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  1. Thanks, guys!

    20 hours ago, 70 Sting said:

    What’s the 0-60 on it? 😏

    Supposedly it did about sixty miles in its first day, does that count? 🤔

    16 hours ago, bbowser said:

    I have this kit but haven't worked up the nerve to build it yet.

    That's where I am with their W31 kit. I was dumb enough to go into this one thinking "oh, small car and a single parts runner - how hard could it be?"

    13 hours ago, Perspective Customs said:

    I'm sure it takes a lot of focus and concentration to get this kit right. You say the kit is over engineered, what Mercedes isn't?

    Fair point! 😆

    And yes - I only had a short window each day where I could really work on this before I felt like I was going crosseyed.

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  2. This was my second go at an ICM kit, and much like their Renault taxi it was a beautiful little kit if a bit over-engineered. The main tree had more parts than some whole kits that I've built, with many of them being incredibly tiny. But fit and finish were excellent, and the photoetch wheel spokes and chain drives really do add to the finished look. My only addition was a cloth belt, using the optional "make your own belt" pulleys included in the kit. A full writeup is available here, and as always any comments/criticisms are welcome!





    The engine:





    And one last shot with a current 1/24 scale Mercedes-Benz for size comparison:


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