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  1. rastta

    73 Porsche RS

    Found this online and decided to give Fujimi a try. Maybe it's just me but I was less than impressed with the kit overall. It was an odd mix of extremely detailed castings, along with lack of detail on other aspects of the kit - like the wheels - which also didn't fit correctly. Also the attachment points on the parts to the tree were odd and resulted in a lot of mangled parts just trying to get them trimmed correctly. Lastly - the overall fit of the body was just bad. I trimmed, sanded, trimmed etc. and nothing I could do could get it to fit correctly. There is near 3mm gap on the hood. I also tried MCW finishes Lacquer paint in Grand Prix white. Liked the paint and will most likely use it again. I'm included a picture of a RS restoration which I based the model on. Had a little bit of fun along with the frustration. Picture of restoration parts. Undercarriage layout of the model parts
  2. Well yeah - that and some other items. The rear suspension, springs, differential and exhaust were all one piece.
  3. Thanks for all the kind words and compliments!
  4. Actually I didn't know it was from the old Monogram kit. I was just surprised they gave it a 4 rating. Yours came out very nice! I had to do white though - as a buddy of mine in HS had a white 71 455 HO.
  5. Yeah - i know I'm being a bit picky. The decal set was nice - which included the side reflectors, door handles etc. As for the engine compartment, the molded aspect made painting the items "interesting". For example, the brake booster, and all the water tanks, battery etc. went from their location to the bottom of the engine compartment. As for the wheels - they were all chrome, which made painting them a bit tricky.
  6. Always loved the 70-72 Trans Am - although the 69 is still my favorite. Was happy to see this kit coming, and expectations were pretty high being a Revell and level 4 but I was disappointed when I got it. The entire engine bay details are all molded in, same with the suspension and no real wheel or brake details, which I found odd for a Level 4 kit. That being said - there was a lot to like about the kit. Everything fit well with minor modification and I'm happy with the finished product. Went with the traditional white - used Testors Classic White Lacquer as I had a can laying around. Interior blue was a hard choice but settled on Testors Model Master blue metallic which turned out to be just about the right shade. This was my first non black, white, brown or tan interior.
  7. rastta

    32 5 Window

    Yeah - had big trouble getting the wheels to set right. Didn't want to mess with the front axle in fear of breaking it.
  8. rastta

    32 5 Window

    Thanks! The color is Testors Extreme Lacquer Deja Blue.
  9. rastta

    32 5 Window

    Finally took a break from trying to recreate the factory look on the models I was building and what better to do that with than a 32 5 Window kit which had multiple options. Just did my thing, going with a two tone paint job, again using the Testors Extreme Lacquer. Used the Deja Blue and the Black which turned out a bit lighter than I had hoped. Debated trying to chop it but decided to try that next time. Just a fun build.
  10. Nice job - fantastic color!
  11. rastta

    1970 Hemi Cuda

    As always - thanks for all the kind words.
  12. rastta

    1970 Hemi Cuda

    Thanks - I have recently been focusing on my detail work and was hesitant to even try the stripe but went for it anyway.
  13. Hadn't done a Mopar yet, so I decided to do the 1970 Hemi Cuda. Once again I used Testors Extreme Lacquer - this time Purple-licious, which was BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH close to Plum Crazy. I also went with the Extreme Lacquer Wet Look Clear this time and was very happy with the results. I hadn't done a clear on any of my previous models using this paint as I was happy with the finish - but I wanted to try something a bit different this time. Again I was trying to be as authentic as possible, although it was pretty difficult to find consistency with colors etc. that were used for different parts. I'm also not happy with the chrome window trim, but I might try and improve it.
  14. Thanks for all the kind words folks, much appreciated. Really very happy with how this came out.
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