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  1. The Z8 was indeed TWiNE, but the 750 was Tomorrow Never Dies.
  2. It was a diecast available through BMW dealers around the time the movie came out. They're not cheap, but I do see them on eBay pretty regularly (quick link). The silver Z8 was from "The World is Not Enough." This one is also a diecast, because I was too lazy to build the Revell kit. I may revisit that some day, but for now I have enough other Bond cars to get through that it's really low on the priority list.
  3. Thanks! I do have a "Brosnan Bimmer" group shot as well, with the three cars he used before switching back to Aston Martin for Die Another Day.
  4. Very cool piece, this looks great!
  5. Looks great! I still need to install my Fireball wheels, they're still their baggie off on the side of my work bench.
  6. Looks good, I agree with you about the windshield and top.
  7. Some great updates! Thanks for the mention of the source for fender flares. I didn't know about that site until just now, but there's a lot of great stuff available...looks like I'm going to have to make a shopping list!
  8. Great job, especially considering how these Jeep kits can be tough to get into shape!
  9. Glad this got bumped, that looks fantastic!
  10. Great job on both of them, I have a California Kid Ford I need to get building one of these days.
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