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  1. Kit is opened but sealed on the inside. I'm looking for (in no particular order): GMC Astro truck 78 El Camino 75 Plymouth Duster Little Red Wagon (one with stock version) Ford F150 Short Box 75/76 Caprice 65 Chevelle Modified Stocker Any of the 65/66 Moebius Ford Trucks 71 Ford Ranger Lower 48 please. Thanks Greg
  2. I just wanted to say Thanks. As always the members of this forum have stepped up to help me out. I hope that I'm able to return thier kindness and generosity someday. Thanks again.
  3. Sorry I just now saw your reply. Thanks so much I appreciate your help. Let me know what you find out.
  4. I'm looking for a Drag Slick like the one pictured. It measures 1 1/4 in. tall and a 1/2 in. wide. I've seen them as 2 pieces and some as a solid cast. Either is fine with me. Thanks in advance for any and all help. The folks on this forum are the best in my humble opinion.
  5. Come on guys don't let me down. I really need this tail panel. Someone somewhere has to have one in a parts stash. Thanks
  6. I really need this piece if anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Greg
  7. I don't believe it has to be from the exact same kit just as long as it is like the picture in the instructions. Thanks in advance.
  8. Still looking. If anyone has this kit let me know. Thanks
  9. Title says it all. Willing to trade or buy strat out. Please pm me. Thanks
  10. I want to say thanks to Modlbldr for sending me a set of seats unfortunately I didn't pay attention to the direction of the inside pleates they are horizontal while my rear seat has vertical ones so I'm still on the look. If anyone has a set of seats with vertical pleates like the ones pictured I could really use them and would be willing to compensate you for shipping and your time. Thanks
  11. I try not to inject my "two cents worth" in very often because I find it only adds to the drama of the day. However I have to say I strongly agree with Daddyfink on this. You should also consider the advanced age of a lot of members. They do not need to potentially be exposed to the virus while waiting in PO lines to ship items. Thank you.
  12. I really could use a set of these for my current project. If anyone has a set please let me know. I will gladly compensate you for them.
  13. Looking for something along the lines of the ones in the photo. (They are from a 70 Super Bee) If you have some please pm me. Thanks
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