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  1. Thanks! Credit where due, the swirly plastic polishes out too a decent gloss, so Monogram got that right.
  2. Thanks, guys! One thing that was a huge help on the taillights was giving them a light block sanding before paint. I tried a couple of times and just kept making a mess, then finally figured out that the casting had left slight domes on all the ribs. It made finding the edges that much harder, and with the slick surface the paint kept running down into the lenses. By flattening and roughening them, it was much easier (still not perfect, but close enough for me to not have to strip them again).
  3. Thanks, guys! Given the subject matter, it seems somehow fitting that hte kit came out this way. At least they finished fixing it for later releases! Yup, and if you leave it as-is it lines up perfectly to exit against the inside of the rear bumper cover. One more thing to shake our heads about. I think some Micro Machines were more accurate than this kit! 😆
  4. Great looking car, nicely done!
  5. Very clean, that looks great!
  6. I've got one of these on the bech now, hoping it turns out even half this clean. Very nice!
  7. Some awesome work here, great job guys! Not sure I'm going to be able to get the Ferrari finished before December, going to depend on how Thanksgiving weekend looks.
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