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  1. 58 Impala custom-the way it was done in the 60's

    I really like the look of this, nicely done!
  2. Hillibillies coupe

    Great use of this kit, that looks fantastic!
  3. 1980's MotorMaster model kit

    Awesome project, and Motormaster looks great! I really like the idea for his scout car, looking forward to seeing what you do with that. Also, nice to see another 1/25 Optimus Prime! Do you have any more pics of him?
  4. Box Stock Accurate Miniatures Grand Sport Corvette

    Nicely done, that looks great!
  5. The real MV McBurnie Daytona build

    Nice, and thanks for the wheel info! I have been collecting various Borranis for future projects (this, Ferris Bueller, etc.) so I try to keep notes on them. That bell housing seems *very* appropriate given some of the cutting that gets done to make cars screen-ready!
  6. Lotus Europa

    Nice clean work, that looks great!
  7. Beverly Hills Cop Nova

    Thanks, guys!
  8. Project: Huffer - Transformers Yard Tractor

    Thanks, guys! next up is the bumper: The main part of it is half an I beam, sanded flat to get rid of the inevitable curve that comes with parts like this. The wings are 0.040" sheet styrene, cut to follow the line of the wheel opening on each side. Turns out I shouldn't have cut off the forward frame rails: Huffer's nose is a lot longer than I had guessed up front. Since I'll be gluing the cab in place, I decided to cheat a bit and I made the standoff from another piece of I beam. While it lacks accuracy, it did make adjusting the tilt and spacing to the cab a breeze. And with everything closed up, you'll never see it!
  9. AMT '67 Mustang Mach 1 concept

    Looks slick, nicely done!
  10. Beverly Hills Cop Nova

    Progress on the Nova has been slow this past week between everyone in the family having a cold and what time I do have at the bench trying to get my NNL East model finished...but I do have an update! AMT bucket, bench seat from Harts Parts Resin, and rear seat from the Revell kit. The resin bench needed to have the split cut in the back and a little trimmed off the sides of the pad to fit. I was just planning to use the AMT rear seat, but the different patterns were really obvious in blue–last time I painted the interior black, so everything kind of blended together. Revell's seat had the correct pattern, but needed to be shortened to fit so I cut the back off and removed a couple scale inches. In retrospect I wish I had cut the front seat the same way, as the split between cushion and back looks a lot better as an actual split. Painted and partially weathered. I used Model Master Ice Blue for the vinyl, light blue flocking for the carpet, and MCG window cranks. The arm rests were from Monogram's '69 GTO, and are a bit bigger than they should be but still better than the tiny blips that were cast into the bucket. Next up is more color blending.
  11. Sinister ‘70 Cuda

    Looks great, nicely done!
  12. DeeCee'd Cadillac hardtop

    Beautiful work, I like all the subtle details like the seat piping.
  13. The real MV McBurnie Daytona build

    Excellent work, if you can get the pics to load (or a link to them) I'd like to see more like the engine. Also, where did you get those wheels?
  14. Beverly Hills Cop Nova

    I appreciate that, thanks! This was a good model to try it out on since there was a bit of wiggle room for making mistakes. Thanks for the feedback, all I can say is check back after weathering - you may be surprised what the color looks like after it's all done! These two were painted using the same paint (EDIT: as each other, not the Nova). The only difference is what happened after!
  15. Beverly Hills Cop Nova

    Like most Hollywood cars, the dents seemed to move around a bit depending one which car was used for which scene...the most obvious tell I could find was the top of the front fender, which went from pretty mangled to just a single small dent: Ideally I'm trying to keep the curves, just lessen them back to correct from AMT's severe bowing. I overshot on the one side, but brought it back out a little bit closer to correct. Also, I got some paint on it! I used Nassau Blue as a stand-in for Astro Blue, which is what the movie car was supposed to have been originally painted. It's a little darker than the sun-faded and dusty wreck, but that will come with weathering. After the red primer, I sprayed it with gray primer and then the blue. That way I could sand and scrape through the edges to get the paint/primer/rust look from the movie. Now it's starting to look more like Axel's car! I made the vinyl top out of making tape, cut and layered to give it the right overlaps and applied to show some places where it's starting to lift. I used this particular tape because the coarser texture looks like an old top that starting to crack. It only got one layer of Reefer White, because I didn't want to make it too stark, though I may go back and do a second coat just to even it up a little more.