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  1. Very clean job on this, the Tudor Sedans have always been my favorite of the fat-fendered Fords
  2. Thanks, guys! You and me both - the S30s were always some of my favorite designs.
  3. Nicely done, the Z looks great in that color.
  4. Fantastic work on this, the colors look great and I like the subtle touches like the CF interior panels.
  5. Beautiful work on both, those are some great looking cars!
  6. Great choice of color, that's a terrific looking Vette!
  7. Very nice, the Z looks great in that color
  8. Nice and clean, that looks fantastic!
  9. From the manga Wangan Midnight, the starring ride built from Fujimi's kit. Mostly box stock save for an upgraded engine, interior flocking, and a lower front ride height to give it a more aggressive rake. Paint is Tamiya TS-51 over black. More info is available here, and as always comments/criticisms are welcome.
  10. Very cool, those scratch built blowers are brilliant!
  11. Somehow I missed this thread earlier, awesome job on the Impala!
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