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  1. Nice builds! The blue on that pickup is beautiful! Can I ask what color that is?

    Nevermind, I just found it in this link:


  2. Thanks, it was fun as long as you paid very close attention to the instructions. In some cases it was easy to pick the wrong part out of the dozens in the kit. If you didn't notice it until later in the build then you would have to go back and tear it all apart and rectify it. It happened to me when putting the 1st headlight assembly together. Lucky for me I noticed what was wrong soon after the mistake.

  3. OK this is not technically a model unless you consider it to be a 'snapper'. My wife gave it to me for Christmas. It's the only Lego thing I've ever built.

    2573 pieces total and 860 steps to build it. Working independant suspension, doors, gate and hood open,  pistons on 6 cylinder "engine" move up and down, forward/nuetral/reverse gearing, high and low gears, working winch steering, etc. The engineering to design the complicated drivetrain is pretty fantastic IMHO.

    Here is a 2 year old review of it from Motor Trend: https://www.motortrend.com/features/building-the-lego-land-rover-defender/

    It reportedly took an experienced Lego builder 5 hours to complete it. It took me about 20 hours!

    Almost 17" long, estimated scale of 11:1.

    Comments welcome.









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  4. 25 minutes ago, NYLIBUD said:

    Did you have a favorite car?There are so many,I really like that gold Smokey Yunick turbo Vega.But my favorite so far has to be that green Hemi Daytona which sold yesterday for over a million dollars.Not to mention that Orange 69 Superbee.Love those Mopars.Looked like you really enjoyed yourself.Watching as much as i can on Motor Trend.

    Hard to say which was my favorite, there were so many! But lately I really like Ford Torinos. Especially that orange one with the 429 shown in my previous post. But I really like Mopars also, especially Challengers and Daytonas.

  5. 2 hours ago, cobraman said:

    Love that Marlin. Funny how so many cars I would not give a second look to back in the day seem so darn cool now ! Same way  with models.

    I know what you mean. I think the cars that didn't catch our eye back in the day really stand out now, compared to most new cars that for the most part look the same.

  6. 3 hours ago, NYLIBUD said:

    Oh man i wanted to go,but couldn’t.I watched it on Motor Trend...Only problem was too many commercials,lol.There sure we’re some nice cars though..I can’t believe that huge pick up on the Dodge chassis went for $200K???Crazy.The rest of the auction will be even better.Even nicer cars.

    Yes there were some huge p/u trucks there and also some brand new Broncos with huge wheels/tires from the factory.

  7. Wow, thanks for that link Rich! Very helpful! And the period photos of the 1:1 car from Gramps46 are awesome! I'm going to look into replacing the side glass (as you and vamach1 mentioned in the link) with something else although I don't know what at this point. 

    I got this Revell/Monogram kit a couple years ago. When I opened the box and saw the kit instructions, I had a dejavu moment. I must have built this model when I was very young, around 11-12 years old probably. Although I don't remember finishing the model, those instructions must have been imbedded in my brain. It was like a flashback in time for me. I also found some notes on building it here: www.alexkung1.com/scale/fordgt/index.htm  that will be helpful to me.

    Thanks again!


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