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  1. Life with cats. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

    Yup, although i actually always know hes going to jump on the table before he does it, so i give him some space, and i put 1 model box of a kit i already finished on the edge of the table, therefore she never lies on my work...
  2. BMW M6 GT3 SPa 24 Hours WInner.

    So i was at the Essen Motorshow today, i found this guy sitting there: Maybe you can find some things that were missing from the kit that youd like to add on
  3. What would YOU like to see as a model

    I get that, but at the same time that cant be it... for example Aoshima makes a kit for the Huayra, but not the Zonda. Eventhough every1 i personally know or speak to via the internet says they like the model of the Zonda alot better than the Huayra. So then i wonder wha tmade them make a kit of the Huayra but not the Zonda. Regarding the old American cars, yes i fully understand but thats just cause i look from my age (24) and those cars just do not interest me, or people i personally know either really (some exceptions ofcorse lika e GT40), we are the growing generation now slowly and we want different things i gues... There is such a thing as TOO OLD! No this is not a hate comment, just realistic in my opinion
  4. MINE`s R34 Skyline GT-R-Aoshima

    he has a really nice shop aswell online... and sells aoshima kits relatively cheap (i havent found them cheaper yet atleast), and also good service when you have questions regarding ordering etc. Kemszi, some advice to prevent dust buildup during spraying, i have a hair blow dryer i use to blow over the cars between every layer of primer or paint i put down to blow of any dust that might have collected.... since ive done so, my finishes look 100x better!!
  5. Spray paint = throwing paint away?

    So far ive personally only used their cans, and i always get dissapointed by how much of the paint spray goes over the top or side of the model, but as i have no airbrush system yet ill have to make do with it still. First need to see if this is a lasting hobby for me or not (i tend to stop with things quite fast as i get bored). However i use a full can aswell of the TS paints (here in holland they are 100ml, no clue if its different in the states). The owner of my local modelshop was surprised when i told him i used that much, he uses 1 can to paint 2 full RC car bodies, those are bigger than our model cars so obviously we do something wrong i guess
  6. What did you see on the road today?

    These cars have been off factory world wide as a RHD, i believe the countries that sold them as LHD got converted once they landed in the country themselves by the importers.. i might be wrong though, but ive only seen a handfull with LHD including internet searches!
  7. What did you get today?

    So i went to the modelshop today. The plan was to only get some tamiya fina surface primer.... Sadly they only had the red variant, and i was looking for the white version. then i found out they were clearing out the store due to closing down, so i spend alot more then i intended... This 722LSR had my eye for a long time already, but 65 euro for a kit i found a tad extreme, and well wax to get all those dirty fingers of the models, does anyone know if i can use regular car wax for the same purpose? i have plenty of those due to my detailing hobby (and starting business) Then i thought well these Revell's were originally 24.95, and i thought to myself id buy these sooner or later anyways, why not get them with 50% off... And then i thought lets look at the tamiya paints, ended up with the following: Overall shot of everything together Its hard to control myself in a store that has things that i LIKE (instead of NEED), i always end up spending way more then i intended....
  8. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Regarding the aston martin DB5, i believe i have seen it somewhere.. Edit: sorry it was a DB2 i had found..
  9. Fujimi Toyota TE27 Levin

    I have to say the build ive done from Fujimi so far, was pretty dissapointing quality wise (BMW E30 M325i kit), but ive got 2 Ferrari Fujimi kits waiting, so im giving them another shot, but overall im not that great on Fujimi, but like i said i havent written them off yet! maybe i shud get this kit aswell then in the future to see what Fujimi really has in store.. looking forward to this build! About the wheels; i'd go for the Enkei RPF01 lookalike wheels
  10. So spend some time on the MK2 again today, and happy to say im almost done with the build, just a few more of the metal-plastic parts to place on it, remove the tape from the windows (they are holding them inplace while gluing) Here is how she sits currently: Yes, alot of dirty fingers on the car, but those are ontop of the paint! not in the paint. They will come off with some waxing, which i will do when im completely finished with the car
  11. Tamyia Jaguar Saloon

    great finish! im almost done with mine... shud get it finished soon now that ive seen this for some extra motivation again so thx for that
  12. What did you get today?

    Sweet! looking forward to the WIP thread!
  13. Tamiya 300zx turbo

    looks good! what id do though... put a splitter under it, and fill the gaps between what you got and the splitter and smooth it out... it will look badass then id think!
  14. Union models 1:20 Lamborghini Countach LP500

    I have to do the same, and i noticed this also. However i got a big sheet of plastic (builder plastic we call it here in holland) to cover everything inside the garage. Since then ive had no problem with dust in the paint anymore (just remember to take your shoes of before entering the garage, made a huge difference also!)
  15. What would YOU like to see as a model

    make: Spyker Model: C8 Laviolette Small dutch car manufacturer, Last geneva show they showed the public their new engine... its only to be produced by Koenigsegg though, so that should be something to look forward too. I doubt Koenigsegg would sell them engines if they are really a dead fish in the water.... Also, dont forget this car was launched in 2003 or 2004. For back than this thing was a looker! shame america has so many health and safety rules, causing Spyker to mount a hideous steering wheel compared to how they initially launched their car... Well said, with most of the stuff i see posted here i just think "wow what an old boring crappy cars" but thats just my personal opinion, simply because im no fan of american cars (sorry) and i dont like old cars.. However its nice to see what people like. I mainly build exotics, that way i can own those cars, instead of having to earn millions to afford a huge storage space to park the real stuff