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  1. Ill take three blue and three red, nothing like the sound of a buick, or olds when there cammed up and got headers
  2. I was an attendant many years ago. Theres no style to any of the stores today, I am in my mid 30's, I was born in the wrong time. I remember checkin the tires and filling up the hearses from the local funeral home they had an account with us. Sadly they closed that gas station it was the last full service on my side the river in southern Louisiana, now its a Keys Fuel Mart and not owned by anybody born in that town, for lack of a better expression. I wish I had been born in the late 30's then I could have lived in the time of cheap gas and real metal cars and trucks, where I wouldnt feel like Im being controlled every turn I make, especially with all this self driving, lazy car BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. Theres no private property anymore and nobody really owns anything, and lets not talk about moral bankruptcy. I just want simple times.
  3. Thanks for the input guys, as im looking at this kit more and more everyday; Im remembering that my last ex bought it for my birthday so I may change my mind from my original idea. I might build this as a creep car. Depends on how I feel when I sit back down with it, even the red and white scheme was a far stretch being that the fury came in buckskin beige and white in 58. Theres definitely alot of pain going into this build. I met with a real life witch in the last girlfriend (putting it lightly, asylum wreck). If she was this car she would definitely be a killer, and her name wasnt Christine, in Gaelic her name meant "river of love"; you guys figure it out, the river "*******" in Ireland.
  4. I left a button pusher last year, safer on both ends to stay locked in this room building models.
  5. Im waiting on a copy of the book to come in, over in new hampshire, can't remember where exactly, theres a 58 in christine movie fashion parked on a hill in front of an old dealership. Im also gathering my casting materials; be another two to three weeks before i can pop the 383 and modify it to fit, I plan on building mounts from styrene to use in the engine bay instead of the pin thru the oil pan like in the kit, i wish i would have popped the 350 engine first before putting it together. Thanks for following, sorry to leave everyone hanging. Life is complicated, time is at a premium. Be patient though, Ill have more to come.
  6. Ordered today, moneys out the bank so its mine, 1985-87 Buick Grand National model kit, gonna be popped and the pop is gonna be bashed for a project. Somebody said something about pictures being for cars and things you've had, Ive lost every picture (digitally and film wise) ive ever taken of any old cars Ive had. Now im left with bitter memories and a huge unfilled void in my life. So building models of what i "used to have" is the only thing keeping me sane and alive. Happy building.
  7. Theres one problem, when it comes to 180- 220 mph passes, blowers, and a tank full of juice and a bottle full of funny, its hard to walk away, its worse than any street drug, how many old sling shotters are still around, or have both legs. I was born fast cars and hotrods, when I die Im going in a blown cutlass, when they bury me my casket will be airbrushed with blown big blocks from gm, ford and chrysler, and all black with ghost flames. At 68 ill still be standin tall thinking about an eighty hot rod a cold sixer and that nights date and running the ricers at the lake followed by a new tattoo and slow hand down at the bon fire at the river. I seriously doubt he'll hang it up, nitro for blood, no "AA" for that one ūüėé
  8. I stayed in my room ate ramen twice and a microwaveable velveeta cheese cup, cause my ride to work chickened out cause of snow, so i lost a days pay as the blizzard cleared about two hours after i called into work, i ordered a buick grand national kit for $39.00 that could have gotten at wally world back when i was growing up for $8.99. watched a little lee camp and dedacted tonight looked at all the beautiful news online, and came here and found this post. So that said venting here on this post is probably the best and safest part of my day. Cheers, I wish i had a gallon of cheap conerstore black berry wine and the rest of the night would be off the chain.
  9. Well i would definitely complain kfc is all i got in vermont, my beloved louisiana (where i grew up) popeyes is over three hours away, and Ill be dammed if i eat another of those fake "chicken" nuggets from McDonalds, theres pink slime in ground meat but what the hell is that white compressed BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH that is now what used to be a chicken nugget, it must be what the dessicated blood cells in the chem trails used to be contained in ( the missing bodies from louisiana during katrina, when the black military trucks rolled in and took all the body bags out of town and no one could reclaim their relatives)
  10. A b2100 would be nice to see, i hate to say it but i went early front wheel drive and a few odd balls, 86 ford ranger, etc.
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