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  1. Thanks. The picture below was taken by my buddy in high school at Laguna Seca in 76 or 77. Just between Turn 8 and Turn 9. I was sitting right next to him.
  2. rastta

    My 2019 Builds

    Thanks for all the kind words! Was a fun year of builds.
  3. Nothing like retirement to give you the time to do a bunch of models. Didn't realize I had actually done this many. Eldorod 66 Riviera Mercedes Gullwing 1966 GTO 1969 Boss 302 Porsche 914 Subaru Rally Car Little Red Wagon 1969 Z28 The Mongoose and The Snake 1970 Ford Torino GT 1970 Hemi Cuda 32 Five Window 1970 Trans Am 400 1973 Porsche Carrera RS 1968 Dodge Charger RT 1968 Chevelle SS 396 McLaren BMW 320i Hobbs #2
  4. Final build of the year. ERTL McLaren BMW 320i. One of the first races I went to was at Laguna Seca back in 76 or 77 - and saw this car race against the Porsche 935's. Being the big Porsche fan at the time - I was amazed how well Hobbs did in this car. This final graphics on this consist of some of the decals from the kit - but primarily Hobbs #2 decals from Indycal. This kit was warped pretty bad when I got it. Did my best to straighten it out - but nothing I did could fix the A pillar problems. Kit had an odd mix of detailed and non-detailed parts, but overall happy with how it turned out.
  5. Thanks for all the generous words - I keep trying to improve with every build.
  6. Thanks!! They came with the kit. Was surprised they were somewhat blueish.
  7. Thanks!! Nope - decals that came with the kit.
  8. The Chevelle is the German Revell kit and the Charger is a US Revell kit. Both excellent kits with great detail, good fitment and limited flashing. Wanted to do something different with both - and so I opted to do a Black exterior and red interior on the Chevelle. The build is primarily stock - with a couple little enhancements like the chrome rear axle cover. It was airbrushed with Testors Classic Black on the exterior. Interior was a mix of three different reds. Decided not to chrome the lower trim on the car as I like the look without it. The Charger was done up as a modified stock car. Did it in the one coat Testors Root Beer Lacquer, and the interior is again a mix of two browns and a tan. Modified the headers that came with the kit to fit the 440 engine and mufflers. Came out OK - but I'd do it differently next time. Added a bunch of chrome to the engine bay and the wheels and tires were from the parts bin. Other than that it's pretty much stock. Bummed I didn't get an interior picture before I assembled it.
  9. rastta

    73 Porsche RS

    Thanks for all the kind words. Maybe I am being a bit harsh - but the whole hood not fitting no matter what I did just made me mad. Yeah that's what I kept thinking. I took that body on and off maybe a dozen times, but couldn't find what might have been interfering. Not a huge deal, I was just disappointed as the "pre-fit" I did seemed to be ok.
  10. rastta

    73 Porsche RS

    Found this online and decided to give Fujimi a try. Maybe it's just me but I was less than impressed with the kit overall. It was an odd mix of extremely detailed castings, along with lack of detail on other aspects of the kit - like the wheels - which also didn't fit correctly. Also the attachment points on the parts to the tree were odd and resulted in a lot of mangled parts just trying to get them trimmed correctly. Lastly - the overall fit of the body was just bad. I trimmed, sanded, trimmed etc. and nothing I could do could get it to fit correctly. There is near 3mm gap on the hood. I also tried MCW finishes Lacquer paint in Grand Prix white. Liked the paint and will most likely use it again. I'm included a picture of a RS restoration which I based the model on. Had a little bit of fun along with the frustration. Picture of restoration parts. Undercarriage layout of the model parts
  11. Well yeah - that and some other items. The rear suspension, springs, differential and exhaust were all one piece.
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