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  1. Yes those things are way too small. They were the last things I glued on. I almost didn’t put them on thinking I’ll wait to use something else before I post pics. But I just wanted to ‘get r done’ and move on to the next build. I’ll probably change to larger pipes in the future. Thanks for the comments!
  2. I just finished this today. Not my best work but I'm happy with it. Built mostly box stock except I used the rear tires and plate decals from the AMT '67 Chevelle pro street. Drilled out the holes in the rims. A few mods were necessary to make things fit right, especially to the cut-out in the hood and the top of the grill. Tamiya TS-20 metallic green and TS-26 pure white. Used Molotow on the trim. I'll be adding a side view mirror and Super Sport decals for the rear quarter panels (if I can find the decals). Comment welcome!
  3. Impressive details on this! Great job on the build and the photography!
  4. I too had a 72 Pinto, a brown hatchback 4 speed. I bought it used around 1977 I think. My dad had a brand new one, identical to mine. I got mine cuz I wanted a small car that was easy to parallel park since I was taking my drivers test then. Fun little car. Great job on yours, looks just like your 1:1! I’d like to find an unbuilt kit and build it like my brown one.
  5. I agree, great job on the weathering!
  6. Nice! I really like all 3 but the Woody is super nice!
  7. Nice job, I like how you modified the figure to look like he's drifting it! And great job on the yellow stripes too!
  8. Congrats on the Ford GT40 win Rex! And I really like those display cases too. Can I ask where you picked them up from? I'm starting to run out of shelf space and am looking for something just like those. TIA.
  9. That is one beautiful model! And great job on the decals!
  10. Nice recreation of the actual car. You did a great job with it! I met Vince Granatelli about 15 years ago at Paxton Products in Camarillo CA, which the Granatelli's owned. At that time Paxton designed and built industrial centrifugal blowers, a spin off of the Granatelli's automotive empire. I worked as an engineer for a company that acquired Paxton's industrial blower segment then. He gave me one of these promotional photos. I see that Vince died a few weeks ago. RIP Vince.
  11. Beautiful car and beautiful model! I remember when these came out and my cousin Nancy in California had to have one.
  12. Safire6

    Pinto promo

    I agree. I had a '72 Pinto hatchback with the thinner bumpers. I never liked it much with the newer grill and fat bumpers. Nice model!
  13. Wow that is beautiful! The red interior really pops and the BMF work looks fantastic. All around excellent job Ryan!
  14. Thanks for all your responses everyone! It must not have been tape residue. I guess though it was some reaction of the tape with the paint, although this has never happened to me before with Tamiya tape. I first tried Simple Green with no effect. I then tried WD-40 also with no improvement. Then I tried espo's and sandboarder's ideas with the tape but again it did not remove the "residue" or whatever it was. Then I tried yh70's idea using Meguiar's plastic cleaner and polish. That did the trick! However I rubbed a bit too hard near the edges and removed some of the paint around the hood opening. Lesson learned...and thanks again for your ideas!
  15. The Tamiya yellow tape I used for masking for this stripe has left a faint residue on the green. Tamiya paints used in this example. I've used the Tamiya tape many times before but haven't had (or noticed) this problem. The tape was on there for approximately 24 hours. What can I used to remove it without harming the paint sheen? Thanks in advance!
  16. Thanks for the info Doug! I'll check out those websites!
  17. I got this today from a good friend. Everything still in the bags. He had it for some time but never got around to it.
  18. Nice collection! I wish Tamiya still offered some of these, I don't see them on their website. How old are these kits?
  19. Very nice, I love those Torinos! Great color choices!
  20. Beautiful car, beautiful build and I like how you did the piping. It really sets the car off!
  21. Safire6

    AMT 66 Nova SS

    Hi Ken....did the white stripe decals come with this kit? If so do you recall what kit this is? I'm building the AMT 1966 Nova SS Pro Street but the kit did not come with any stripe decals. I would like to add the white stripes the Pro Street version. Thanks!
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