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  1. Hi Paul... will you have a website when these come available or how will you be selling your products? Thanks! Very Nice work as always!
  2. I've been trolling this forum for a while and thought i would just join in the fun. I recently moved to an area with very! limited hobby shops and now online is my only outlet to get "stuff". That being said, i will have questions as i've never knew details of certain items and such in the store... just bought em cause they looked right. Styrene strips are my big thing now. I posted the question on another message board but maybe i didn't make myself clear enough. I dunno... but, i want to try and make the Cutlass 442 into a Supreme Brougham and wanted to add the lower chrome rocker trim and body side mouldings in addition to the vinyl top moulding and trim. again, i have all this in my stash in storage because i could just eyeball it but that is not an option now. I just want to know if any of you guys can give me the diminsions of what i should order from Plastruct etc. and also any other helpful tips and hints from someone who only has Michaels and Hobby Lobby as thier brick and mortar options to buy hobby gear! Any suggestions for stocking up would be most helpful!
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