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  1. rastta

    2020 in pictures

    Thanks again for the kudos. Very much appreciated.
  2. rastta

    2020 in pictures

    Thanks for all the kind words. Hoping you all have a great New Year!
  3. rastta

    2020 in pictures

    Thanks! It's definitely one of my favorites. As for the guitars - it was something I would have never dreamed I would have been doing, but I love building stuff so I figured I'd give it a shot.
  4. rastta

    2020 in pictures

    Thanks! However, considering what PITA build the Orange Crate was I think I'll keep it ?
  5. Finished my last build of 2020 in June. Then decided to try my hand at building guitars, as I had inherited a storage locker full of stuff. Never had even really played one but I figured if I can build a model car I can build a guitar. Here's my eight. And a couple of my guitars ?
  6. Thanks for all the kind words. Really enjoyed this build.
  7. It was a bit odd that the front stayed so high. You did about as much as you could to change it - It seemed a bit complex so I didn't want to mess with it and screw it up ? I do like that style though with the front up a bit higher than the rear. Something about the lines on these cars that works with that.
  8. I did just the kits designed lowered front and rear. If I remember correctly - you just flip the spindle and swap sides or something like that. Rear was just adding block to the springs that they provided to drop the axle. The hood ornament and badge were provided and the badge was the 1947 option, the strip below the window is foil. I also opted to add the 1948 grill shield because I liked the look. The only other trim I didn't use was the hood side badges, just liked the clean look a bit better. I'm still thinking about the "windshield shade" which is chrome and doesn't look that good to me in that finish. Losing her was tough - but just like this car - she was sleek and sexy, but a bit wide and low. ?
  9. Just finished this up this week. Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our pup Lana of 12 years to cancer. Since I knew it was inevitable - this became a tribute build, and I named the car after her. What better way than by creating personalized License plates for her. So back to the car. This was a great model kit - very nicely done with outstanding detail and good fit. Almost no flash anywhere - and they attached the chrome to the tree in a way that didn't affect it hardly at all when you removed it. I sure wish they made more different models. It's painted in Testors Extreme Lacquers, Star Spangled Blue and Graphite Dust, with Testors Black Lacquer and then a couple coats of the Extreme Wet Look clear. I tried my hand at "lacing" after seeing a car at a show which had done it. Bought some dollhouse curtains online which wound up working out ok. I do wish the pattern was a bit smaller and I was a bit less heavy handed with the rattle can, but I'm happy overall with how it came out. Not my best chrome trim job. I also noticed after taking pics the hood had shifted a bit - it fits much better than it looks - although I hadn't installed the hood hinges yet. The kit offers multiple build options but I built it lowrider style - dropped. Also tried my hand at "burlwood" painting - like the originals were done. Top of the dash came out so so - but tops of the doors came out ok. Overall I'm happy with the results - and hopefully can improve upon them next time.
  10. Thanks for the kind words everyone!
  11. Nope - they are the Gofer 11032 Gauges and instrument panel set. They weren't a perfect fit but they were what I had. I should have painted these stripes on, would have been easier and looked a bit better. That being said - that's not always a given either. I've had really good luck with my decal strips on my Z/28 and Chevelle.
  12. Been wanting to do this one for a while. Enjoyed building this kit - as it had a decent amount of detail. Painted it Ford Dark Moss Green Metallic - paint courtesy of MCW finishes. Also found some resin 10 spoke wheels online and picked those up. While not a great copy of the originals, they were close enough, but a PITA to paint. Only complaint about the kit was the decal set and the rear trunk lid. Decals were very thick and didn't want to "form" to well to the hood or spoiler, not to mention the rear portion behind the license plate. Also the decals for the rear area by t he gas cap and lights were way off size wise and I ruined em trying to trim em to fit. Lastly, not many detail decals, would have liked to have more in the engine bay, the horn button and wheel caps. Looked for some online but couldn't find any. Also, I opened the area under the trunk lid and while fit isn't bad, the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH thing doesn't want to stay on the car.
  13. Nice work - love the color combination.
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