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  1. It looks great, nicely done!
  2. Same here, there were so many great pics lost to that whole mess.
  3. From 1866 until 2013, the ASPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Division investigated and enforced humane laws in the New York City area. Their equipment included marked patrol cars, which I've recreated one of here using Motormax's standard Crown Vic with a modified light bar and custom decals. The officer and dog were figures by Master Box and Atelier iT, respectively, modified with a head swpa for the officer and a vest for the dog.
  4. Very nicely done! Same here...now that I think I'm fianlly ready to give it a shot, I have a dozen other builds ahead of it!
  5. Nice clean work on this, I've always had a soft spot for these Monte Carlos.
  6. Thanks for updating this, I had missed it the first time. Fantastic work on it!
  7. Super clean work, I really like the look of this one!
  8. Nice work on a very difficult kit!
  9. Very tidy, that looks great!
  10. Some awesome work here! The fabricated headers on the Silverado look great, as does the patina on the Pontiac. That Mustang turned out great - very low-key but should be plenty potent on the road.
  11. That's a tidy little coupe, nicely done!
  12. I remember a few of these as well, nice to see them again!
  13. That looks great, nice job on the upgrades!
  14. Thanks for bumping this, I missed it the first time around. The Bburago diecasts really do look good with just a little massaging, especially those of this vintage. Nice job on the upgrades!
  15. Slick work, that turned out great!
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