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  1. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    If you can get the stub out of the wheel, Rat Roaster's idea is the best way to get a strong and correctly aligned repair.
  2. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    Congrats on the new camera! When polish gets into panel lines like that, I usually take a toothpick or toothbrush to help get it cleaned out. You'll want to get it as clean as possible before you repaint.
  3. Jinx Express

    Nice clean work, that looks great!
  4. Isdera Imperator.....95% Scratchbuilt!

    Count me in, too. I've been wanting an Imperator for years, and have almost but not quite talked myself into a full scratchbuild. Seeing what you do here may push me one way or the other!
  5. Some of my "Unbuildables"

    Thanks, guys! I haven't checked it directly against the newer tool but that's what I've heard. I'll be converting it to a non-RS front end, hopefully fixing the weird headlights in the process.
  6. 1966 Batmobile Barris Built

    Very cool! I have the Black Beauty from this series, and yeah - it'll need a ton of work to get right...much respect for what you did here! Glad I went with Planet X and Jimmy Flintstone for The Car and Batmobile.
  7. Japanese "kei" cars

    Nice job on both of them! I always kind of liked the look of the AZ-1, it's like a miniaturized Ford RS200.
  8. Auburn Speedster Monoposto

    That wide stance and swooping bodywork are great!
  9. Porsche 935 .

    Nicely done, you did some really clean work on this.
  10. Some of my "Unbuildables"

    The lower front fascia struck me as too tall, too, but yeah - those tiny headlights are the real killer. Will do! Since that post I've been checking prices on some of these kits, and I'll definitely have to give the '69 a shot.
  11. Some of my "Unbuildables"

    Thanks guys! I think I have a '77 Camaro, I know I have one of the weird-bodied '70½ Z-28 kits. I forgot about the Beetle, I had one years ago but parted it out. Didn't know the Firebird was in that list, too. Thanks for the suggestions! Was that the one that was released as the Riptide Corvette at one point? If so, I do have one of those done:
  12. Some of my "Unbuildables"

    Bonus Round! Is it easier to build a junker from a rough kit? Eh, not really. All the effort going into banging it up means I also want to add more details, and end up making more work for myself. Sometimes I do not make good decisions.
  13. Some of my "Unbuildables"

    There are a few kits that regularly pop up on "Worst Model Ever" lists, due to age, poor design, or multiple remolds/modifications (and sometimes all three). I've had quite a few of these in my stash, and while some turned out better than others it's been fun to see how close I could get to a silk purse with these... AMT '62 Corvette - nothing ahead of the front wheels looked right, from the tiny headlights to the too-tall front pan. AMT '72 Nova SS - separate front fenders and badly bowed roof pillars meant that almost nothing looked straight out of the box. MPC '69 Dodge Daytona - All the problems of their General Lee, plus an ill-fitting nose cone! MPC '67 GTO - just, ugh.
  14. Test....arossa

    Seconded, thanks for the tip. Their Countach was near impossible to get straight, glad to know I should look out for that on the Esprit as well. Chassis twist or not, the Ferrari looks good!
  15. My Lamborghini Countach

    Nicely done, and bonus points for starting with that kit!