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  1. Thanks! It's all Tamiya: Chrome Yellow over their pink primer, then hit with gloss clear. That looks awesome, the top and decals really fit the Manx nicely! It was Tamiya's TS-71 smoke clear, just a quick light coat right out of the can after it was assembled.
  2. Built from Round 2's "Silver Screen Machines" release of the Meyers Manx with the Elvis-themed box art and included movie poster. Silly as it was I decided to go with the chrome engine, giving the block/transmission a shot of Smoke clear to tone down the plastic-iness and repairing all the sprue attachment points with BMF or Molotow to make it look like everything had been polished or given a dress-up kit. It has a slightly modified roll bar and parts box steering wheel, tires, and hubcaps, everything else is straight out of the box. A full writeup is available here, and as always any comments/criticisms are welcome! With my Elvis-themed diecasts:
  3. Thank guys! That's probably the biggest challenge to building it, everything is so small and delicate it's like handling a spider web at times. Once it's all together it seems plenty sturdy, though. Probably because it has no weight to get it into trouble!
  4. Very nice! Having had a blue '84 way back when, it's great to see one of these done up right.
  5. Awesome job on these! I always like seeing tributes to Hot Wheels cars, there were so many cool designs that look even better with extra details.
  6. Nice and clean, that looks great!
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