these 1:16 Revell front engine dragsters. Your's looks great!
  5. I completed these this year....
  6. Nice collection there Daddyfink. I really like the Badman!
  7. My older brother worked at a Lincoln Mercury dealer and bought a new Fiesta when they first came out. Neat little car! Now that dune buggy is really nice! Any Triumphs in that group? Thanks for sharing.
  8. Me too. I either torched mine or put fire cracker in them. 😢 Nice job on the 'Vette!
  9. That is slick looking, nice paint job! What paint/ finish is that on the fuel tanks?
  10. Safire6

    68 Mustang GT

    Looks great! Like '70 Grande said, opening the doors and trunk is not something that I would ever try. You did good and the wheels look perfect on it too.
  11. Welcome back to the hobby Mike! It looks like you still got the knack-nice job! I'll be retired in 4 more years after 36 years at the same place. I started building again about 3 years ago after being away from the hobby by about 45 years.
  12. You're right RRR, it needed a bit of rake. Easily done...
  13. These are really cool builds-great job on both!
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