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  1. I would really like the 60-66 GMC grill so that I can make a GMC out of the 60 Chevy Fleetside kit. The dash would be great too 🙂 Don't need the tailgate.
  2. Thanks for all the kind words! Certainly one of my favorite builds!
  3. Built this from the AMT 3100 kit. Always loved these in lowrider style so I figured I'd give it a shot. Thanks to lowridermodelcarparts.com for the wheels and tires, fender skirts, chain steering wheel and swamp cooler. Wouldn't be the same without them. Wood bed and rails are balsa wood, and unfortunately, you can't see the multicolor metallic metalflake clear I used on them in pics. Made the front fogs from some old light housings I had and cutting off the flasher tops from the kit to use as lenses. Mexican serape blanket is made from embroidery string. Copious amounts of Molotow Liquid Chrome were used. Tamiya lacquer paint was used on the body. It's only my second time using it, and its a bit tricky to get even. All in all happy with the results. Chassis and Mexican Blanket Interior detail
  4. Thanks again everyone. The model will make it's debut this weekend at a local car show called Midnight Mass sitting on the dash of True Blue.
  5. Thanks. I fully understand what you mean. Unfortunately the guy who built it is in hospice due to cancer. He had turned down higher offers from folks who wanted to change this and that. He spent 15 years building it along with a shop call Mackey's Hot Rod Shop in SoCal. We told the guy who was helping him sell it that while there are probably some things well change here and there (added a BT stereo hidden in the console, and the boltless strips in the bed to match the shaved bumpers) we ain't going to change a good thing. He took our offer. As a condition of the sale - we wanted his name added to the glove box by the pinstriper who did the other work. We take it all over to shows and can't take credit - it's all his.
  6. We were fortunate to pick up this 1964 C10 custom named "True Blue" by the original owner in January of this year. It has a lot of small custom touches which as with all good customs - aren't really visible at first. So, when attempting to build a model of it - these proved to be some of the greatest challenges. I'll start with a few pictures of the truck - then follow them with pictures of the model. This started life as the 65 C10 Stepside Kit by Revell. All of the custom touches were handmade by me and I also want to thank members “Khils” and “Sam I am” for providing some custom parts I needed such as a 59 Impala steering wheel, Impala rear speaker grill, 65 Chevelle bucket seats and an extra tailgate. While I was able to recreate the original in many ways - there were several things which were limitations due to the model. First was getting lowered enough in the front. In order to match the original, the from A-arms would have been touching the ground on the model. The other major item was the rear suspension. Our truck has had a 1978 rear leaf spring suspension adapted to the original rare leaf spring frame. I opted to just use the coil/trailing arm suspension from the model. Other than that, it's pretty damn close to the original. I painted it Testors Light Blue enamel with an airbrush which was lightened to match the truck. The first two coats came out flawless - then I got a bunch of dust in the final coat. No idea how. The scallops were hand drawn on tape on the model, scanned and then recreated in Adobe Illustrator and printed on white vinyl. The wheels consist of "Dog Dish Hubcaps Generic #2" by Parts by Parks with decals added to match the 56 BelAir dog dishes on the original. The wide whites are from Modelhaus and have the same width white walls as the original. You'll notice no vent wings or vents or wipers - those were shaved on the original and a smooth cowel was installed as well. One of the unique features of our truck is the rear "trunk" that was added by the original owner. I recreated it with the extra tailgate and making the top. The wood bed is balsa with chromed strips. The models opens as well but I need to make a prop to keep it open. The exhaust mimics the original and was made from a 65 GTO exhaust I had. The rear gas tank was handmade as well. The interior was the biggest challenge. I wound up making the console from the ends of the bench seat. Cupholders were chrome flash that were inset in it. Shifter was made from an old antenna and some scrap. The dash was shaved and the decals added just like the original. Same with the armrests. All the decals on the model were created from photographs of the original paint/pinstriping, stickers or emblems and cleaned and scaled in Adobe Photoshop and then printed on decal paper. This includes the decals on the dash, rear panel, hubcaps and engine compartment. The gas cap and cap on the overflow tube in the engine compartment were billet aluminum radiator caps by Detail Master. Definitely the most ambitious model I've done, and I'm pretty happy with the results.
  7. Thanks. I went with a set from Modelhaus. I'm surprised I missed those though as I searched that site.
  8. The white walls on the tires I have for my truck are too narrow. I've looked for a set of the Pegasus Wide Whites but they are nowhere to be found. Mobius models wide whites are similarly wide. I'm happy to compensate you for a set.
  9. This shows the seats and steering wheel. The tailgate would be for a stepside. Kit doesn't matter - I need it to recreate the custom box in the bed of our pickup. The part of the box facing the rear looks like a tailgate without the lettering.
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