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  1. I applaud you for saying what so many others were thinking regardless of the repercussions.
  2. Sounds great. Please pm me your address when you can and I'll ship it out on Monday.
  3. Since no one seems interested in the previous models I've offered I'd like to add these. Hopefully they will tickle someone's fancy. Everything is factory sealed except the 66 Thunderbird but all the contents are sealed. I will let you have both the Camaro and the Prowler seeing as the Camaro is missing a tail light and someone has started building the engine on the Prowler. The only thing I ask is that you let me bag the Camaro since the box is so bad to save on shipping. Maybe this will get things moving again.
  4. Thanks. Here is what I have to offer. The Camaro and Impala are open boxes but sealed contents. The Sunoco Olds is still factory sealed.
  5. I would like the 78 Firebird as long as I'm allowed to be part of the game seeing as I'm a newbie here.
  6. Unfortunately my first trade on this site was with Blusy. He failed to mention he was in Canada until the deal had been made but being a man of my word I mailed the kit and accepted the additional cost. He received it over a week ago but I'm still waiting on mine. I sent him a message and he backed out of the conversation. I'm trying to hold out hope but it's getting bleak. You know the old saying "A child twice burnt fears the fire" .
  7. I'm afraid I to have fallen victim to Anthony O'Brien's scam. I sent him a model on 11/14 which he received on 11/17 but still no sign of the one he was to mail to me on the same day. The worst part is I'm a newbie to this forum myself and really enjoyed the concept of trading rather than selling but I can't stand to be cheated. So I think I'll just stay away from the whole thing.
  8. Looking for a 57 Nomad body. I have some junkyard kits and parts to trade on. Thanks
  9. I have a bed from a 72 chevy not sure if it's what your looking for.
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