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  1. Built from the old Tamiya kit, with a dashboard/stering wheel out of Revell's Miata and parts box wipers to convert it to US-spec. I tried something new for painting the interior, TS-63 NATO Black followed by TS-71 Smoke Tint. I like the look, it reads as "black" with a little more depth than the usual straight semigloss black. A full writeup is available here, and as always any comments/criticisms are welcome.
  2. Nice choice for the wheels, those look great!
  3. Looks good, nicely done!
  4. Nicely done, the grille alone is a vast improvement!
  5. Beautiful job on one of my all-time favorite liveries!
  6. Glad this got bumped, I missed it the first time around but have a couple of C8s in the stash. My thoughts are pretty much the same as yours, but seeing what you've done here makes me want to give them a shot. Maybe I'll start with some lighter mods, though!
  7. It looks good in those colors, nice work!
  8. Nicely done! I built one of these as well, it's a great little kit.
  9. Resurrecting a thread from a couple years back to prove I do appreciate the feedback, even if the actual work gets done at a pace generally reserved for geological events! I've got another '48 in the works right now, and wanted to paint its block the same color as this one in a bid for continuity among postwar flatheads. Since that meant I finally had to get this one out of the case, I took care of the above-mentioned goofs and also corrected a couple other details that I missed earlier.
  10. I've built it twice, once in its current "Recue Van" release and once many years ago when it was essentially the same kit in A-Team trim. Not sure I used the full engine on either one, I think I put together enough to fake it from underneath and tossed the rest in my parts box.
  11. It looks good with the blacked out windows, great job giving it some new life! Also, nice that you were able to get one of the first releases of it - later repops all had the (wrong) updated Firebird body without the fender gills.
  12. Thanks, guys! I had heard about the car and series for years before I got a chance to watch it, and was a little surprised at its short appearances. Though it did sneak in a couple of other times, like the episode where he got back to London and it (and his home) were owned by the widow. Nice to know its still around, I'd say it was a successful experiment! Glad you found it! He does nice work, both in detailing and ensuring a good fit to existing kits. I'm definitely going to be getting more of his parts later. For my own Anglia, I used the wheels and hubcaps from the kit but added my own tires.
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