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  1. Very cool, that turned out great!
  2. Awesome work on all three! Every time I see them I want to break out mine and get to work.
  3. Beautiful work on both of them!
  4. Looks great, especially nice touch with the grilles!
  5. Nicely done! I really like the group shots.
  6. Very clean work, that looks great!
  7. Excellent work, I really like the colors you used on this!
  8. They're also doing the Mustangs from Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever. I'm hoping they sell well enough that we may finally see a Vanquish or DB10 in 1/24 scale.
  9. Very nice! I've seen the listings for this, but hadn't seen anything about how it goes together.
  10. Beautiful work! These were some of the best looking muscle cars out there.
  11. Looks good, nice choice of wheels!
  12. Very cool, I especially like that Jimny/Samurai!
  13. Very clean, that looks great!
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