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  1. It doesn't get much cleaner than that, awesome work!
  2. Same here, I only use the airbrush if the color I want isn't available any other way. That looks pretty close, though, I'll have to check it out. The last time I used Dulpi-Color it reacted to the plastic, so I'll have to try a barrier layer first. Thanks!
  3. Nicely done, that turned out great! What paints did you use on it?
  4. Some great progress here, nice job guys!
  5. I always liked the SnapFast Slammers line, and this is the perfect example of why: a clean, excellent finish of a unique and good-looking subject. Nicely done!
  6. That turned out great, nicely done!
  7. Looks good, nicely done!
  8. Not just the Almanac, but some killer details - the bigger pic really shows off your work on the trim!
  9. That Ford looks great, but seems to be missing a wing window? Also, great tip on the Testors kit...that'll save me some scratchbuilding!
  10. spencer1984


    Beautiful job on this!
  11. Awesome job on this, it turned out great!
  12. Nice! Also have to agree with cobraman, the Testors putty is more trouble than it's worth. I like Bondo for big areas and Tamiya for thin cracks and pinholes.
  13. Nicely done, that looks great!
  14. I thought Revell did a good job on this kit, and your improvements make it that much better. Nicely done!
  15. Nice & clean, that looks great!
  16. Very clean work, that looks great!
  17. Awesome work, that blue looks killer!
  18. Very clean work, that looks great!
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