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  1. 1970 Ford Torino GT

    Thanks for all the kind words folks, much appreciated. Really very happy with how this came out.
  2. 1970 Ford Torino GT

    Found this Monogram "Pro Modeler" kit from 2000 at my local hobby store. Great kit with excellent detail, including some photo etched parts. Since I'm currently enamored with Testors Extreme Lacquer, I used their Lime Ice green for the body. Only downside was the rattle doesn't work well for blending the color on the bottom of the chassis, as Ford would have done, so I opted not to do that.. Kit allowed for stock or drag build, so I did a mostly stock car with some of the drag parts - sort of an OEM + build. Modified the exhaust to be used with the included headers. Tried to replicate the factory details to the greatest extent possible, in terms of parts colors etc. Very happy with the build, only thing I would have changed would have been going to a slightly larger wheel and tire package but I didn't have any parts that would have worked with the kit.
  3. The Mongoose and The Snake

    Thanks for all the compliments - I really enjoyed building these.
  4. The Mongoose and The Snake

    I used Testors Enamel out of a can for both - "gloss yellow" and "gloss bright blue". The blue could have been a shade darker if I was being picky, but I felt these were close enough.
  5. The Mongoose and The Snake

    Thanks! Not too bad building wise. Most stuff was pretty straight and true considering the length of the chassis and body pieces. Some of the chrome stuff was fussy.
  6. What kid growing up in the 60's didn't like drag racing - well I'm sure there are some out there but I definitely wasn't one of them. I also loved rivalries. So hen I saw that they were producing the Snake and Mongoose models, I knew I had to build em. I was "Snake" fan. I tried to make them as realistic as possible - but added some touches to try and make them as different as possible, as well, since I couldn't find a whole lot of detailed pics. So here is my first contribution to the drag racing forum. Waiting for a replacement windshield for the Snake as it was missing from the box. After taking the pics I noticed a couple of areas that I need to touch up on the chrome.
  7. 1969 Z28 RS

    Thanks for the kind words yet again.
  8. 1969 Z28 RS

    This is the Revell kit. Since I recently did the 1969 Boss 302, I wanted to do it's natural companion the 1969 Z28. Really liked this kit - nice amount of detail and minimal flash. Decided to do the white houndstooth interior, so I made some houndstooth decals using a pattern, photoshop and decal paper. Happy with the results. Went with Testors one coat lacquer again since I just really like how it lays down and dries quickly. The color is Blue Ice. Stripe decals were a bit of a PITA and despite my best efforts, still had a couple small bubbles in them.
  9. "Gulf" LHD Super 7

    Super clean build. Love the engine bay.
  10. Mercedes AMG GT-3 Beast of the Green Hell

    Very nice!
  11. 1969 Boss 302

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I think the biggest dilemma I always face is - how exact do I try and replicate the factory colors etc. Most of the time I wind up somewhere in the middle - often going with a non factory color for the body and trying to replicate the detailing the best extent I can. Needless to say - it's always an adventure and learning experience.
  12. 1969 Boss 302

    Ya know - after I was done it didn't look right to me but the illustration on the box makes it look like it should go the way I did it. Funny thing is now that you showed the instructions - I realized at that point I hadn't even looked at that illustration...
  13. Porsche 356 Speedster

  14. 1969 Boss 302

    Finished up the Revell 1969 Boss 302. My first car was a 1969 Mach 1 but I always wanted a Boss. It was a decent kit - but the interior isn't correct for a 1969 Boss and appears to be the interior from their Shelby model. In researching how to paint the car, I found that Ford didn't do anything consistent with the painting of the underbody. In looking at a number of photos - I decided to try and replicate how they did the paint. It came out ok - but trying to do it with a rattle can was well, challenging. I decided to paint it Pearl White - using Testors White Lightening Lacquer because I really like how this paint lays down and dries so quickly. Since I took these photos I've fixed the front bumper and the rear panel and got them to seat better. I did make one fatal error in painting the hood. Didn't mask the front correctly when painting the black. I didn't realize it until I was putting on the final decals. Not sure why they have a decal for the black on the trunk and not the whole hood. I also messed up the woodgrain decal on the dash - so I painted that instead. Overall I'm happy with the build but the hood just bugs me...
  15. The Lindberg Line - Little Red Wagon

    Yup - saw that when I was looking into building this kit. There were so many variations of the car. It's hard to not to do one variation or another and have it still look good.