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  1. That looks great, nice work!
  2. After nearly a year pecking away at this one, I finally wrapped it up this morning. It's made up of the AMT "California Hauler" Pete, AITM hood conversion, Keystone tanker body, Moluminum wheels, ModelTruckin decals, and a whole lot of scratchbuilding and kitbashing. I converted the rear of the tractor to a walking beam style suspension with single drive and tag axle using parts from AMT's International Transtar, and much of the trailer frame is adapted from Lindberg's tanker trailer. The stupidly long writeup is available here, and a slideshow of it is available here. As always, any comments/criticisms are welcome!
  3. These are coming along nicely! That silver looks sharp, and the Grand Prix just disappeared off the law's radar with that paint job - awesome!
  4. Nice clean work on this.
  5. Awesome job on this, it turned out great! Misha, nice progress on the Camaro!
  6. Nicely done, they both look great! Funny that you went with a totally non-stock "comic" color, I did the exact same thing for my own Dick Tracy car.
  7. AWesome job on both the Starion and Jackie!
  8. Some good progress guys, I'm hoping to have another update this weekend. Pat, those two turned out great!
  9. A bit more done on the Dodge: Engine and chassis painted, ignition wires added, and I've started painting the molded-in details on the firewall and inner fenders. I'm giving the engine a little more go with the centrifugal supercharger out of AMT's '57 Ford. Seeing as their durability was tried and proven on the NASCAR circuit, it should be just fine for a cross-country trip. I also decided that, since I'm building the car, I ought to include the little old lady as well: This won't be Kathryn "Put a Dodge in Your Garage, Honey" Minner, though. Agnes here is a former pilot and mechanic, who decided in her retirement to take her knowledge and no-cares-to-give and put them into building the ultimate street racer. The "dotty old pensioner" facade helps her get away with a lot more than someone of lesser years may be able to.
  10. Nice progress, guys - these are looking great!
  11. I have the '55 Cadillacs from both GreenLight and Jada, the former as the car from The Godfather and the latter as Elvis' Caddy: GreenLight's has some excellent details, right down to the Autronic Eye on the dashboard. It also has much more elaborate paint apps, including a multi-color interior and black wash on the grille. The downside is that it's undersized - about 1/27 scale. Jada's is a lot simpler, with fewer painted details (the interior is a soild off-white) and some details omitted altogether like the vent windows. But it's a true 1/24 scale, and has an opening hood and trunk.
  12. Looks good! This was one of ther weirder kits that I've built, but as you've shown it comes together nicely.
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