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  1. Thank you... Thank you. Yes airbrushing was tricky, I did have experience doing it virtually with a wacom tablet, but the real thing is a total different animal. Thank you....
  2. Oh yeah, that is what I thought, I mean is a cobra, even if I screw up, it still will look great :-p . Hi, thank you. No I dont have much experience working with my hands, however I used to do CG and 3d vizualisations for a living (I am a software dev now), and attention to detail is required there. Not a natural, is just that you guys have so much good info here. lol, thank you the paint I was worried about, but I was like cooper is kind on the neigborhood of orange anyways, so it shouldnt be too bad to add it to the orange to make it sparkle a little :-)
  3. Thank you, the dashboard I did using a tip a read in the forum, i stead using my fine brush, I used a wooden thoothpick and kind of went over the rised bits of it with the paint ... it was a test for my unsteady hand lol Thank you very much Thank you, yes I did indeed, cant wait to get into flocking stuff lol
  4. Hi guys, I decided to start a new hobby and I've been wanting to learn to build scale cars for quiet a while so it was just about time to start. I've been lurking the forums for information about the tools, skills and supplies needed to get me started. I've found all the needed info to get me started in this forum so thank you. I will be around proba ly more asking questions than helping oit so thanks in advance. I started my first project in case anyone would lime to see it, it is a monogram Shelby Cobra, I learnt a lot from this experience, it is in the workbench forum: My first built, a Shelby Cobra. I made a couple mods to it, so it is not 100% like the one in the box. Thank you again. Miguel
  5. Finally all put toguetber... Still have lots to learn, but I had a blast with my first one. Lots of mistakes too but I learnt a lot aswell. Thank you guysfor all the info you put toguether on these forums for us newbbies.
  6. Time to start the body, just light coats first. An create an opening on the hood so the engine's blower can go thru. After some coats of paint and gloss...
  7. Hi, I've been lurking the forums for tips in how to get started in the hobby and the tools and supplies I would need. I finally started my first model so I thought I would subscribe and post the progress. I settleled for a Level 2 Monogram Shelby cobra, but I didnt want to replicate the model on the box so I made a few changes. I used a different engine from another car, with a blower so I had to mod the hood of the shelby to accomodate the engine. Also the color I wanted a metallic orange, but I didnt have any so I mixed 3 parts Vallejo Orange with 1 part vallejo cooper and I think that did the trick. Also different style wheels. I had to learn to use the airbrush on the fly so the paint jobs are probably not the best lol. Anyway here it goes. The choosen one All these parts, almost gave up before even starting... Interior and chassis first Finished interior Startung the engine Engine and chassis done
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