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  1. Oops! Moderators please move this to the "Other Racing" forum.
  2. 1:18 scale. The holes and slots in the underbody and behind the front wheels (that were left over when this was a battery powered kit) were filled in with Perfect Plastic Putty. Two coats of Tamiya primer and four coats of Tamiya TS-56. Looks like i need to fill the gap where Bruce's right arm attaches to his shoulder! All comments welcome.
  3. I just noticed that a hose has come loose from the engine.
  4. Sweet, love the color too!
  5. Wow that’s beautiful, looks great in BRG! I’m gonna have to get one of these kits!
  6. You are correct!...I looked closer at the licence plate, it says "BOBS 29".
  7. Here are some completely finished pics under some different lighting conditions. Thanks again Bill for donating the decals!
  8. Nice job! I like the color and engine bay detail.
  9. Very cool! I just got back from a fishing and python hunting (didn't see any snakes) trip in the Everglades. Unfortunately I didn't get to ride on any of these. Nice job!
  10. Wow, just beautiful! Love the colors and finish, great job!
  11. Wow that is sweet, I love the color and the redlines!
  12. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone! I'll post some finished pics and undercarriage pics tomorrow.
  13. I saw some beautiful pics of a black/black 66 on Bring A Trailer that I used as a reference when I built this one. My friend said the factory called the interior colors on his car Sandalwood and Fawn Beige.
  14. Thanks for the comments! I actually decanted the Molotow and used brushes to apply it. I don't drink coffee but I do drink a couple Pepsi's each day!
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