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  1. Very clean work, that turned out great!
  2. Thanks guys! The video tutorials that are available were very helpful, if only to find out how this stuff likes to be prepped for different surfaces. I've got about four thin coats on this, and while I like it I may add a couple more - it does seem to get blacker with each successive coat.
  3. Thanks! The Fiat was quite a learning experience.
  4. My folks lived in North Carolina for a while, the trooper cars were always slick looking. Nicely done!
  5. Nice progress, guys! I've been out of the hobby room since last week, but am hoping to finally start in this weekend.
  6. Nice job on one of the best looking cars ever created!
  7. Nice updates! I'm especially impressed by how good that Mustang's hood fits...plenty of kits aren't that slick with what came in the box. Much appreciated, PM sent! Thanks, I'd be back for that one!
  8. Hey all, awesome ideas and good work so far! After coming up with nothing for this since the idea was first mentioned I suddenly remembered that I had the original "sleeper" on my shelf waiting to be built: The "Little Old Lady from Pasadena" had herself a brand-new shiny red Super Stock Dodge. It didn't seem right to just build it box stock and leave off the scoop and decals, though, so I'm going through some old reference guides and plan to give it a little more period-correct oomph under the hood. Supposedly the '64 Charger concept car put out 600hp, so that's going to be my first stop.
  9. Thanks, guys! Heck, I can't quit now - not until the stash is whittled down!
  10. Love the two tone look, that's some really clean work you've done!
  11. Excellent work across the board, I particularly like the color and stance on the Audi.
  12. Beautiful job, the custom touches all perfectly fit the design.
  13. Beautiful work, that looks great!
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